Research about Naags by Naagin (BeHir) Episode 4

Bela and others reached village. There was a little crowd. It looks like market place.

Pratham pulled Adi: Adi Adi Adi

Adi: What yar?

Pratham: ice pops

Boltu: where?

Anu: i too want

Suhani: me too.

Yuvi hit his forehead with his palm: for what purpose we came gere, what they are doing? It’s our mistake only, we forget that they are nursery kids.

Anu: whatever you tell, i want ice pops.

Suhani, Pratham and Boltu: me too want.

Adi: ok, let’s go. Come

Bela: you all go, i will come after speak with that old man.

Mahir: ok.

They went to near by ice cream vendor. In village we can’t expect any variety of ice creams. Ice pops will be there for sure. Bela went to one old man.

Bela greeted that man: Namaste dada ji

Old man: Namaste beta. Who are you?

Bela shows them.all: we all are came from town. Actually our dadi ma and dada ji had visited one Shiv temple in this forest. They told that temple had good effect on them. So, they directed us to visit that temple. But we don’t know how to go? Do you know dada ji?

Old man’s face changed into pale: Beta, there is no temple in that forest. Better you all go to your hometown soon. No villagers are allowed to step into that forest.

Bela: but i am sure there is a temple.

Old man: i am telling na. I am surviving in this village for 67 years. I never saw any such temple in forest.

Bela’s pov: it’s waste to ask villagers.

Bela: thank you dada ji.

She moved to others. Mahir gave her one ice pop.

Anu: how many years back we had these?

Suhani: nearly 17 or 18 years back.

Adi: What happened Bela?

Yuvi: what he told?

Bela: no one in this village is going to tell about that haveli or temple.

Mahir: expected only na. Atleast, about forest

Bela: actually, no one from here never step into that village. It is clear from his talk.

Suhani: what we will do now?

Bela: let’s go to home and think about it. Yuvi, one more ice pop.

Others: for us too.

Yuvi glares at them.

Bela: what happened Yuvi? Anything serious.

Mahir: really serious, he specially get ready to see some girls here. He thought to see whether atleast here any girl will match with him. But here no girls at all.

Adi: i think they knew it before itself, a single boy is coming to their village, so they might locked them inside their house.

Both Adi and Mahir did hi-fi. Others laughed.

Yuvi: Adi you are teasing me. Wait and see the life of this single and life of you commiteds. I will go wherever i wish. But you can’t because you are in prison.

Bela, Anu and Suhani: Yuviii +

Yuvi: what to do, they only pulled my legs.

Adi: chill bro, just for fun.

Then, they reched their house and sit in living room.

Mahir: what we will do now?

Anu: let’s sleep na. We have 14 more days. I am very tired because of travel.

Adi: always sleep sleep, do you know anything else?

Anu: i know about things more than you. See i am a topper in college.

Adi: that is really wonder, how you manage to get it?

Bela: will you guys stop it?

Both fell silent.

Bela: listen, it’s better if we start our work tomorrow. Because those villagers may eye us. Already i felt like someone is spying us.

Boltu: what??

Mahir: she just said she felt. But no one is there.

Pratham: villagers why should eye us?

Bela: because that dada ji told us to go to our hometown. He forbid us to go into forest. So, they may follow us atleast for one day to know what are we doing?

Yuvi: fine, i will do with some sleep. I am tired. I don’t want lunch Bela.

Others: for us also.

Everyone went to their room. Bela went to terrace to see whether any temple is visible to her in forest.

Bela’s pov: Nothing is visible to me. Wait at far something is visible. No it’s just

Mahir hugged her from back by holding her waist.

Mahir: what my Sweety is doing here?

Bela: Nothing Mahir. I just saw whether any temple or haveli is visible to me. But see nothing is there.

Mahir: Bela it may be deep into forest. See those trees in forest. How tall they are? These trees may hide it. If we walk into forest, it will be easy to find it.

Bela: thanks Mahir.

Mahir: why dear?

Bela: I thought you might forbid me or wouldn’t accompany me. But you are supporting me after knowing the seriousness of this research.

Mahir hold her shoulder and make her face him: Bela, there is danger in everything. We are living in the challenging human world, compare to this that research is nothing great. But i wish to ask you something. Shall i?

Bela: ofcourse Mahir.

Mahir: why you are crazy to come to this place and this research.

Bela’s pov: how i will tell you Mahir. I felt like someone is calling me. I have some work to finish.

Bela: nothing, Icchadari naags means different species na, so to see them.

Mahir: to see snakes, you are showing this much curiosty. They are poisonous Bela.

Bela: They are not like human beings. They won’t kill any innocents.

They sit there itself leaning against terrace wall. Mahir hold Bela’s hand. Bela place her head on his shoulder.

Bela: Mahir are you angry on me for post poned our marriage.

Mahir: not at all. Marriage is just for outsiders. We are already one soul Bela, so marriage is not at all important for us.

Bela: I love you Mahir

Mahir: love you too baby.

He kissed her palm. Bela slept on his shoulder itself. He too slept.

Night falls. Yuvi wake up and see sleeping Adi.

Yuvi: where is this Mahir? Might be with Bela. Where is my mobile?

He surf his mobile. He doesn’t get tower properly. So he went out. He receives some tower. Then he started walking towards tower while surfing mobile.

Yuvi: let’s go home.

He turned to go home but he found himself in forest.

Yuvi: oh no, i missed my path. Now how i will go home? No one is here to ask at all.

Suddenly he heared some noises. He saw a girl walking in another direction. She dressed in dramatic way.

Yuvi’s pov: who is she? Walking into forest at this time. This is dangerous. But she looks different. May be she is working in some drama company, this is village only na. Oh Yuvi call her. She may know way to get out of this forest.

Yuvi: Hello, excuse me.

She doesn’t respond.

Yuvi: may be she doesn’t know english. Let’s try it in local language.

(Conversation will be in local language. But i am writing it in english)

Yuvi: hey girl, stop.

She stopped.

Yuvi: Yuvi, you are right. Let’s go towards that girl.

That girl didn’t turned at all. She showed her snaky eyes.

How is this chapter?

I know it is little bored.

I will try to write next more better. Ignore grammatical mistakes. I write it in hurry.

Comment your views.

With love Selsha ?

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  1. Saniya fathima

    Nice update sis next one soon… Bt dis much behir romance is nt enough we as behir lovers want mre and the best. I stopped watching it bcuz it had few behir scenes compared 2 starting so in dis i desire tat i want mre nd mre of behir scenes rather than tat epi was quite interesting nd nt boring so dont degrade urself… Loved the epi want next one soon

    1. Selsha

      Thank you Saniya? I will try to update more behir scenes in next part

  2. selsha its such an funny + cute chap. Poor yuvi came out from house and end up in forest and now going to ask way to naagin really feeling laughy. Behir scene and adi anu fight scene was cute . Waiting for nxt upd8

    1. Selsha

      Thank you Anu? I will update soon.

  3. It was an amazing one

    1. Selsha

      Thank you Rizz?

  4. Awesome chapter

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