Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 6th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Kat’s modelling assignment is cancelled

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 6th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kat’s siblings discussing about Kat’s modelling and her stay in Mumbai. They don’t like Kat’s decision. Mallika says Kat should have not spoken to dad that way. Kat calls Kamlesh and says he isn’t answering me again. Kamlesh comes and says sorry, I got late. She says you have become lazy in just few days, stay away, I m sitting here since a long time. He flirts with her. He says you are showing me big mirror, I m your fan, I m just walking behind you. She says you can see, if you leave, someone else will come to assist me. He gets sad. She scolds him a lot. He says I will go, I will see who comes, you have totally changed. She says you asked me to change, you asked me not to get friendly with common people, if you want this job, then sit quietly.

Mallika and other siblings have burger at the food stall. Mallika says we have to hide and eat what we like, just take the burp here and go home, else everyone will know it, just enjoy it. They miss Dadi. Happu and Rajjo come there. Mallika says actually we are not here. Happu asks what’s happening here. Rajjo asks what, are you not ashamed, get two spicy burger for us. They think Rajjo is testing them. Rajjo scolds Chamki.

The man gives Kat’s tickets. He says she will be flying to Mumbai tomorrow. Kat gets happy to get famous. Rajjo asks what is this ad. Kat asks is this cosmetics ad, since my skin is very glowing. The man says let me be clear, its a health product ad, we will show a hunger stricken girl first and then a healthy girl, it has catchy line also. Mallika says I pity the girl whom they will show as the hunger stricken girl. Rajjo says yes, her career will be over. The man says no. Kat says we will recommend her everywhere. The man says that won’t be needed. Chamki says Kat’s heart is big. Kat asks who is doing that role. The man says you are doing the role of that poor beggar girl. They get shocked. He says when I saw you having momos, I felt you look poor, you looked like a beggar, someone who is hungry since ages. Kat asks what, are you calling me a beggar, ask my dad how much food I get everyday in my house. Happu says yes, I get rabdi every night to feed the kids. The man says she doesn’t look healthy. Rajjo says I didn’t know Kat will get such a bad role. Kat asks the man to get out of her house, she will not do this ad, how can he call her poor. He says calm down, shooting starts tomorrow. She cries. Happu scolds the man.

The man says insane family… He runs out. Happu hugs Kat and consoles her. He says you will get many ads, calm down, I will go to Mumbai with you and get good work for you, calm down, I promise. Kat says I m sorry. He asks why, just calm down. She says I m not saying sorry for all this, you don’t come to Mumbai with me, you care for me, I have insulted you and mum, my siblings also, I will not become a model now. Happu hugs her. Rajjo says don’t cry, we parents don’t have bad feelings for children, you have realized your mistake, its most imp, don’t fly high. Mallika says once I become a police officer, I will shut down that man’s ad agency. Kamlesh comes and says I have rejoined, sorry Kat. They start laughing.

Happu goes to Benny. Benny says I have resigned from job. Happu asks why. Benny says I will also go Mumbai with you, I will have a destination wedding there. Happu says I m not going to Mumbai, I was helpless for your love, I have torn the tickets by my hands, we will be here. Benny calls Sharma ji and says its me, Benny Prasad, LLB, did you appoint anyone in my place, I m coming back, I will be much loyal to you, listen to me, Sir… He cries. Happu holds his head.

Rajjo gets decked up in red saree. She sings a song and waits for the moon. Happu comes and says don’t take tension. She says you forgot Karwachauth today. He says sorry, Manohar met me on the day, he asked me to guide him to buy gift for his wife. She says learn from the constable, you have a beautiful wife. He says I have given all the children as gift. She says that’s not gift. She sees the moon and does the rituals. He gifts her an anklet. She says its really beautiful, I m proud of you, I want to kiss you. He says you can kiss me, who stopped you, wear the anklet. She says make me wear it. He makes her wear it. She says I didn’t know you love me so much, I wish you always become my husband in all births.

Benny says Sunita is your childhood love, you liked her a lot. Happu says you refreshed the memories. Benny asks why did you keep the love letters, its dangerous.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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