Movement Arts Lover V/S Silent Arts Lover!!? (I don’t like him/her!!?)


Anika was getting ready for a function. She is the one who is responsible for the functioning of the function. Most of the time, people choose her for managing a function because they know people will watch the function as she is also a dancer. This will also prompt more viewers.

Their fight was now viral in social media, which was now commented by social media. This is not public opinion, this is a published opinion!

They couldn’t attend any function as people will surround them as they are now the new Mr. and Mrs. Egoistic. These people could have at least considered them as humans. They have trolled them like something! The trolls went for 2 months. Afterwards, it subsided as people got a new topic to troll on.

After the dance, she decided to go home as her mom and dad had told her to come home early as someone is coming to her house to see her.

She went home to see no one there. That’s when her parents told her that those guests had already gone home.

She felt sad for making them wait. That’s when her parents revealed this.

(Anika’s Mom – M, Anika’s Dad – D)

M: Anika, it’s time to get you married.

A: Mom, I am too small to marry. Let me grow.

F: Your mom is right, Anika.

A: Dad, you too!? You know, I am not ready.

M: There is a problem in your kundli, so you have to marry before you’re 28 , i.e., within 1 month!

D: Do you love someone? We will fix your marriage with him.

A: I don’t have any lover. So, you can fix my marriage with anyone you want.

M: Pinky promise?(She shows her little finger)

A: Pinky promise! (She does pinky promise)

D: As you’re not in any relationship, we have fixed your marriage.

A: With whom?

M: Mr.Egoistic

A: With him??? Mom, pls I don’t want to marry that guy. Pls someone else. I will marry devil himself, but not him!(If devil was here, then he would have been happy!)😀😀😀

M: You have promised me! I know you won’t agree for this, so we had to talk to you like this.

A: Mom, Pls!!!!!

D: No, excuse Anika. You know the relationship of us with Oberoi’s, so no excuse!

A: Ok!

She goes to her room angrily and closes the door with force.

A: Why that guy? I know we were friends since childhood. But now he is arrogant. He thinks that he is always right. I think my parents are getting money from media as our marriage will increase their TRPs!!!!!(Poor girl😂)

She angrily messes up her bed.


Shivaay has reached home after his work. He then finds his mom, aunt, uncle, dad and Dadi sitting together as if they were waiting for someone.

S: Are you people waiting for someone???

D: Yes, Billu! We were waiting for you!

S: Me? Why Dadi??

D: We have fixed your marriage.

S: Ok!(Suddenly understands the matter) It’s not time for me to marry, Dadi.

D: Time, we will decide! You’re going to be 30, Billu. I need to see our grandchildren running around the house within 2 years. God knows when I have to close my eyes! (Emotional blackmailer!!!🤣)

S: Don’t talk loke this, Dadi! I told you, I don’t like it….And about marriage, I don’t want it, Dadi.

T: No excuses, Shivaay! Our decision is final!

P: We have fixed your marriage with Anika. How long I have been waiting for a daughter-in-law like her….!

S: Mom, with her!!! I will marry any ghost not her!(We will see, I am the author here! Not you, Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi!!!!!)

P: My Bahu is better then a ghost!!!! Don’t compare her! Just because your opinions don’t match, doesn’t mean that she is not good. I remember how well behaved she is!

S: That’s why she fought with me in front of the media.

P: If she fought with you, then it is your mistake! Not hers! Who told you to talk against her profession? Even if I insulted your writing, then what will happen. If I were there, I would have supported her, even though you’re my son!

Shivaay fumes. He knows there is no use of talking to the elders. He also goes to his room!

What will happen if they meet again???

Any expectations!!!?

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  1. If shivika meet again it will b a big booooom💥💥💥💥💥💥
    pta nhi aur kitna ladenge ….😂😂
    waiting for it….

    1. Agga4102

      They will meet, but there will be no fights till their first night….I have some fights reserves for it….

  2. Stargazer

    Oooo……. Reserved fights @Agga4102.. waiting eagerly. About this epi it was completely awesome…

    1. Agga4102

      Thank You so much!!!!!!!!!! Just wait for the fight!!!!

      1. Stargazer

        yup am waiting…

    2. Agga4102


  3. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely

    1. Agga4102

      Thank You So Much!!!!

  4. ItsmePrabha

    awesome update..sorry for being late..reason you would know in PM..

    1. Agga4102

      I know dr… Just comment whenever you can!!!

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