Siddhi Vinayak 10th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Urvashi’s 7 day challenge starts

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Siddhi Vinayak 10th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddhi pours water on Urvashi as soon as the alarm bell rings. Urvashi asks her if she has gone mad. Siddhi denies. I woke you up for the ritual. Urvashi fights for the alarm clock. It is annoying. Switch if off! Siddhi says Vin is my husband too. I am Biwi No.1. I will help you in waking up. Urvashi switches it off and lies down again. Siddhi asks her to get up. Champak Baba is here. Urvashi sits up. I don’t know what all he will make me do. Plus, this woman isn’t leaving me! Siddhi hands her simple clothes. Urvashi is irked seeing the clothes. The family members of this house are worse than me!

Rajvir falls asleep while chanting Om Namah Shivaye. Prachi has to literally pinch him to wake him up. He tells everyone that he was busy concentrating. Urvashi comes downstairs wearing an orange

saree and few ornaments. She bends down to touch his feet but he tells her she dint follow the rules on day 1 itself. She thinks he feels they are not good. I will change. He asks her who told her to wear all this jewellery. Urvashi and Siddhi insist that jewellery is a part of the life of every married woman. Rajvir threatens to walk out but Manjari makes Urvashi remove her expensive jewellery. Urvashi stands there with a sad face. Rajvir keeps using English words. Rajvir tells Urvashi to spend a simple life for the coming 7 days. She wont wear any jewellery. You will have to walk around the house 5 times to make up for the mistake you just committed. You will have to be in the posture of the tapasya. Siddhi guides her. Urvashi complies. Siddhi and Rajvir smile at each other. Everyone’s eyes are pinned on Urvashi as she starts her punishment. As soon as she completes her rounds, Rajvir advises her to walk around her husband while taking rounds. Rajvir sprinkles some water on her and keeps chanting mantras. Urvashi falls down. She asks for a 10 minute break. I am really hungry. I will then do whatever you will say. She begins to go when he tells her he isn’t so heartless. Food is your next task / test. She will have to cook her own food for the next 7 days. She will have to cook food outside in the garden on the stove made with fresh cow dung.

Urvashi brings cow dung. Everyone stands nearby as she starts making the traditional stove. Siddhi guides her as to how to use cow dung to make a good stove. Urvashi makes faces as she picks the cow dung. Siddhi keeps giving her her insights. Vin asks his father why all this is necessary. Shankar tells him that it is for his safety. I cannot take any risk for you. Rajvir asks everyone to go. Urvashi will cook food and join you guys on the table herself. Everyone leaves one by one. Urvashi shouts at them helplessly.

Urvashi has made burnt chapattis. Rajvir burps as he drinks juice. He tells Urvashi that fruit juice freshens up body and gives strength. Siddhi compliments the food intentionally. Urvashi is tempted. I am doing so much for Vin since morning while she is eating Dal Makhani happily. Vin gets up upset. Shankar asks him what happened. Vin says my wife is eating burnt food and everyone wants me to eat. I wont be able to eat this food! Urvashi smiles at Siddhi. Rajvir excuses himself for a while. It is time to rest. We will resume the ritual later. Everyone leaves from the table one by one.

Siddhi is cooking. She is hurt by Vin’s words. She burns her finger by mistake. Prachi was passing by and rushes to her side. Siddhi is lost in her own world. Prachi asks her what has happened to her. Siddhi says Vin hasn’t eaten since morning. I wonder what the need to give up food for that drama girl is! I can see him getting extra sympathetic for her! Prachi calms her down. This will pass. Let’s give this to Vin. You have made it for him right? Siddhi knows he wont eat it if she will take it for him. She calls out to Raghu Bhaiya.

Vin is doing exercise. Raghu keeps his shake and poha on the table. Vin is surprised to see poha. He smells it wondering who has made it. He smiles as it is onion poha.

Vin comes downstairs holding the bowl of poha. He asks Siddhi if she has sent it. She nods. He says you were worried as I dint eat anything downstairs, right. She looks at him.

Precap: Siddhi decides to break Urvashi’s support system. Siddhi, Prachi and Rajvir mix something in the food. Rajvir keeps 7 plates in a step by step manner. He asks her to walk through them. Make sure you leave none and the water does not spill. She is feeling dizzy and asks him what if that something happens. Rajvir replies that she will have to leave the house in that case.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Good episode…? Rajbir baba rocked today…?? When the truth of Urvashi will reveal in front of Vinayak,he may get hospitalize due to heart attack…???see today episode that shows how much he concern about his fake biwi/biwi no.2.??
    I think the last scene is a dream or if it’s true he will throw the bowl…??

  2. Waiting for tomorrow episode…? hope Siddhi will succeed in her plan…???

  3. I bet vin is gonna throw that food made by siddhi down on the floor in front of her… 🙁

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