Hi guys,,thanks for your comments…..Here we go with new year special.. I hope u all lyk this story… here we added some twist and turns in ragsan life…..njoy guys….
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Location swalak engagement….
Laksh is abt to wear ring to swara ..dp stops him.
Dp: I want 2 talk to neil ….
Everyone shocked…
Ap: what is the urgent..? You talk to him later…now its tym for engagement…
Dp: no ap..I want to talk to him immediately….
Neil: what is the matter dp?
Swetha become tensed and holds swara hand…
Swara also hold her hand and tensed..
Sanskar: dad…Is there any problem… ?
Dp: y r u so tensed..? Just 5 mins..everything will be alright…
Saying this dp show his hand to one side.and ask neil to come and left…
Neil sees swetha and swara…
Swetha: if there any problem , plz talk to him with patience….
Neil nodded his head… and goes…
Uttara shows her hand towards laksh, laksh handovers ring to her
Uttara places the ring in the boz and smiles at diya.
Diya signs at uttara to come .they both go aside without the knowledge of others..
Swara:( sadly) what’s happening here laksh..?
Laksh: even I don’t know swara…
Ragini: everything will be okay… don’t be tensed swara…
Sanskar: yeah..what ragini says is right…. (and smiles at ragini)
Ragini put her head down…
Sanskar becomes sad..
Swara notice this..and turns to see ragini…
Ragini eyes little teary…
Swara thinks what happen to her she only said to me…she’s gng to confess her to sanskar… now she totally ignored him…
After 10 mins..
Everyone is standing tensed
Neil and dp comes with a smile…
On seeing them they become more tensed…
Dadi: u 2 r smiling.. then definitely it’s a gud news….
Dp smiles and yes..u r right….

Dp (announces)
Dp : gud evening everyone….2day is our son’s engagement…. and u all know..neil is my best friend… now he becomes my family too. So we decide to unite our business too.
Hearing this everyone become happy…swara signalled laksh lyk ????
Neil: not nly this….hereafter our company will be handle by sanlak….
Laksh and sanskar have hifi….???
Ap: very happy…? ok laksh wear ring to her….
Laksh searches for ring..
Laksh: where is uttara?? She has the rings.
Uttara comes and says I’m here bhai.
Sujatha: Where are the rings ?
Uttara: they have to find it ?
Sujatha: what…? Did u lost the ring?
Diya: no aunt… We have a special surprise for them.. they have to find their partners ring.. 
Swalak looks at each other and says what….!!!!!!!!
Ragsan looks confusingly….
Dadi: What is this beta? We can’t understand…
Diya: Before engagement , bridegroom have to play treasure hunt to find the engagement ring..
Sanskar: wow ….!!!! This is interesting… 
Swalak asks how will we find the ring..?
Uttara takes mike and says .. we hid 2 hints you have to find that .. once you find the hint no.1 that will lead you to hint no.2 ..then that hint no.2 will lead you to your respective rings..
Laksh: but where do we find that hints…?
Diya: your 1st hint will be inyour respective rooms…
Swalak smiles.. everyone smiles and claps..
Laksh: ok. I will go to my room and laksh is about to go. Diya stops him and says,
Diya: oh wait laksh, we have some rules also..
Swalak: rules ..!!! 
Diya: yeah..! ofcourse.. for this hunt who came 1st will be rule ur entire life..
Everyone laughs… 
Game starts now,
Swalak rushes to their rooms..

At laksh room,
Laksh searches for hint in everywhere.. he says to himself “Oh my god!!! I always wonder my life has no complications at all but now, these two girls make my engagement so complicated.. what if I didn’t find the ring??? For sure swara will kill me.. 
Suddenly laksh notices fish tank .. there is an envelop inside the tank.. seeing this laksh jumped up and down and says I found it , I found it loudly.. his legs slips and he fall down and screaming
Sanskar enters the room and searches for laksh..
Laksh: bro plz look down also.. I’m here bhai…
Sanskar looks down and laughs..
Sanskar: what are u dng down?
Laksh: bhai took me up 1st…
Sanskar gives his hand and lifts him up.
Sanlak sat on bed..
Laksh suddenly goes near the fish tank and takes out the envelope..
Laksh: bhai I found it.. ?
Sanskar smiles well done bro…sea

At swara’s room
Swara searches her wardrobe for her hint but she didn’t find it..”somehow i must find it” she murmured.
Ragini enters the room and sees swara sats sadly.
Seeing ragini swara rushes to her oh god .. atlast you came.. and smiles at ragini
Ragini says.yeah swara uttara only sende me to help u.
Both of them searches… Ragini notices their make up box lightly open..she askes swara to see their makeup box.
They came near the dressing table and ragini opens the box.
There is a envelope named hint no1
Swara smiles and hugs ragini
Ragini smiles at her..swaragini and raglak simultaneously opens their respective envelope..
Swara opens and reads “boys loves this thn girls..”
Swara thinks confusingly.. ragini also thinks…
Meanwhile laksh opens his envelope and reads ” fills ur tummy”
Hearing this sanskar shouts its foods that fill our tummy..
Laksh hugs sanskar and says u r genius bro..but where do we find this food..?
Sanskar: yeah i’m genius but why are you so dump ya?
Laksh : looks pity

Sanskar: its kitchen laksh .????
Laksh wonders and smiles
Sanskar and laksh rushes to kitchen
Laksh: bro why don’t that will be dining table..?
Sanskar thinks and says ok you searches in kitchen and ill searches in dinning tables.
Sanskar found a envelope under a plate.. and calls laksh..
Laksh wonder we will definitely win this bro and look at this envelope..
Meanwhile at, swara’s room
Swaragini thinks what is it? What boys love than girls..
Swara: boys always luv their mother more than girls…that means is the hint in ap aunt ??
Ragini: no swara, there’s no chance at all.. suddenly ragini sees a magazine front page pictured a bike pic..
Ragini: bike…..!!
Swara;: what..?
Ragini: Its bike swara…
Swara: may be the hint is in laksh’s bike.. Let’s go and check..
They rushed to parking and searches for bike and they find their hint 1
Meanwhile laksh opens his 2nd hint and reads “girls usually searches for this either happy or sad”
They look at each other confusingly.
Meanwhile ,
Swara and ragini finds the envelop and reads “boys hate it”.
They wonder how they selected these questions.. and thinks
Meanwhile sanlak also thinks what girls searches when they are sad or happy..
Swara: i don’t know what boys hate but i know what laksh hate.
Swaragini say simultaneously “to study”
And smiles at each other .
They rushes to study room and searches for ring..
And they find it in book shelf
Swara happily jumps and hugs ragini
Ragini: ok lets go..
Sanskar remember uttara plays with her teddy bear..
And aks laksh to look for teddy bear in this house..
Laksh says he saw one teddy bear in swara room
Laksan goes near staris they look swaragini comes down
Swara shows ring in her hand and giggles at laksh..
Laksan rushes to swara room.
They find a teddy bear.
Sanskar took it and find rimg box behind it..
They took and run
Everyone in tha lawn waiting for them
First swara coming towards them then ragini and later sanlak runs towards them.
Uttara say laksh bhai come on..
But swara comes 1st..
Everyone claps…
Finally I’m going to engaged..said laksh
Swara smiles at him
Diya: laksh forever swara rules you
. Be ready for that.
Laksh: not nly 4ever.. still now swara rules me..
Swara patted his shoulders
Everyone laughs..
Ap: let’s begin , beta put ring to swara hands.. ?
They exchange rings..
Ragini hugs swara and wishes her..
Sanskar also hugs laksh
Ragsan sees each other .ragini looks around and turn..
Swara and laksh stood at stage and receiving blessings and gift from guests.
Ragsan also stood beside them.
Swara: ragini , you go and eat something
Ragini refuses to eat.but swara insists her to go and eat. So ragini goes..
On seeing ragini, sanskar follows her..
Ragini took a plate sanskar stood behind him and says hello to her.
Ragini turns and sees sanskar . Without saying anything she turn around.
Sanskar: Hy.. what’s wrong with u? Why can’t u talk to me ?? Ragini..?
Ragini didn’t say a word and continue to fill her plate.
Sanskar hold ragini’s hand and asks her to speak.
Ragini look at him angrily sanskar release her hands.
Ragini looks around and places her plate on a table and left.
Sanskar stood still….

After sometimes,
At swara’s room,
Swara happily looking her engagement ring and enters the room.
Swara sees ragini sat on a bed sadly
Seeing swara ragini act like she is happy and asks her how r u feeling now swara? R u happy?
Swara: yeah ragini . Am very happy. But what happened to you? Don’t you even have a thought of sharing everything to me..
Ragini becomes silent..and looks down
Swara: plz ragini. What’s happening btw u and sanskar? Tell me..
Ragini: plz ya.. don’t talk about that.I don’t want to talk abt anyone..(little teary)
Swara: anyone….!!!!!
Suddenly neil comes in
Ragini wipe her tears and smiles at him
Swara: dad.. and smiles at him.
Neil: congratulations my dr (hugs swara)
Swara: thanku dad?
Neil: beta, we have to vacate this farmhouse tomorrow earlier so u 2 sleep quickly..
Swara: ok dad.
At morning everyone packed their package and left the farm house.
Swara and laksh family gets in to their respective cars. Dp,sanskar and neil shake hands and have a casual talk in front of the car..
Sanskar looks at ragini but ragini continuously looks through window.
Swara notices sanskar watching ragini.and sees ragini avoids him..
They left their homes…
At neil’s home
Everyone enters in the house and sat on a sofa.
Suddenly sekar phone rings.
(Shekar speaks to someone on phone)
Sekar cuts the call.
Sekar : neil ji.. its a urgent call from kolkata abt my business. I have to go now
Swara: what..? Papa how can u go that early from ur daughter(swara)
Sekar: sry beta.. but I have no choice..
Neil: swara he said ,he has an important wrk.. let him go ..
Swara:ok ? but plz leave ragini here for some more days..
Ragini: no swara.. i’ll go with dad and come to ur mrg (with a sad face)
Swetha: ok atleast come and had ur breakfast and go to railway station bhai.
Sekar: no swetha ji.. its already late we have some breakfast on d way..
Dadi: haan swetha.. we had a best tym here.. soon we will meet at swara marriage..
Swara smiles and hugs dadi.
Swara hugs ragini and say call me when u reached ok..
Ragini smiles and goes.
After their car goes swara phone rings..
Swara look at her phone and says its laksh..
Swara: haan laksh.
Laksh: just i thought of u thats why i called you ?
Swara: am also thought after reaching home to call u but .
Laksh: what but..?
Swara: shekar uncle has some important business call from kolkata so he wants to go urgently.
Laksh: oh sherkar uncle.left mumbai then what about ragini? Is she stays with u here??
Swara: no laksh. She too went kolkata.
Laksh: what…? Ragini also went kolkata.
Sanskar also sat beside laksh.. hearing ragini’s name he asking ragini went ???
Laksh says yes bro
Suddenly sanskar tooks laksh mobile and asks swara
Sanskar: when did they left?
Swara: sanskar???
Sanskar;: haan tell me swara when did they left.
Swara: before 10 mins.
Sanskar throws mobile towards laksh and goes.. Laksh cuts the call and msg her to railway station.. and follows sanskar..
Sanskar and laksh goes to railway station . Sanskar hurriedly park his car and rushes towards inside.
Laksh ran behind him..
But the train left before they came..
Sanskar stood stunned.. laksh touches his shoulder .sanskar looks at him and looks down.
Swara came and look at sanlak..
Epi ends…

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