Shakti 10th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer stoops low and fails Harman’s plan

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Shakti 10th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya asking Harman why is he taking her. Just then Soumya sees a lady talking to her lady and telling that a chudail is behind her. The girl comes to Soumya running and asks her to make her mum understand, says she won’t let her go anywhere, and tells that she wants to stay with her sister. Harman hopes Soumya remembers her memory. She stops the lady and asks her to let her play with family. Lady says how to make you understand, her father and Dadi are his enemies. Sameer thinks Harman is recreating Soumya’s childhood so that she gets her memory back, and appreciates him. Shanno gives tea to Varun and goes to give it to Veeran. Harak Singh thinks he has to enter his own house as a thief, as he has to take the papers. He apologizes to God and enters. Harman and Soumya are walking

on the road. Some goons come infront of them and try to take Soumya’s bangles. Soumya takes out the knife and attacks the goons. Harman also beats the goons. The goons are of Sameer and he collides with Soumya intentionally so that she hurts her hand. He scolds Harman for giving knife in her hand and takes Soumya from there. He comes back to Harman and tells that he is enjoying fighting with other lover. He tells that today he failed his plan. Harman says Soumya you must have heard all. Sameer is shocked and turns, but she is not there. Harman tells that real lover doesn’t get afraid and says Soumya will come to know who is truthful and who is liar until then keep lying.

Harak Singh comes to his room and searches for the papers. He thinks where did Varun keep the papers? Varun comes and claps and tells that a man becomes a thief when he loses everything and taunts him. Veeran says I am very sad to see your condition. Shanno says I am very happy to see their condition, as I remember my days and their taunts. Varun says you will not get the papers. Veeran says I am thinking to lock you in the Servant quarters, to remind you of your status. Harak Singh slaps him hard and says this slap is your value and you have no value other than this. Shanno asks him to be in his limits. Harak Singh says I don’t raise my hand on the woman. Veeran gets angry. Harak Singh says tiger is a tiger even if he gets old and monkey is always monkey. He says nobody can challenge me, and says I have done favor on many, but never asked for anyone favors. He says you will end. Veeran fumes in anger. Harak Singh leaves.

Sameer bandages Soumya’s hand and says half day ended of 2nd day. Soumya says why did Harman get ghungroo melted and made kataar from it. Sameer says he wants to make you realize that you are a kinnar. Soumya says what he wants from me. Sameer says he insulted you before, and must be thinking to accept you as become great to get the medal. He goes to get water for Soumya. Harman comes there and says sorry to Soumya. Soumya asks him to go and says you don’t care about my wound, and calls him Jolly. Harman says I am Harman and says I did this so that you remember everything. Sameer keeps water in the glasss and add medicine, says once Soumya drinks it, she will sleep. Soumya tells Harman that she can’t give him anything. She asks him not to waste his time on her. Harman says I just need my Gulabo. Sameer comes out and gives water to her. He gives her medicine and asks her to end her drama chapter. Soumya takes medicine with the drugged water and goes to room. Sameer asks him to go.

Raavi asks Preeto if she thinks Kishan Lal will come. Preeto says Kishan Lal is very greedy and don’t leave any chance. Kishan Lal comes to meet Preeto. Preeto says you are 4th owner of Harak Singh’s property and when Harman comes to know this, then he will show your value to you. Kishan Lal says are you trying to scare me. Preeto says no, we are telling the truth and asks him to take the wise decision. She says we have deal for you.

Sameer strikes 2 days on the calender. Harman comes there and hears him saying just 8 days are left. Harman asks where is Soumya? Sameer tells him that she is tired and sleeping because of your fake challenge. Harman goes to room and tries to wake her up. Sameer asks him not to touch his would be wife. Harman warns him and asks Soumya to get up. Sameer laughs. Harman lifts Soumya in his arms and says Soumya is my wife and will always be my wife.

Harman shows their pics to Soumya. Soumya says these pics are real, but this is not me. She tells that this sindoor and mangalsutra is not hers and burns the pics.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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