Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 5th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Vansh reveals the truth

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 5th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riddhima saying Ragini you are safe now, I will protect you from the devil. Kabir thinks are you protected from the devil or are you going to the devil, Riddhima doesn’t know it. Vansh angrily kicks things in the room. Angre comes and asks where did Ragini go. He shouts to nurse. Nurse comes. Vansh scolds her. He asks her to tell him who has come here, whom did she see. The nurse says I don’t know anything, I heard some sound, someone kept chloroform napkin on my face, I didn’t see anyone. Angre asks how can this happen. Vansh says my hardwork of 3 years got waste, you know the meaning, we lost Ragini. Angre asks who has come here. Vansh recalls Riddhima.

Vansh calls Ishani. Ishani says she is high fever, she is taking rest. Vansh asks did you see her. He shouts. He takes his gun and says I know who did this. Riddhima says we have risked our lives to get Ragini, Kabir promise me, you will take care of Ragini, I m trusting you, nothing should happen to her. He says you don’t need to ask for my promise, Ragini is my responsibility now, I promise I won’t let anything happen to her. He holds her hand. He smiles.

He says you don’t need to go back to VR mansion, your mission is fulfilled. She says no, its not fulfilled, I don’t know how I fell in love with a devil, Vansh has to give me answers, the moment I get my answers, I will leave VR mansion forever. Kabir says okay. She thanks him and says I m sorry, I know I have hurt you a lot, maybe I deserved this. He says Riddhima, its not your mistake, you don’t deserve any punishment, Vansh deserves it, you trusted him, he broke your trust, he deserves it, his plans are failing, he couldn’t keep Ragini, humanity and goodness have won, we won. She nods. He thinks its enough that I have Ragini with me, humanity, goodness, you can’t imagine what I will do with her, just I won, you and Vansh became fools and lost. He takes Ragini from the car. Riddhima drives ahead. Kabir lies Ragini on the sofa. He smiles. He calls Anupriya and says mom, congrats, I have Ragini. She asks what, seriously, superb Kabir, I have stopped everyone from coming to Riddhima’s room. She thinks this nurse shouldn’t get up. She hits on nurse’s head. She says Kabir, I m sure Riddhima will come back, I have to leave from here, what will you do with Ragini. He says what she deserves. He injects Ragini and says thanks for coming into the private hell. Vansh comes home. Riddhima hides and looks on. She says thank God, Vansh didn’t see me, he will go to the room, how will I reach there.

Ishani says thank God, I got the room’s duplicate key, I will find out, if Riddhima is there or someone else. Anupriya stops her. She asks what’s your problem, don’t disturb Riddhima. Ishani says you always do this, why do you worry for Riddhima. Anupriya says stay away from this. Ishani says no, Vansh asked me to check, you stay away, let me do my work. She takes the key and says you are behaving strange. Vansh comes and says stop it you two. Ishani says I was going to check the room. Vansh asks for keys. Anupriya says you got hurt, I will do your bandage. He says I have to fix something first. She gives the keys. She thinks I have stopped him as much as I could, Riddhima didn’t reach, now he will know. Vansh checks and shouts she isn’t here. He thinks Riddhima what you did today, you will get punished. Riddhima comes from the bathroom. Vansh says you… you were in bathroom. Riddhima recalls entering the window and apologizing to the nurse. She asks nurse to leave fast. She sends nurse by the window. FB ends. She says yes, why are you seeing me like this, I came out of bathroom. Anupriya says Vansh, I will do your bandage. Anupriya and Ishani go.

Vansh stares at Riddhima. She sees his bleeding knee. He walks towards Riddhima. She gets back. She asks what happened. She thinks did he know anything, why is he staring this way. He gets the dry leaf from her hair. He asks how did you get this leaf in your hair, you were resting in the room all day, right. She says I didn’t get sleep, I stood at the window to have some air. He checks and says I heard you got fever and then it went. She says doctor gave injection, I feel better now. He asks why not, everything got fine, right, you got what you wanted, right, come. She asks where are you taking me.

He takes her to the grave. She thinks maybe he knows that I have disappeared Ragini, does he want to bury me in this grave. He asks her to come. He pushes her inside. She falls and gets tensed. He says I have dug this grave for one who deserved it, now I feel someone else deserves it more than that person. She thinks its okay, if this is the price of saving an innocent life, then I accept it. She sits down and closes eyes. Vansh says don’t close eyes, Riddhima open your eyes and see who deserves to go inside this grave. He gives his hand to her. She holds his hand. He brings her out.

She asks who. He says its the person standing in front of you, yes Riddhima, I m the person who should be buried alive, I m a big criminal, I m culprit of my mum, I promised my mum that I will punish her murderers, today I lost the only means to reach the murderer. She asks what, was your mum murdered. He says yes, she didn’t die by illness, she was brutally murderer, you know who was that only means to reach the murderer, Ragini. She gets shocked.

He says just she knew who is my mum’s killer, so since 3 years, I had fought to keep her alive. She says it means you didn’t kill Ragini. He says no, why will I kill the person who could have helped me, I pointed gun at her. FB shows Vansh scolding Ragini and asking her to answer, was she with him for money. Ragini says yes, its true, trust me, there is another truth, which I want to tell you. He says you cheated me, you knew I loved you, you did this with me. She says no, I didn’t cheat you. He pushes her down and says you know I hate lies, there is nothing left now. She says no, don’t kill me, forgive me. Vansh points gun at her. FB ends.

Riddhima thinks I had seen in footage, it means he is saying the truth, what happened. He says bullet was shot. She asks did you shoot. He says no, I wanted to kill her, I pointed gun at her, but I couldn’t do, because I m not a criminal, I can’t murder anyone. She thinks did I misunderstand him. He thinks that too of the person whom I loved. FB shows Ragini getting shot. Vansh gets shocked and says who shot the bullet. FB ends. Riddhima asks who shot the bullet. Anupriya says I had shot the first bullet. Kabir smiles. She sees Ragini and says she thinks she is very smart, she was dreaming to control me. She recalls… Anupriya thinks why isn’t Vansh shooting Ragini, I had provoked him so much. Ragini says I was after money before, but I really love you, there is another truth, I want to tell you. He asks what will you tell me, you broke my trust. She says you will trust me. Anupriya shoots her. FB ends. Vansh cries seeing Riddhima.

Precap: Vansh cries saying maybe he won’t be able to give justice to his late/heavenly mother. He falls on the ground and gets hurt on his forehead. He’s unconscious and falls in the grave. Wind is blowing. Leaves start covering him up. Riddhima says she won’t let anything happen to him. Everything happened because of her. She tells him to open his eyes.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Oww.. Vansh is hurt,😞truth of anupriya and kabir were going to be revealed through ragini but riddhima spoiled by hiding ragini.. I wish vansh get ragini soon or riddhima save her from kabir’s clutches.. And I want riddhima to know kabir’s true face

    1. Yaar, we need to wait for at least 55 episodes ahead. They reveal every secret in 50 manners only.🙁

  2. Well we’ll. Things are starting to clear up FINALLY🙄. But there is some lie. Vansh can kill someone. He killed Neha so he isn’t innocent. He’s also involved in mafia business. But otherwise, I’m happy that the story after 100 episodes are starting to move up. Hope it goes I’ll speed ahead after this. Helly said we should expect a big revelation in the next 7-10 days. It’s either relating to Siya or Kabir

    1. Cop Neha’s murder will framed as an accident only. They will portray Vansh to be a good habitual Gentleman and Kills the story.😌
      Still, there are so many things left with no sense about Ragini. I guess soon it will be cleared.

  3. omg….i dont know what to say whether I am sad or happy the only think I really hope is that ridhu should find and snach ragini from kabir for vansh as everything is in front of her eyes
    and I also wish she dont say these to kabir …
    I m really confused should I justify her action (because of her action to save an innocent life acc to her) or hate her for not trusting her
    just poring my thoughts ..lets wait for the precap

  4. Stupid riddhima…. after watching this episode…. I feel like … riddhima jab pyar Kiya hi tha tho thoda aur Bharosa karlethi…. vansh par…..& 7th Nov promo… MAHA PRATHIGYA… Like seriously…. pehle khud ragini ko dushman k pass chod aoo … phr use khudhi unse bachane bhi jaooo….. stupidity crossed all the levels …..😡😡

    1. Meaning?

    2. First thing: It’s the real fault of the makers, not Ridhima.
      Second thing: If we hadn’t seen the dark shade of Kabir, do you blame her actions?

  5. Ohh noo!!! What a revelation
    Im crying 😭

    1. Noorjannat

      Me too,man

  6. Woh man,so Vansh’s mom was murdered by anu and kabir….and like riddhima,ragini also fell in love with vansh…what if ragini gets fine and returns back to vansh..whom will vansh choose..
    And now when the truth is finally out,Riddhima is gonna regret badly….just waiting to know what’s gonna happen next…how is vansh going to deal with the situation… interesting very interesting.

  7. If Vansh isn’t a criminal then how did that cop Neha die? Who killed Sathe and why? What will happen now to Ragini? Will she die?
    Three cheers to Riddhima. Now I am thrilled.

    1. Vansh doesn’t murder Mr. Satte. It had shown in that episode, he had told Ridhima too.

    2. He neither killed sathe nor cop….it was part of Kabir’s plan to trap vansh and make riddhima believe it…..

  8. vansh said he is not criminal lol he killed neha in the first episode
    he should be punished for killing cop
    but don’t no there are no transparency in the plot’s
    he should have said this to riddhima first but no he said he is gonna finish her that’s why she has taken that step.
    there is lack of communication everywhere

  9. Awesome yaar
    What a drama going here.I mean every time riddhima goes wrong.
    I think this time atleast she should trust Vansh.Anyway I think he also can tell the truth to riddhima before right??
    He is the one who started to act like a criminal.And then a totally different character loving and caring.If he was staedy on a one character such a situation will not happen.

  10. Ahhhhhh😑…Waise she deserves to be in that grave for a hell lot of things till now..But not this..How can she decide whom to trust when Vansh juss continues to give her negative character vibes😒…& her well known habit of poking nose into each& evrything which is somehow correct as per her spy wla character adds to all of it…🤐
    But ya Vansh could hv told her that wayy b4 if he can tell her now🤔(then she would hv definitely helped him evn if this is not truu) but nay…y would he? He loves giving challenges evn when it’s about his mother’s justice, ryt🥴? Intelligency at it’s peak😕..He could hv given her double does it evn matter when the whole thing revolves about justice to his mother..
    So basically his mother decieved him or not? Or he self-pressumed it & later got his mother’s body..& now he is a criminal or not?
    But out of all the confusing things..wtt confuses me the most r the intentions of this mother-son duo..wth do they want exactly🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
    Kabir could hv directly told her about Ragini & could hv made that as her mission if all he aspired was that since the start…I doubt Vansh would hv trusted Ragini if she had took Anupriya’s name as per how he trusts her now….But let’s c what happens nxt..uff
    👏👏 Just bcz the precap was not a dream..I hv had enough of them…😶

  11. Oh no 😭😭 sad episode but glad that at least Riddhima is not doubting him again. I want Ragini chapter to khatam it is getting annoying now

  12. @Ravi let’s wait until Ragini comes back as Vansh’s lover and the things to spice up for Riddhima.

  13. The first time something scary on precap doesn’t turn out to be a dream. ITS CELEBRATION TIME🥂 series is improving.
    I’m excessively Idyllic half of my prediction comes to be the real plot 😊😊. I can write a thriller now😂. Ragini proved to be brighter than Ridhima. At least she came to know about them and was blackmailing Anupriya. And what was Ridhima doing supporting them?
    Now only her brain came after having an excursion in Goa. 😠😠

  14. OMG!!! What an episode. It’s really supeb! Amazing! Fantastic!
    No one can expect this twist, it’s really incredible. Writers take a lot of time to reveal ragini truth, we were thinking that y you were lagging but you guys made a blast. No words…..
    Vansh get hurted infact he had broken. This made me so disappointed. I am really worried about vansh. And Thank you ridhu at last you realised that vansh is innocent pls don’t do any stupidity next time.

    1. I’ve replied you in previous episode.

  15. Riansh Lover

    Oh man…hes trusting riddhim….i was so exicted when i saw the promo

  16. It’s not riddhima mistake
    It’s vansh, how he was behaving badly with her. How couldshe not doubt?

  17. Our vansh😭😭. Riddhima you spoil can’t understand anyone.comeon now you can start your misunderstanding,spy work and responsibilities

  18. One thing I forgot. Why did Kabir tell to Riddhima that mission is fulfilled? The mission was to send Vansh to jail, wasn’t it?
    I didn’t like it that the makers connected Anupriya to Uma’s death. It would have been better if they ended up Anupriya and Kabir’s character and then introduced new character, new story relating to Vansh’s parents death. It would feel fresh.

    1. Kabir is the male lead and how will they end his story so soon????

  19. Riddhu bird brain.cant she think why he needs to save ragini for 3 years,so it is definitely hiding her from enemies.riddhu don’t deserve vansh ,she should leave the mansion.ragini atleast little brainy.

  20. Finally we know that vansh is innocent 😊😊🤗🤗 n ridhu spoilled everything 😏

  21. everything is ok but y did vansh push ridhima first and then he changed and also who is the another person helping vansh if it was siya then y vansh appointed ridhima as physiotherapist when she can walk he is not telling the whole truth so can anyone answer my question pls

    1. yes exactly. i feel it is siya but for this reason that you mentioned also if it become siya then Vansh is surely up to somrthing and again for this reason maybe that person is ishani although i don’t know if she is why angre doesn’t know it. from this and your first line i think Vansh is realy doing something and maybe he didn’t tell all the truth in today episode

  22. I forgot to mention
    All VR fans dont hate me but I’m forced to think
    Vansh is really a psychic character. He told everyone his Mom cheated upon him and left them. Today revealed her to be brutally murdered by someone. Likewise, he said to everyone Ragini died and was secretively taking care of her. And made a statue of both and placed in a secret room where nobody is allowed claiming the duo to be traitors.
    Does anyone tells me whats the sense here???

    1. I have a clarification.
      Vansh’s mom was gone when he was a child as Anupriya said. Vansh thpught her mom is a traitor but maybe when Ragini was shot, she murmured something about his mother and tried to said that his mother was actually murdered but couldn’t tell the killer’s name and fainted. Vansh wanted to know the name and that’s why she kept Ragini alive. Maybe that time he made a promise to himself that he’ll avenge his mom.
      Vansh made the statue of his mom before knowing she was murdered and Ragini actually cheated on him.
      According to dadi Vansh only makes statues of those, who cheats him.

      Vansh need to fake Ragini’s death bcz he believed that someone might kill her if he/she gets to know Ragini is alive and Vansh won;t be able to know the killer’s name.
      Vansh also claimed his mom as a cheater bcz he believes that there’s someone in the house who is behind all this and he wanted to find out the culprit by hiding the truth. If he tells the truth then the killer will surely understand that Ragini is alive and try to kill her again.
      That’s why Vansh needed to fake these.
      Otherwise,,we’ve seen how much he loves her mom.

    2. You had valid points but I think their is some other story behind this. Lets wait and see what’s going to happen next.
      Pls read my replies in previous episode.

    3. I don’t think making statue of ppl who betrayed(so that some other become curious & can pose as a threat for their such a long mission) can never make sense at all..But finally evn if they hv a proper convo then evrything can be ended there itself..
      So it’s juss a story..They hv continue it frwd anyhow..
      But still they juss xtended Ragini’s track for so longg..

    4. @Riya preserve your full story inside you then one day when everything is spoiled spill the beans. That’s what serials do!
      If they’d cleared the misunderstandings before between RIANSH, then how could they drag it till now?
      That’s the stupid mindset in every serial of the writers.

      And about making statutes of traitors he wants to prove that he wants to hate the traitors till the end of his life and by mistake if he forgets to hate them, he’ll see the statue and remember to hate again..😂😂😂😂

      If it was me, I’d chose to make the traitor a statue. Zinda statue bana deti main.. Aur bhi jyada psychopath hota tab..😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

    5. I was going to post the exact same question about Uma. But @Tonni you’ve explained well regarding this.

    6. @den
      Ithink Vansh suspects that someone from the palace killed his mother, so he does not trust them, especially after the attempt to kill Ragini

    7. @tonni Super explanation👍

    8. I think they will surely show Vansh or Kabir as Riddhima’s phycho lover

    9. @tonni
      Your clarification was excellent, but still, there are so many loopholes to be fixed. I’m wishing in coming episodes I’ll be getting my answer.

    10. @riya
      Tv series is always presenting as a circle in a spiral. Here our IMMJ2 crew is making so many backup plans move the story forward even if one ends. Like of Ragini, His maa, AnuBir, His Dads death, shadows appear sometimes………… Even AnuBir’s story is still to be revealed. why they are doing so

      Vansh is making statues of people who deceived or cheated him to recall their doings till his last breath so that he never falls into a similar trap again.

    11. @Rajnandini
      Lets wait N watch dear.

  23. I feel like getting a mallet and hitting the makers on the head one by one was it too hard for vansh to open up to ridhu?Anyway,on the bright side,Ragini is gone I was tired of hearing that name for so long.Also,I feel that from now,ridhu will doubt kabir.Fingers crossed

    1. I think rudhu will go look for raging…and that is where labIr will show his true form to ridhu

  24. Vansh isn’t the protagonist. Never.
    He’s cooking up something. There’s gonna be a blast when his plan comes out. Wait for it.
    Riddhima again vowing to God that she’ll bring back Ragini..LOL!!!!
    Why man!!!She knows Kabir is a good guy and he’ll take good care of Ragini..I mean that’s what Riddhima think and now that she know’s Ragini’s importance she’ll just simply ask for Ragini from Kabir.
    Why that taking vow that she’ll bring back Ragini whatever it takes when according to her it’s easy to get her back?
    Again loophole!!!
    If Riddhima is really honest enough, she should’ve told her full story to Vansh. But I guess she won’t do it bcz they need show that Vansh finding out later about Riddhima and then the hate-divorce drama starts.
    Pathetic storyline going on now.. Only good thing about the show is acting of the lead roles and others except Anupriya. She can’t make her acting natural. Her expressions are good but her way of delivering dialogs is aweful. Feels like plastic..

    1. @ tonni Thum hamesha loopholes kyu dekthae yaar…😞
      Aaj Ka episode last Mae kithna accha thaa…. Just enjoy the moments.
      Vaisae bee Aaj comment karnaemae kyu late huva. Sab sae first comment karnae aadhmi Aaj comment kyu Nahi likae bolkae, am thinking about it
      Vaisae mere question ko javab Nahi diyae Kya iss Baar.

    2. @M maat batana yaar!!kal se meri phn ki battery mein prblm, laptop ki charger mein prblm,saath hi saath I had 3 exams..😑😑😑😑
      My life was like a hell yesterday. I didn’t reply you or even checked the page bcz I needed to save some charges in laptop for my exams.
      At night, I just wrote comments with 4% charge in my laptop and now it’s dead also.

    3. yes tonni.there is some loophole in story that because of them i think Vansh is up to something and maybe didn’t tell all the truth or among saying truth he also planning.(for example why Vansh told Riddhima that he wants to take big step at 4 i means why gave all information about time because he can’t guarantee that Riddhima won’t spoil his plan) i don’t know that these are loophole or writers wrote story in this way without think about it.

    4. @Tonni
      I agree with you

  25. Vansh loves ridhima way too much i mean he easily forgave her so many times . I think ragini will not get too much screen space cause she is not that much good in acting. But i fear for that moment when ridhima’s truth including her hand in ragini’s kidnapping will come out .

  26. Now what will riddhima do when kabeer will kill ragini. How will she rectify her mistakes.

  27. This episode really made me sentimental, I pitied vansh, he was hurt, I cried after watching this episode, something I have never done, I hope Riddhima learns the truth about Kabir and bring back ragini to vansh if Kabir haven’t killed her yet

  28. Why couldn’t Vansh disclose this truth to Riddhima earlier? Had he done that, Ragini would have been safe. God knows what that evil Kabir would do with Ragini now.
    So according to this, it seems that Anu got Uma murdered. And I think Aryan and his dad got Vansh’s dad murdered.

    1. I don’t think aryan and his father killed vansh’s dad..according to vansh,ragini knows the name of person who murdered his mom..and aryan was worried about the chip having ragini and Vansh’s recording… he’s somehow related to ragini and his mom’s murder

  29. What do you guys think? Is in the event that Vansh revealed the truth about Redhima and reached Ragini and knew that she was blackmailing Anubria, he will move away from Redho or not

    1. I think time. Vash will believe…because anu burned vash mother’s painting………😊😊😊

  30. Everyone saying why didn’t vansh disclose the truth to ragini, vansh was potray in the story as someone who doesn’t trust people, u guys should know he would only learn to trust her little by little and you know he believes Rhidimma is hiding something so he wouldn’t just reveal a top secret like that and moreover he doesn’t know who is who except for Dadi who I think is involve in all this plans and I think kabir is getting jealous.

    1. kabir is not that type charecter. He is psychic. He might have feelings for Ridhima, not understanded yet.

      Now only I read your comment on the previous WU. I’m glad to know my comment made somebody Laugh. It’s not a small thing yaar. 🥰😋😊
      You are encouraging me to write humor now.

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