Shubharambh 3rd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Rani gifts a mirror to Mihir with a motive

Shubharambh 3rd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mihir seeing Rani standing in the mirror and says what kind of magic is this, wherever I see, I find you. Rani is standing in reality and asks did you say something? Mihir says how come mirror came here. Rani says she thought to bring this gift for him, she couldn’t call his wife here, so thought to do something for you. Mihir asks really and says I never thought about this. She says I always thought wrong about you since childhood and that’s why she thought to give him this gift, Rani finds a watch there and asks why it is stopped. She asks shall I get it repaired if you say. Mihir says ok. Rani asks him to get ready for breakfast and says everyone is waiting. Mihir asks her to go and says he will come. Rani says ok and asks blue suits you well. Mihir gets surprised and thinks to wear blue shirt. Rani sees him from outside and thinks to check Raja’s medical report.

Kesha comes to Utsav and thanks him for supporting her. She says I know that mummy ji is still upset with you. Utsav tells that he has taken her responsibility and will fulfill it, it is just name sake for me. Kesha thinks it is more than that. Mihir comes to Asha and asks how is she? Asha asks about Raja’s operation. Mihir says first he will check him and if everything goes as planned then he will operate on Raja very soon. Rani brings something and gives to Mihir, says she made it specially for him for this big day. Mihir asks what big day? Rani says today you are examining Raja.

Kirtida tells Gunvant that she has became thin. Gunvant asks her to stop her nonsense. Rani comes there and brings something. Kirtida asks what you have brought, you will be sin? Rani says you have to suffer because of your doings. She says she is just protecting her Raja. Later she kneads the flour and tells to get reports from Mihir by midnight. Her phone rings. She sees Mihir coming there and gets worried, thinks if it is Dr. Kamal’s call. She walks to get it. Mihir takes her phone and gives to Rani. Rani talks to Dr. Kamal and tells that she wil get it by evening. After the call ends, Mihir asks about the call. She says a friend’s call. Mihir asks her to keep her phone with her.

Kesha hurts her hand while cutting vegetable. Utsav’s mother comes there and applies bandage to her hand. She says you shall do the work you know. Kesha says she can bear pain to win their hearts. She asks for a chance to become good. Utsav’s mother asks why shall I give you a chance? Kesha says nobody taught me what is right and wrong, and asks for a chance. Utsav’s mother says you can’t be my bahu. Utsav comes there and sees Kesha sad.

Rani prays to Shrinath ji to help her. Mihir asks what is she saying? Rani says you will go from here after doing Raja’s operation, I thought bad about you so that’s why I thought to spend sometime with you tonight. Mihir is shocked.

Precap: Rani finds Raja’s report. Mihir claps and asks her to do some hardwork. Rani tells him that she don’t love him. Mihir says you can’t make fun of my love everytime. Rani slaps him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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