Siddhi Vinayak 16th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Property is transferred back in Vin’s name

Siddhi Vinayak 16th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

People recognize Rudra as Superstar Vin Kundra’s brother. Rudra says Vin made my day today. He first took me out on shopping and then brought me here. He challenges people on the set to defeat him in a card game. A guy addresses him Sir because of which Rudra makes them all sit and play with him. It is an order. They sit down worriedly. Rudra wins all the games. These cards are my servant. I can make them dance on my tunes. Give me my money now. A guy objects that there was no such deal. Rudra demands for Rs. 200 or threatens to kill him. Vin hears his voice and goes out to check. Rudra is holding one of the guys by his throat. Others remark that Superstar Vin’s brother is fighting for Rs. 200. Rudra shows the money to Vin. Your brother won! There never was, isn’t and can never be any better gambler than your brother! Vin looks at everyone.

Manjari is drinking soup but starts feeling uneasy. Siddhi watches her from outside the door. Don’t worry Ma. It will only upset your stomach. Wait and watch what happens next. Manjari keeps going back to the restroom. Siddhi goes to her seeing her condition. Are you fine? Manjari goes back inside the restroom. Siddhi supports her as she comes out. She calls out to everyone. Rajvir, Prachi and Gauri are concerned. Siddhi calls Dadi. Ma isn’t well. Gauri looks worriedly at Siddhi who nods at her. Gauri wonders what Siddhi mixed in the soup. Hope no one finds out who made it in the first go.

Vin asks Rudra why he had to do this. Rudra asks him if he is ashamed of who he is. Don’t think you will take me out on shopping and I will change completely. It takes time. Let me know what you think. I will leave Kundra Mansion. Vin gets Siddhi’s call and gets worried hearing that Ma isn’t well. Vin takes Rudra with him.

Dadi comes to Kundra Mansion. Siddhi asks her if everything is fine. Dadi says something is wrong. Her heart rate is decreasing speedily. You should worry. Anything can happen. Vin comes just then. What happened to Ma? Rudra wonders what this drama is all about. Dadi lists down a number of things. Siddhi continues her acting. How did it happen suddenly? Prachi carries Manjari’s vomit in a dustbin. Dadi tells Vin that it happens when you have anxiety attacks. Vin says she is under no stress. Siddhi says she is stressed since the time you gave her the responsibility of property. Rajvir asks Manjari how she is feeling now. Siddhi says she is exhausted. He asks for the cheques. Chacha ji wants them. Siddhi tells him to take from the cupboard. He agrees.

Siddhi tells Manjari not to think of anything. Just rest and get well soon. Dadi adds that things can get adverse in the future. She might get a heart attack. I will give you an injection. Manjari is reluctant but Vin asks her to get it done for his sake. Manjari closes her eyes in pain as Dadi gives her injections. Siddhi keeps smiling. Dadi assures Manjari she will be fine soon. She takes leave. Siddhi says don’t know what would have happened with Ma if you had not come on time. Dadi hugs her. How could I not come? You have to take care of Manjari ji and yourself. Siddhi sends Gauri to her room too. Vinu and I will look after Ma. Gauri also leaves.

Vin cannot understand what happened to Ma suddenly. Siddhi says Ma has to do a lot. She is in this state because of the responsibilities you have put on her. It is time to free her from those responsibilities though. She brings property papers. This is the responsibility which I was speaking of. They are ready. You just have to take Ma’s signature and take charge of everything again. Manjari asks her from where she got these papers. Siddhi tells her not to think about anything now. You have two sons yet you have so much to manage. Let the boys handle it now. Manjari insists she is fine but Vin gives her his swear. Sign these papers if you have ever considered me your son. Manjari signs the papers reluctantly. Vin goes out with the papers to send them to lawyers. Siddhi stays with Manjari.

Siddhi asks Manjari what she thinks of her drama. Manjari shouts on her but holds her head due to pain. Siddhi agrees that nothing happened to her in reality. Only your stomach was upset. Have lemon water and you will be fine once again. I told you I wont let you succeed. Vinu is out of jail and now the property is once again in his name. Now I will expose you before everyone very soon. None of your plans will succeed. Manjari retorts that she just won one game. See what happens next. Siddhi says I don’t want to wait for anything. I just wont let you succeed ever! She leaves as Vin calls out to her.

Tiwari ji is with Rajvir. He gives Rs. 1001 to Rajvir as signing amount. This new producer is amazing and very talented. Rajvir rebukes him. Will I debut from South films? Tiwari ji tells him to wait for another 5 years. Keep struggling. Rajvir accepts the cheque. Tiwari ji agrees to make him super star now. Prachi also joins them. I used to do modelling assignments before marriage. Tiwari ji asks her to send him her portfolio but Rajvir takes him out of the house hurriedly.

Manjari paces angrily in the room. I used my brains to get entire property in my name for you but I lost everything in a second! I lost everything! She breaks the glass angrily. Rudra tells her to stop cribbing about property. It will come back. She knows it wont happen. I wont spare Siddhi. I am no less than a snake if I get into my real form. She notices him still holding that photo frame and tries to snatch it out of his hand but in vain. He laughs. We must applaud Siddhi. Look at your condition! Manjari points out that going by their situation they have nothing in their hand. Vin got the property and eventually Siddhi will get it. I wont spare her! Rudra reminds her that she dint do anything for him but for herself. You should mourn your loss. Scold yourself and not that Siddhi! I know how and when to take care of that Vin! Leave it on me! Don’t use your brains! I will snatch every precious thing out of Vin’s hands.

Precap: Vin and Siddhi share a tight hug. Rudra sees them thus and decides to separate them. He pulls the carpet off the stairs just when Vin is coming downstairs. Vin shouts Siddhi’s name. Siddhi and Rudra are seen running downstairs.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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