Ishq Mein Marjawan 12th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Deep meets his mom

Ishq Mein Marjawan 12th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi hides. Deep says who is there. Arohi calls police station and says there is a dead body here. He says who are you? Arohi hangs up.
Arohi follows Deep. He comes home. Arohi says soon your game would end. Arohi says I have to go now.
Pooja is going on. Arohi joins them.
A man comes in. Surekha asks who are you? He says want to talk to deep. Virat asks that man to keep an eye on Deep and Arohi.

Arohi takes arti from deep and does pooja. Virat comes. Arohi leaves the arti. Deep gets a chit. He reads and says finally I know where you are. Arohi sees him leaving. She follows him. Tara stops Aroh and puts something in her eyes. Arohi screans. Tara says I want to kill you right now. Arohi tries to run. A vase falls down. Everyone looks up. Tara leaves Arohi like that. Arohi washes her eyes. Arohi comes out and sees that Deep is gone. Arohi sees a phone. It rings. Its mausi. Arohi reads Malik written on it. Mausi goes to kitchen. Arohi puts gun on her head and says you have to tell me everything. She says deep is looking for his mom. He is a monster. I am forced to help him till he finds his mom. He will kill everyone.
Mausi leaves.

Arohi sees the article and wonders what is going on. She says what does his mom know? What should I do. Arohi is leaving. Pandit says to her where are you going without parsad? He gives her a chit and says it has what you are looking for. You don’t haave much time.
Mausi gets a call. Arohi hits her head. Arohi says deep will know what i tell her.

Deep meets someone in dark and says I waited so long to meet you. He hugs her in tears. Deep says Anjali’s face will end forever. Surekha says to Arohi deep called and said he has arranged a grand face.

Precap-Pandit says today face will be change but with a good cause or bad? Tara wonders if Anajli is Arohi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. yesterday Nia threw dirt at Tara’s eyes, today Tara pepper sprayed Nia. great! what wonderful writing, what great twist!!
    everytime Deep leaves the scene, Nia thinks, ‘jaroor ye koi chaal chal raha hai’ (sure he is planning some move.) Arre, how do you know Deep hasn’t gone to the toilet?
    How exactly does Virat’s cctv work? is he able to see the nice board Nia has planted in her room with pictures and everything?
    The smirk on fake mommy’s face looks so comical. why exactly Nia called her mausi? I thought nobody knew that Deep calls fake mommy Mausi…
    Now even Nia, claiming to be Arohi, has started pointing guns at everybody. Be it the woman at the newspaper office or fake mommy. i would rather think Arohi is dead than think Nia is Arohi.
    Deep’s mother has entered. But rather than making it a happy reveal, everything is further complicated. ugh
    i just cant express how irritating the show has become…

  2. one thing i dont understand is why they have to shoehorn a mystery into everything? It would have been so much better if we saw how Deep searched all the clues and finally located his mother. But no. I am sure we will never be given the full story of how Deep located his mother. All we got is this stupid twist of anjali being Virat’s gf who shoots at Arohi’s parents who got lost after a car accident. Matlab, they have changed the whole premise of the story. Now it is no longer Arohi being trapped to take the blame of Tara’s crimes. Now everything is related to the mystery of Arohi and Deep’s parents.
    Even now, they haven’t shown Vasundhara’s face. Why not? we still dont know surely Malik’s face. We dont know the secret behind Arohi’s changed face. Now this Vasundhara face. Writers do one thing. Take all the actors in a dark room and shoot all scenes with bright lights behind the actors’ heads. What is the need to show anyone’s face? Only then we will get our most mysterious show ever.
    p.s. this reporter has come with pocket full of chits. But why is this double crossing police officer also giving chits to Deep hidden in file? they haven’t heard of messaging? whatsapp? Reminds me of school days when teacher would take class and we will pass chits everywhere with secret messages. At least that was entertaining.
    another p.s. this Nia was PT Usha in her previous birth? always running as if she has a train to catch. every morning her baby would be praying in her womb to get saved from his marathon mother.

    1. Satya127

      Really dhara u r awesome and I agree it each point….

    2. Hi dhara

    3. Hi dhara.really I like your comment.

  3. Dhara trust me it was more entertaining to read your comments rather than episode update.

  4. Satya127

    Friends as I am not watching the show please anyone can explain the last part where deep meets his mom and talks about anjali face

    1. hey Satya, since i was stupid enough to watch, i will narrate what i remember here. Deep goes to some house and in there a woman is sitting with her backside facing us, the viewers. Deep goes in front of her, the woman gets up and Deep hugs her and calls her ‘Ma’. The entire time we dont get to see the woman’s face. Also, while Deep is emotional and crying, the woman shows no reaction and doesnt even utter a word. Then Deep says very soon the story of Anjali’s face will end forever
      back in Raichand mansion, surekha picks up a call, then she comes to Nia and says that Deep has called, he is coming back and had said that he will make a big announcement in the party. Surekha leaves to tell others to stay as well for the announcement and Nia wonders what that big announcement could be.
      p.s. i dont really read Atiba’s written updates becoz they are always full of mistakes. But sometimes the mistakes are damn funny. like the last line of this update – “deep has arranged a grand face” 😛 😛 dont know what she thinks when she writes the update!

      1. Satya127

        Ha yes dhara I too find lots of mistakes grand face.. Really and I remember u used rewrite the whole update for us….
        Thanks dhara
        But I have doubt dhara, today as I am not understanding the last part I only watched that part on voot where deep tells that everything will be fine once arohi parents…… Then anjali face will be finished forever…. In the above scene I am not understanding that wht deep told about arohi parents…

      2. i think he says ‘ek bar arohi k ma baba se mujhe jo chahiye mil jae, uske baad anjali ka chehra humesa k liye khatam ho jaega’ means, once i get what i want from Arohi’s parents, then Anjali’s face will be over

  5. Dragging otherwise nothing. So irritating.

  6. Arey bhaiya tum log show band kar do
    Tumse na ho payega
    Aur humse na saha jayega

  7. Hi frnds
    Happy vinayaka chaturthi to all..

    1. Satya127

      Happy ganesh chathurthi to all
      May bappa bless u all with all the happiness and success….

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