Shubharambh 5th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Mihir blackmails Rani

Shubharambh 5th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rani telling Mihir that his ego must be angering him that a girl rejected him. Mihir says you can’t make fun of my love and say bad words for it. Rani slaps him and asks how dare you? She says I am today’s girl and has the quality to change this world. Mihir says Rani, you are my life, obsession and love, I can do anything for you. He says you will forget Raja, we will go away from here. Rani pushes and tells that she came to get Raja’s file and will get it. Mihir says you wants Raja’s file and opens his shirt button. Rani asks him to stay in his limits. Mihir asks her to take it. Rani sees reports inside his shirt, stuck with his packet. Mihir says I want to see your strength, come and take Raja’s file.

Rani walks towards him and takes the file. Mihir takes her towards the wall and says this is the file before the operation and tells that if she wants Raja’s files after the operation then reach the hotel at 11 pm. I want to see what are the limits which you can cross for Raja, being today’s girl. He says you had slapped me many years ago and asks her to come there. She asks why are you doing this? He says nobody shall know and I will wait for you at 11 pm. He jumps and falls on bed. Darshana thinks why Rani is taking so much time. Just then Asha comes there and looks at Rani, coming out of Mihir’s room. Mihir comes out with his shirt open. Asha asks Rani why did she go to Mihir’s room at night. Rani tells that Mihir wanted to watch movie and asked for popcorn, so she had gone to give it to him. Mihir tells that he wanted to have popcorn and that’s why asked Rani. Darshana takes Asha from there. Rani thinks whatever I am doing is to save my Raja, once he gets fine, then I will tell everything to you.

Rani comes to the hospital and talks to the doctor. She tells that she will give him file in a day. Ward boys are taking Raja from there and calls Mihir seeing Rani. Mihir asks him to leave from there with the patient. Rani walks towards there. her dupatta get stuck in Mihir’s finger. Ward boy sees that and frees her dupatta. He covers Raja’s face and says sorry. Rani thinks why am I feeling strange and goes to the ward. She finds him missing and gets shocked to see everything missing. She asks Nurse where is her husband? Nurse tells that he is shifted to some other hospital on Mihir’s orders. Rani recollects and realizes Raja was on the stretcher. She runs out and gets Rani’s message, that he has changed Raja’s hospital and will decide what to do about him after she reaches the hospital. She calls Mihir and asks him to shift Raja back to the same hospital. Mihir says you are today’s girl, if you tell anything to anyone then think that Raja’s files is still with me. Rani cries.

Mihur serves food to Kirtida and Gunvant. Kirtida gets happy and asks him to eat it too. Asha comes and asks what are you doing here? She asks Mihir to stay away from them. Mihir tells that they are also family and tells that Rani asked him to take them out. Asha couldn’t believe it and thinks she will scold Rani when she comes there. Rani comes there. Asha says Mihir said that you asked him to take them out and asks how she can do this? She says until my Raja gets fine, I can’t bear them. Rani thinks how to make mummy ji understand and thinks if I say anything against Mihir then don’t know what he would do with Raja. She tells Asha that whatever Mihir did was right and there is no danger to Raja from Mota Pappa and Moti Mamma. Kirtida takes plate from Asha’s hands. Asha says then Raja has danger with whom? Rani says sometimes we we see is not actually there, and tells that they have to face the problems. Asha asks her to tell clearly. Rani says Raja is shifted to other hospital and his next operation will be done there. Mihir says he got him shifted thinking precautionary measures. Asha asks why? Mihir says now it is in your hands to make Raja fine.

Precap: Mihir blackmails Rani. Asha follows Rani as she goes to the hotel at night. Mihir shows her Raja’s video. Rani gets ready to do anything to save Raja.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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