Vikram Betaal 18th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Vikram sacrifices his singhasan and gives to Bharmal

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Vikram Betaal 18th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vikram telling her that Bhaiyya himself called him heir and made him sit on the singhasan. Pingla says my son was a child then and says this singhasan is of my son. She says it was necessary for us to get the singhasan and that’s why added wine in kaal bhairav’s milk. She says yes, I am guilty if I want my son’s betterment. Vikram is shaken up with her words. He thinks of his brother’s words asking him to do justice. He recalls his words asking him to take care of them before leaving. Vikram says ok and hugs him. Padmini asks Vikram what happened. Vikram thinks he couldn’t take care of them. Padmini says whatever happened can’t be changed now. She tells that justice comes before the relations and asks him not to cry. She says time has come to justice.


to the court, Acharya ji says crime is proved and asks him to do give verdict. Vikram says I can’t forgive the guilty. He says they are raj drohi and dharm drohi and says they are guilty of kaal bhairav. He says Kaal Bhairav will punish them. He calls Kaal Bhairav and does his puja. Kaal Bhairav appears infront of him. Vikram tells him that he needs his help and tells that the guilty who ruined your tapasya is caught and I want you to punish them. Kaal Bhairav says their crime is big that even death punishment is small for them. He says one big dharam have happened because of them and I got freed of brahma seesh dosh. He leaves the decision on him. Vikram asks Senapati to present them in court. Acharya ji says how justice will happen now. Betaal tells how Vikram will do justice now. The people think if Vikram will forgive them. Vikram comes to the darbaar and says I understand everyone’s dilemma. He says for the first time, I couldn’t take a decision, but when human can’t take decision then Devta showed the way. He says kaal Bhairav forgave them and that’s why I am freeing them. Bharmal asks them to leave him. Vikram says someone else is involved because of whom they were forced to do this crime, and says that person is me. He says I am guilty along with Pingla and Bharmal.

Acharya ji says this is not right. Vikram says this Rajya is of my brother and his wife thinks that Bharmal is the heir of Ujjaini. He says every mother have the right to think about his son’s betterment and says if I have handed over Ujjaini to him then they wouldn’t have done this. He says what my brother couldn’t do, I will do and tells that he is leaving all his duties from now onwards and give all rights to devi pingla and bharmal. Pingla and bharmal are shocked. Vikram apologizes to her and tells that he took time to understand this and says this Rajya is yours and this Raj Singhasan is of Bharmal. Bharmal smiles. Pingla looks on.

Vikram removes his crown and keeps on the singhasan. He asks Acharya ji to make the arrangements of Bharmal’s Rajya abhishek. Acharya says but. Vikram says this is my final decision. Senapati asks Vikram not to do this and says you are not only our Samrat, but our justice. He says we will not accept anyone as our Maharaj other than you. The people of Ujjaini also refuse to accept him as the Samrat. Vikram folds his hand and leaves from the court. Samrat tells himself jai bharmal. Pingla thinks Vikram have to die. Padmini removes the ornaments in her room. Vikram comes there and apologizes to her. Padmini asks him to call her Padmini and not maharani. He apologizes to her for getting punished for his doings, and says this is my decision to leave Singhasan, but you have to bear. Padmini says I have taken promise that whatever decision you will take, I will be with you. She supports his decision. Vikram gets glad and says you have won me. He hugs her.

Vikram tells Acharya that he will not change his decision. Vikram and Padmini are leaving. Pingla comes there holding sword and asks how he can think that she will let him go.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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