Excuse Me Madam 3rd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Chatterjee in trouble for hitting Madam’s father

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Scene 1
Sanam looks at Madam’s blouse. He says she’ll look so good. Kranti calls him. He says hello babyyyy. She says such a long baby. What have you done? Sanam says I am just loving you. Kranti says you must be hiding something. Sanam says I am in the office. She says you are in your car. Sanam says madam asked me to bring a file, I will talk to you later. He ends the call. Kranti talks to Bhaisa and says I have to keep an eye on my husband.

Chatterjee is waiting outside the lift. It opens and he hits Madam’s father thinking it’s Sanam. Madam shouts at him.

The doctor bandages madam’s father’s leg. He tells Madam that he should do bed rest. The doctor leaves. Madam tells Chatterjee how dare you? Sanam says why would you hit her father? Madam’s eye twitches and her fuse go off. she says Janu, I missed you. Chatterjee says my baby. Her father pinches her. Madam gives -3 to Chatterjee.

At the night, Sanam tells Addu about Chatterjee’s incident. Addu says you are lucky. I cry recalling the day I married Amar. Sanam says I am going to Goa with Madam in two days. He imagines dancing with madam on the beach. Bhaisa comes there and respectfully calls Sanam. Sanam says you are so nice today? Bhaisa says you are taking me to Goa right? your daughter in law Mishti is coming too. Sanam says you don’t have a swimming costume. You should find it first. Bhaisa leaves to find it. Kranti comes there so Sanam says I love my wife. Kranti says I am going to Goa with you, I won’t stress you. We will enjoy evenings together while you can work in the morning. She leaves from there.

Scene 2
Chatterjee comes to Jugal and offers him money but he refuses it. He says I could have lost my job. Chatterjee says I can’t let Sanam go with Madam to Goa as he will become GM of the office. We have to stop him.

Sanam is having breakfast and tells Kranti that bad things are happening in the world. Kranti asks if he is having an affair? Sanam says yes, she is very pretty, her name is Kranti. Kranti says no other girl will drool over you at this age. Sanam says all girls drool over me. Kranti says so you look at them? Sanam says I mistakenly look at them. He says a girl got robbed when she was a tourist so you shouldn’t go to Goa. Kranti says I will not wear anything gold. Sanam says but you are a girl and anything can happen. Kranti says okay, I will not go. Sanam thanks her. Kranti thinks he doesn’t know that I am not leaving him so easily.

Chatterjee brings hockey near the lift. Jugal calls on the other side of the lift and sees Sanam coming there. He tells Chatterjee. Madam and her father come to the lift with Sanam. Sanam blesses him and says I hope your other foot remains intact. Madam asks Sanam to bring her sunscreen from the car and test it as you will apply it to me in Goa. Sanam leaves from there. Madam and her father go into the lift. Chatterjee is waiting and hits Madam’s father’s other foot as he gets down from the lift. Madam shouts at him.

PRECAP – Sanam is mesmerized by Madam and imagines her flirting with him in Goa.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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