Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 12th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Mauli spots Kunal and Nandini together

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 12th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

It was night. Mauli was sleepless while Kunal was fast asleep. She turned sides, tensed about everyone’s words signaling an affair between Kunal and Nandini. She comes to sip a glass of water, then takes his phone. She then denies such thinking against Kunal and decides not to check his phone.
The next morning, Mauli was going in car with Kunal. Kunal gets messages from Nandini on his phone. While reading one, he was about to hit his car. Mauli’s head bang in front of dashboard. Kunal was at once tensed and caresses Mauli. Mauli gets tear eyed, and thinks its her same old Kunal. When she returns home, Mauli thanks Bappa for getting her rid of all her suspicious, it was a sin for her to doubt Kunal. She gets a call and jumps out of excitement. She tells Mamma that the designs

of Kunal’s clinic have approved. She hugs Mamma as its her dream project, and she will also be able to start her family.
There, Kunal in the car was on call with Nandini. He promises to take her for Pooja she wanted to go. Nandini was tensed and asks Kunal to come and meet her, she saw something in Mauli’s eyes and is tensed.
Mauli comes to receive the keys of clinic. She walks into her office and was elated as she held Kunal’s clinic’s name plate. She gets a message from Rajdeep. Mauli comes to Rajdeep waiting at Nandini’s apartments and asks why he called her into the CCTV room of Nandini’s building, they hold restraining orders against him. Rajdeep asks who has ever been able to restrain him. He wants to show Mauli a proof against Nandini and Kunal. He plays a footage for Mauli when she had broken into Nandini’s house, she had cooked kheer. Kunal left Nandini’s house later on alone. Mauli decides not to get trapped by Rajdeep’s ill mentality. She shuts the LCD off, and insults Rajdeep to be a mentally ill case. He lost a wife like Nandini just because of his mentality. Nandini and Kunal are good friends, and Rajdeep can’t be near Kunal ever. When Mauli has left, Rajdeep says Mauli really needs a good luck. Nandini is cursed and will ruin her house surely.
Rajdeep stood outside Nandini’s apartment when she leaves in an auto. He follows the auto and wonders where she is headed in an orange flavored ice-cream. In the restaurant, Nandini was upset that they are betraying Mauli, still feels for her. She was sleepless whole night, it felt Mauli’s looks have changed. Did she speak to him? Kunal says had she asked him this time, he wouldn’t have lied. He holds Nandini’s hand and makes a plan for Darshan tomorrow. Nandini nod, then places her head over Kunal’s shoulder. Rajdeep makes a photo of them together. Mauli was in the hospital when she gets a video from Rajdeep. Mauli decides she won’t watch this video, Rajdeep wants to make her lose interest over Kunal and Nandini, but she won’t fall in the trap.
The next morning, Kunal and Nandini pass through Ganpati procession hand in hand. Mauli also reach the procession with an aarti thaal. All at once a man hits Kunal. Kunal furiously turns around, but he finds he was an old companion. Kunal recalls this was the same man they had advised against an extra marital affair. Nandini had turned the other way. He says it was Kunal and Mauli who saved his relation and didn’t let him astray, today he is happy with his wife. He asks about Mauli, Kunal lies that she has gone to get Prasad.
Mauli had brought the keys of Kunal’s clinic for Darshan. She was thankful that this will now strengthen her relation with Kunal, and walks ahead happily. Mauli presents her thaal and the keys for Darshan and gets the blessings. Kunal and Nandini were on the other side and also gets the blessings.
Mauli gets weepy remembering her best moments with Kunal. After the Visarjan, Kunal and Nandini turn around together. Nandini offers Kunal Prasad in her hand.
Mauli also turns around and spot them together.
Nandini and Kunal only smile looking at each other, they fill color over one another’s faces. Nandini hugs Kunal.
Mauli was taken aback watching all this, frozen to her place. Kunal and Nandini turn to move ahead and find Mauli standing there. She steps back, away from both.

PRECAP: It was raining heavily. Mauli’s sindoor wipes off. Kunal knocks the door. Mauli opens the door draped in a red saree and asks if she now looks like Nandini? Why he did this to her?

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Really sad for mouli, today episode is very painful

  2. Finally that moment arrived.. waited so long for this revealation.. Now mauli is back in action.. happy that they dint drag too much story is progressing in a good pace..
    I must say Abhinav is a great actor though he gets less screen space but whenever he comes he compelty nails his role..hope to see Rajdeep is having more screen space in furure.. loved that seen where kunal’s frnd meet and shows mirror to them..
    Eagerly waiting for tomorrows episode..

  3. 3veni

    Oh my god…this is bad..poor mauli…i think mauli is more beautiful than nandini…and of course kunal and nandini are both shameless…

  4. Shame shame kunal and nandini…….u both are heartless and selfish……poor mauli very sad for her……nandini is an ass…n kunal is a donkey he doesn’t deserve mauli….he only need a used one like nandini. ..chi chi

    1. Used one like nandini?

      Do you even realise what you’re telling? I know you hate her but that doesn’t mean you can forget that you’re a woman too..

      Used one it seems..

      TBH, Kunal is also used one then. Mauli will also be used one if she married someone else.

      Just think about what you’re telling

      1. Mauli is a virgin and nandhini isn’t that’s what she means and we’re all well aware of that

      2. The worst serial..nandini is such a the past mauli warned her while she was marrying rajdeep..nandini choosed rajdeep…then also she helped nandini when nandini was abused by rajdeep..poor mauli ..later on nandini is behind maulis husband..what a show..nandini doesn’t love or care abt her friend..she only needs man.nandini is a characterless women…it’s a show to destroy society

      3. @Sindhuja Mauli and Kunal have been married for years. Anyone who thinks Mauli is still a virgin, just remember this is not a typical serial where couples get married but never consummate their marriage. the scene where Mauli decorates their bedroom and tries to romance Kunal but kunal pushes her away, Mauli was shocked because Kunal had never behaved like that before. Just because Mauli is thinking about children now doesnt mean she has never slept with her husband yet

    2. This show is an eye opener fr me…. u knw you. …because I got to know about the cheap mentality of people (u r one of dem) who live in our society ….. now u Guyz have started talking about virginity ….. Disgusting. … ilaaj karwao apna…. it’s only a serial…not a porn show…here actors pretend to be husband wife …. they r not in a real relationship ….. so stop thinking and talking lyk dis…

  5. Kunal and Nandni are both shameless.. Bakwas, bullshit story.. Feeling bad for Mauli..

  6. Yeah ..even I like Mauli…n she is beautiful. Mauli shud not talk to them n give divorce to Kunal…Mauli deserves a better person…when Kunal loves Nandini then what were Kunals feelings for Mauli..

  7. Finally!! Mauli spoted them together! Don’t know how makers are going to justify kunal and nandini!!Show started with a promising relation btw kunal and mauli and the story ended up like dis. Although we know the track is gonna lyk dis it feels bad!!

  8. Lol I wish that rajdeep and Mali get married and get revenge

  9. Feeling so sad for mauli, it’s too painful for her, today rajdeep too pitied for mauli even he has some soft corner for her, seriously Kunal n nandhini shouldn’t get any happiness and respect from now on, tomorrow episode is going to be heart breaking

  10. Omg…most awaited chap
    Kunal n nandhni r d most disgusting guys I’ve ever seen…mauli😭😭😭y r u making me cry…u shuldnt hav kept dis much trust on those both cheaters….as their fans telling…yeah d both cheaters deserve each other….I didn’t get hw could Kunal even smile n enjoy with her without any guilt even after what d man said…mauli u deserve way better just be strong grl….KUNAN???srsly???ship name fr these cheaters???u guys r blindly supporting this crap only bcoz dey r ur fav actors???even I lyk Shakthi bt dat doesn’t mean we should support them..yeah we can appreciate their acting…bt supporting their characters n their disgusting acts s really irritating…And everyone r saying dat these acts r common n happens in our society what??does it mean EMA s ryt??even rape happens in our society so will u guys support that if ur fav actor s acting even in that??And yeah guys I know this s a serial not reality so don’t start lecturing me on that…

  11. Felt so bad for Mauli. Poor girl! Loved a wrong person & befriended with a wrong girl. She tried so much to believe Kunal Nandini. But both of them are shameless. Disgusting people! How they can have such cheap mentality. I hope Mauli leaves kunal this time. He should stay with that shameless girl. Because both of them r shameless.

  12. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. How come Rajdeep got Nandini’s building cctv??🤔 Rajdeep pr restraining order hai ya invitation order, har jagha punch jaata hai😄😄😄

    2. Poor Mouli, abhi bhi bichari sach dekhte dekhte reh gayi.😢😢

    3. Though I don’t justify what is Nandini and Kunal are doing is right, but I like their on-screen chemistry, as only afew couples chemistry look good on-screen. Mouli And rajdeep was looking good as pair (Don’t take my words wrong, just i was pairing them onscreen, but not justify what is the way show is presented)😍😍😍😍

    4. Mouli look good in frill type dresses and her lemon dress so nice😌😌😌😊😊, and someone plz change rajdeep dressing style..😐😐😐😐😐

    5. Nandini pyar❤ krne se phele ya kunal ne mouli ko dhoka dene se phele nhi socha, or ab guilt guilt feel kr rehe hain.. 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

    6. Kunal adviced his friend not to cheat and he did same.. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡This happens in real life too, its easy to advice others, but when it comes to yourself your thinking get changed.

    7. Poor Mouli, how will she face this … Today though truth almost out, and i was not able to control my tears, seeing all this pain😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  13. I don’t understand how people can support rajdeep and even tell that he should turn positive and be there for mauli.

    HAVE PEOPLE FORGOTTEN HE KICKED HIS BABY TO DEATH? Being so angry with Kunal and nandini, did everyone forget that rajdeep is no better than Kunal or nandini?

    He is showing mauli the truth but not because he wants her to be free from a character like Kunal but because he wants to gloat.

    He wants her to see that he was justified in treating nandini like shit and people who agree with that, I’m very sorry for you.

    Rajdeep doesn’t care about mauli or nandini.. he’s self serving..

    And if he does turn positive, he first better pay for what he did to nandini.

    As evil as you think nandini is, don’t forget this show started because of rajdeep’s cruel abuse.

  14. I hope nandini and Kunal face at least some sort of remorse that they’ve lost such a wonderful person from their lives.

    Mauli, I won’t say you’re poor… Those two are poorer for losing you. You emerge strong and brave, show them that nothing will defeat you

  15. I am so highly pissed off right now because on one end, the Hindi serials talk about 7 births together once married and on the other hand, a serial like this is basically promoting extra Marital affair. And then they want to play the background god music as if God United nandini and Kunal together, as if it’s so pure and innocent? Seriously??? Yes maybe loving someone just happens and you can’t stop that but you can stop yourself from going ahead with it when you know it’s wrong. After everything mauli did for nandini, how could she not feel ashamed to cheat her best friend. I don’t watch this serial ever since Kunal started thinking about nandini in a wrong way after she did one stupid dance in the rain and threw her mangulsutra and then he fell in love but bcoz I saw the advert on TV of this precap, I decided to read today’s episode and now I regret it because I am so angry right now!!! It is absolutely disgusting and this serial should be banned. It is totally giving the wrong message to society

    1. I feel bad for Mauli 😭😭😭

  16. I wish I was Mauli, I would have given Nandini a tight slap that she would come to her senses. Does anyone betray their best friend like that? Shame on you Nandini

  17. i dont understand who is the target audience here. housewives form the bulk who watch daily soaps on TV. Which housewife will feel good watching the symbolism of EMA being sanction by God? Except for a few loyal fans of Dhrasti and Shakti, everyone is bashing the story. I am really curious to know how the writers thought of creating this show. ‘hey lets make a serial where we have this near perfect couple with minor issues. The wife helps an old friend to have a better life and then the old friend and husband fall in love. They have no guilt and feel no responsibility towards the wife/friend. It will be an amazing show!’
    I feel so bad for Mauli. the few coming episodes where Mauli has to accept the betrayal and deal with the pain will be a torture to watch. Kunal and Nandini have shown little remorse as of yet. But i am curious to see how they will behave once Mauli knows everything. Even Kunal’s family will hate them. They were so uncomfortable watching their drunken dance… Mauli still doesn’t know that Kunal and Nandini have been physically intimate already. all these will break her. Will kunal and Nandini still be happy in their selfish, shameless love?

    1. @Dhara what i have understood from the tv soap i’ve watched anything wrong or right can be accepted as long as it is shown in a favourable way. For centuries and even now abuse, molestation and rape have been accepted in tv bcz apparently the guy loves the girl, he does all this out here “his love” implying that in some way the girl is responsible for the situation since she is “tormenting” him by not considering his love and out of frustration he abuse her and therefore should be forgiven.
      If something as molestion and rape can be ok with good production tricks no wonder EMA relations have supporters too. Linking such relationshi with “pure” “jasbat” “soulmates” “love” “innocence” is their way to manipulate viewers into to welcoming adultery , which is helped by good looking talented actors. Ema is not a new concept bepanah show 1st part revolved around pooja yash afair which nearly destroyed adi zoya. The only difference with other shows it that they portrays EMA is its true ugly form while silsila is trying to disguise it as innocent love there reside the only originally. If that it called creativity and uniqueness then we are done for good😓

      1. hi Pia, thank you for your reply. your comment really led me to think… this is the first time (that i am aware of) when EMA is shown favorably and we are all getting outraged. But we know how daily soaps work. One serial shows surrogacy, 10 others follow. One serial shows child loss due to beatings, 10 others follow. If this serial gets good TRP, then many others will also start showing EMA favorably and then we will also get neutralized to the depiction.
        And such repeated portrayal does affect the mindset of the viewers. I have come across people saying ‘the guy loves her so much. i dont know why she is showing attitude and not accepting him’ or ‘maybe he gets a little aggressive but that is only because he loves her so much’ Such serials may not affect those who are already mature and adult. But children and teenagers are affected by it. It is true that in Indian homes parents and children dont sit together to discuss what is acceptable behavior in a relationship. Where else will young minds get an idea of what is right and what is wrong?

      2. Exactly @Dhara as someone commented below everything as impact . Tv shows are watched by mass from different background, age, gender. Maybe some are able to let it side but other can get influenced specially the ones who are bored or unsatisfied in their life. Insted of working on things they will take the easy way since it is no more tabu . At long term even strong mind starts seeing wrong as right if it is repeatedly insisted as correct. History witnessed this process through the genocide of a whole race by the nazis, it is bcz the genocide was justified as a “cleansing” that a country accepted the killings of innocents kids, elders, women, men, disables. Ok it was in 1940 but i is there any difference with now, even now many of us will defend abuse, mistreatment, cheating if at the end it is justified by good chemistry between leads or attractive characters. The ones who actually protest get comments such as “why you watch” or “other show are immoral too why don’t say anything to them”, it is the same as saying why do you vote in a country with 1.3 billions people your vote won’t make any difference better follow the lead and accept things at it is. With such mindset we cannot expect any improvement in our society.

      3. Sry Dhara…. I dnt agree wid u on one point…. these serials are not fr children..n childrens dnt watch dis serial ….. I strongly feel any of the prime time serial on indian tv is not meant and is suitable fr children…. n we r mature enough so we should nt wry…. aur jisko ema krna h wo serial dekhe na dekhein unko fark nhi pdta….
        These r only my feelings….sry if it hurts

  18. I don’t have a problem with the premise of the show, because unfortunately these things happen. I want the writers to show the true devastation of EMA, the hurt you bring to your spouse and family. Can you really trust someone who can cheat on their partner, tomorrow they can cheat on you. Even if a married person is attracted to someone that’s human nature but that doesn’t mean you act on those feelings. If someone feels they have truly found their soul mate whilst married then do the decent thing, you end the marriage then pursue the new relationship.

  19. The actors are matured enough to understand what message they are giving to people. This is just giving license to people and encouraging them saying extra marital relationships are great. THIS IS INSANE.

  20. Poor Mauli! God I feel so bad for her. I really want to kick Kunal (the fictional character, not the person who plays him).
    What I dont understand is people asking to ban this serial! But why? Shows like GOT dont send wrong msgs to the society? In the first part of Bahubali when Prabhas undresses/decorates Tammanas face and body (watch the scene to understand what I am trying to say) when she clearly didnt want that doesnt send wrong msgs to the society? The shitty serials in which the aadarsh Bhaartiya naari forgives her husband/his family (in Krishna Chali London the father in law poured oil on the female lead and was ready to burn her but after a few days she was behaving like that never happened!!) for literally everything doesnt send wrong msg to the society? There was this show ek shringar swabhiman in which the main leads were toppers of IITs and IIMs and they end up wearing heavy saaris and jewellery and staying at home taking care of their in laws. Thats not bs?? Thats not sending a wrong msg tot the society? Showing rape scenes in movies (was quite common in old movies) isnt sending wrong msgs to the society?
    I am not saying I am liking the direction the show has taken. Majorly because in my eyes Kunal (who is shown to be a man of morals) and Nandinis relation is based on lust and infatuation not true love and btw in the beginning it was shown that he was madly in love with Mauli! And the way they are behaving right now? Shameless!! Had they given Kunal and Nandini more time before showing their so called true love it might have even looked real. But what they showed was that Kunal falls out of love with Mauli suddenly because she skipped a date or two and because Nandini cooks tasty food wears saari which expose a lot of skin and dances in the rain. Girls you know what we are wasting our times studying and building careers, instead we should just enroll ourselves in cooking and dancing classes!!
    See my only point is that its not something that doesnt happen. Its sad and disgusting and I completely oppose this but its not rare you know!
    Asking to ban the show seems immature. How does it send a wrong message to the society? Please tell me that! Its not shown that Kunals mother and grandma also support this. Neither are the show makers trying to show Mauli in a negative light to justify something. Guys chill! The day they show that ema is right or should be accepted even I will ask for it to get banned. Lets wait for the next turn in the show and hope that its going to potray Kunal and Nandini as innocent lovers.

  21. Hellow everyone am new here… But I realy liked the show … Because its shows that we all are human and we can do mistakes without realizing the what next… Kunal loves mouli is just something missing in their relationship which mouli have been avoiding as I said we all human error is in our life so nandini loves kunal but kunal is only something missing to his wife which need got a chance without realizing… Am saying this because similar to this story actually happen to me with my little cousin and when I got to know and and realize my mistakes my hubby now loves me more and my cousin got dumped… And am happy now with my life…

  22. I finally understood Nandini. She is on rebound and vulnerable to any attention or suggestion.
    She never had any give her so much attention and love. She is in a dream world.
    Realty has not set in.
    Where Kunal is attracted to her and taking advantage of her and situation.
    Not pnce giving thought to his married life. Don’t know where the director is going with it. We all pass judgement put yourself in the situation what would you do? Infidelity not easy but it does happen. Because you are not thinking with your brain.

  23. Guys this is only a story. Writer ko apni baat kahne ka poora hak hai.mujhe tho ye serial bilkul hatke lagtha hai.Aur kahna padega nandini jaisi role drashti kitni sambhalkar Kar rahi hai.Ye bhi to ho sakta hai ki kisi ki real life me aisa huwa ho.I mean, married hote have bhi kisi se true love ho Jaye.Matlab couples ke beech kuch dooriyaan hone ki vajah se (Jo dhikhai na de) kisi aur par attracted ho Jaye.After all we are human beings.Mujhe iss serial me kayi bar aisa laga hai ki Kunal mauli ke sath kuch time ache se spend karna chahta hai,but muali hamesha busy rahti hai due to a successful doctor. Kya pata mauli Kunal se behad pyar karti hai,phir bhi Kunal ke khwaishon ko nahi samajhti.Aur aise mein kayi baar rishton mein darar aa jata hai. Anyways I am very curious to see the upcoming episodes.

    1. Are you serious? That girl is always running to get Kunal’s dream clinic on track and that fool doesn’t even have an idea as he’s busy running behind an useless, jobless and shameless woman. A person who only craves attention from his woman can never be satisfied with her success and hard work. Kunal just wanted a new flavor in his life and he wasn’t getting as much attention from Mouli due to her busy schedule but what can we say, having nothing better to do after quitting his job and dropping everything on Mouli, he must be like ki time paas krne k liye kuch productive krte hai like f**k my wife’s best friend, attention ka attention mil jayega and s*xual satisfaction alag. I mean I just can’t believe how dependant this Nandini is, Mouli didn’t even disturb Kunal if she wanted to go for Ganesh darshan and went alone, that’s how independent she is whereas Nandini, OMG, that girl just needs handholding in everything. Can’t blo*dy do one thing on her own. blo*dy f**kers.

      1. @aastha…. mind ur language… it’s not ur blog whr u can pour ur cheap thinking n words….. everyone here says we r watching this serial only fr Mauli. … dat means u Guyz enjoy watching someone in pain…
        Each day same bashing game…. stop irritating guyz

    2. Dude we are all human beings and by god’s grace we are made so wonderfully that we have the power to control our emotions to know what is right or wrong …though it’s a show but eveything has an impact otherwise you hadn’t been following the latest fashion wears of your favourite celebs…

  24. That’s what happen in reality, emotions overcome everything. hats off to the show maker for showing the reality without bothering about the trp’s.

  25. The worst serial..nandini is such a the past mauli warned her while she was marrying rajdeep..nandini choosed rajdeep…then also she helped nandini when nandini was abused by rajdeep..poor mauli ..later on nandini is behind maulis husband..what a show..nandini doesn’t love or care abt her friend..she only needs man.nandini is a characterless women…it’s a show to destroy society

  26. Both kunal and nandini characterless..

  27. Congratulations to kunal n nandini for betraying mauli…. Big cheaters,frauds now makers will turn mauli to negative shade as villain and kunal nandini protagonist here wow wt a serial big claps for the director n story writer given such a wonderful serial… If mauli turns villain also will support mauli only… These type of people’s make innocent people to turn villain… They have just lust for each other it’s not a true love…. One fine day they will suffer wt they did for mauli n they will bend in feet of mauli…. Bleedy b*t*h nandini n u cheater kunal now u guys happy who trusted u both u just destroyed her love feelings caring broke heart… Feel for mauli love u…. Hate u hate hate hate u kunal n u b*t*h nandini

  28. Waiting for today’s episode. She must slap nandini kunal tightly. And give divorce to kunal. No need to listen them. They are disgusting. Nandini is too cheap and weak character. How could she cheat her own best friend who helped her a lot. Kunal is also characterless. He already had good wife like mauli still he did all these .disgusting. it happens in reality also because of lust nothing else.

  29. @shraddhasharma392 kudos to u dear… luv 2 read ur comments…. u never use cheap words and absurd languages in ur comments…thnx fr maintaining dignity




  32. Okay now it’s confirmed that this serial is justifying ema. For instance take tommorow’s precap. The sindoor of Mauli is wiped out due to rain whereas the 🐍’s make up is on point and the colour on her and the @sshole’s face stick even in heavy rains. Plus whenever they are together mantras play like the heavens are waiting for them to consummate again and again. The effery. I get emas, but praising ema tch tch. If a person falls in love again and again then he/she’s not capable of love and doesn’t deserve love of his/her better half. I’ll appreciate this serial if it shows the journey of life in midst of betrayals. They showed 🐍s abla bechari naari act to collect trps via audience sympathies. It’s time they show Mauli’s journey as a strong independent woman. Seriously Mauli requires no hand holding like 🐍 and certainly not a man like Kunal who doesn’t even care about her feelings. She’s your wife for godsake! Even aquaintances get concerned about hurting someone’s feelings. Sigh. The world runs on lust not trust. That’s what I inferred from this serial.

  33. Harpreet Bedi

    Nandini and Kunal both are totally wrong. Mauli did a favor on her friend Nandini. But Nandini in return ditches Mauli . They both are wrong.

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