Vikram Betaal 17th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Padmini and Bharmal are proved guilty in Vikram’s court

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Vikram Betaal 17th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with betaal asking Vikram why Parshuram became his mum’s killer. He says Bhagwan’s Vishnu 6th Avatar have killed his mum and asks him to answer. Vikram says answer is hidden in your question and says one has to pay for his deeds, if it is this birth or next birth. Betaal says Devi Renuka didn’t do any sin. Vikram says Devi Renuka didn’t do anything, but Devi Sudeha killed her sister’s baby and that’s why he killed her and gave her mukti from her previous birth’s sin. Betaal gets happy and says nobody knows about this till now, and you have made this known to all. He says Parshuram gave a new life to his mum and paid pitr dhan also. Rishi Jagdamni tells Parshuram that he is the real son who paid him pitr dhan. Parshuram asks him to do favor on him and asks him to

make his mother alive again. Rishi Jagdamni makes Renuka fine and gives her new life. Parshuram gets happy and hugs her. Vikram tells Betaal that you are very intelligent to answer my question wisely and present the secret hidden in the story, and says you are the only one and I am also superior. He says you are very wise, but does mistake again and again, and says you speak and I leave. Vikram says I write my own destiny when I take you from Pret Ghaati.

The people of Ujjaini talk about the conspiracy of his own people. Vikram hears them and thinks there is some serious problem surely. He comes to the palace and sits in his singhasan. He asks Acharya ji what happened? Acharya ji says someone did raj droh. Kavi Das says we have arrested them. The guilty is brought to the court. Vikram asks who are they? Senapati lifts veil from their faces. He says Bhabhi, Bharmal. They ask him to save them and says they have insulted your bhabhi and Ujjaini’s badi rani. Vikram asks why did you arrest them. Acharya says they are guilty of the storm which came on Ujjaini and says they are the ones who added wine in the milk. Vikram asks if this is right. Pingla says you are asking your bhabhi and your brother’s wife who gave you this singhasan and says if I had known that I will be blamed like this then would have taken my son to Ashram. She tells Bharmal that they shall go to Ashram. Vikram stops them. Pingla says if you have doubt on us then we will not stay here. She turns to go with Bharmal. Vikram says whoever comes here, gets full justice, and you are my Bhabhi, bhabhimaa. I don’t know who is guilty you both or my Naavratna who arrested you. He says until justice is done, you can’t go. He asks Acharya to give him proof. Betaal thinks what Vikram will do. He says Parshuram took strict decision and got his mum freed from her last birth sin. He says now it is yet to be seen if you do Pingla’s justice or not. Senapati brings Sainiks there who added wine in the pot. Sainiks tells that Bharmal himself asked him to add wine. Bharmal says they are lying and says they don’t have any right to be alive. Vikram says this is Darbar and I am not related to anyone here. He says it is proved that you both are guilty and I will tell about your punishment today. Pingla and Bharmal looks on.

Bharmal tells Pingla that she put his life in danger. Pingla says I did this conspiracy for you, to make you sit on singhasan. Bharmal blames her for putting him in karagar and gets angry on her. Pingla says you did a mistake by leaving the sainiks alive. Bharmal asks her to do something and says I don’t want to die. Pingla says I will not let anything happen to you.

Acharya tells Kavidas why did Maharaj delay the justice? Kavidas says he will take right decision. Acharya ji says Maharaj has to chose between responsibility and duty and says whatever might be the consequences, Maharaj have to lose ultimately. Pingla and Bharmal call Sainik and says if you let us go then we will make you Senapati of Magad. Sainik says ok and says he can’t let them go. Pingla threatens to kill him. Padmini tells Vikram, how can Bhabhi and Bharmal conspire against them, and asks him not to be strict with them. Vikram go to karagar to meet Pingla and Bharmal. Padmini asks if he is not happy after arresting them. Vikram says sometimes we can’t take time for our loved ones and can’t fulfilled their demands. Pingla asks did you come to sprinkle salt on your wounds. Vikram says I came here as dewar and Bharmal’s Kaka and asks why did you do this? Pingla tells that bharmal shall sit on singhasan and says this all Ujjaini is of my husband and not yours. Vikram looks on sad.

Vikram calls Kaal Bhairav and tells him that the guilty is caught who added wine in your abhishek. Kaal Bhairav asks him to punish them. Vikram gives them death sentence.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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