Siddhi Vinayak 18th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi leaves Kundra Mansion

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Siddhi Vinayak 18th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vin tells Siddhi that she can punish him. He holds her hands and makes her slap him. She tells him she wants to give him something. You might like it.

Urvashi reprimands herself for falling in Rajvir and Siddhi’s trap. I will be thrown out of this house now!

Siddhi returns with divorce papers. I don’t have forgiveness to give you today but I will surely give you something which you had been waiting for. She shows the papers to him. He shakes his head but she signs the divorce papers in front of everyone and hands them to him. I have signed the divorce papers now. Everyone is stunned. Siddhi points out that they mean nothing to each other after today! Our relationship died the day you dint trust me but Urvashi. I am a woman. A woman can bear anything. Her husband might cheat her

or threaten her but she can never bear it that someone maligns her dignity. You lost me the very moment you doubted my dignity! I was here to prove my innocence. I gave Agni Pariksha just like Sita Ma had. She trusted fire and completed her Agni Pariksha while Shree Ram lost her. I dint do this to gain you back. I just wanted to prove my innocence. A woman always succeeds in doing so but the relations get the burnt. Same has happened with our relation! She recalls how he had thrown the mangalsutra away. She unties the mangalsutra she had been wearing around her wrist and returns it to him. You were right. I was playing a game but it is over now! I only wanted to expose Urvashi in front of everyone. Her lie hid my truth. My work here is done. I have no reason to stay here anymore! Manjari smirks. Rajvir comforts Prachi. Siddhi comes downstairs holding a suitcase. Vin begs her not to go anywhere. Please forgive me. She ignores him. Shankar also requests Siddhi not to do this. Please forgive us. We misunderstood you. You are the pride of this family. Don’t leave this house. Siddhi says till yesterday I was hoping that everyone should just understand that I am a decent girl. No one could do that. You all made me daughter, DIL once again today? How can a relation survive in a house where a woman isn’t trusted? I came to you too and requested you to believe me. What did you do that day? You snatched my right to call you Papa ji. Vin looks at her teary eyed.

Prachi requests her sister to stay. Everything happened as per our plan. What’s the point of leaving now? Siddhi tells her she has come too far now. I am very happy for you though. You have actually grown up. I dint expect what you and Rajvir did for me. I am not worried about the house anymore as I am leaving it in your hands. Prachi cries. Siddhi tells her to control herself. I want to say something before I leave. Don’t build relations in this house on the basis of trust. Only trust yourself and no one else. You will only get cheated in return if you trust others! Don’t make the mistake that I committed. She walks out of the house. Vin watches her leave helplessly and breaks down. Prachi cries holding Rajvir. He comforts her while Manjari comforts Vin. Vin stands up and wipes his tears. He begins to walk absentmindedly. Manjari calls out after him but Shankar advises her to let him be alone for some time.

Siddhi is in an auto. She recalls what just happened. Sad song plays. Vin too is thinking of the same. He comes to house temple and looks at small Ganesha idol. Their past memories flash in the background. Siddhi comes to her parents’ house. Both of them are crying badly. Vin holds the idol. How did I commit such a big sin? Siddhi kept saying she is innocent but I dint pay heed to her words. He screams angrily. Why did I do this?

Vin calls Siddhi. She starts speaking to herself. Why are you calling me now? I begged you so much but you only mocked me. There is nothing left to be said or heard between us now! She disconnects it. Vin tries again but her number is switched off. He throws the phone angrily. Talk to me once Siddhi or I will go mad. Someone pats at his shoulder. Vin looks up. Rajvir apologizes to him for coming to Kundra House in the disguise of Baba ji. I had to help Siddhi prove her innocence and there was no other way. Vin replies that he need not apologize. I was the one who was wrong. I dint trust her even when she kept on begging that she is innocent! I don’t know what had happened to me! Where is Siddhi? I want to meet her and apologize. Please tell me. I don’t know where she would be. Make me meet her once. Prachi tells him that she might know where her sister might be. Vin requests her. Prachi agrees to tell him. Don’t think that I have any sympathy with you after what you have done to her! I only feel you should apologize to her once. I will take you with me. Vin seconds her. Siddhi deserves a lot more than what I could give her. Please take me to her. I only wish to apologize. I don’t want anything more.

Precap: Gauri asks Urvashi to leave the house. You aren’t needed here! Urvashi faints. Doc checks her and shares that Urvashi is pregnant. On the other side, Siddhi opens the door and finds Vin standing at the door.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Summer

    Finally the truth is revealed! Manjari got off lightly!!! Interesting, Urvashi is with child…i wonder who could be the father?

    1. It may be her new plan to stay there…?or it may be Rudra’s gift (do you remember that first night drama with Rudra)..?.or she is in relationship with someone else… thank God the truth revealed other wise Vinayak feel guilt and take the responsibility of it…???

    2. Rudra, that is why now they are probably gonna keep her in the house.

  2. Good episode…?❤️? Siddhi ur acting is amazing…❤️❤️❤️I really loved it and cried A LOT…??? Today I felt very bad for Vinayak… ?good acting…?The time will unite them…I loved Siddhi’s all words… very heart touching…❤️? the scene, before leaving the house Siddhi give a small advise to Prachi when I saw the scene I felt , she is saying it to Vinayak…?
    I loved the scene Siddhi disconnecting the call… great episode… ?waiting for more SidVi scenes…?❤️

  3. Eagerly waiting for tomorrow episode…? very excited to watch Siddhi and Vinayak cute fight scene…??

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