Is it really love?? (RIANSH) Episode 12: The best couple?

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The episode starts as…..

Riddhima reaches home. She finds Aryan and Sejal waiting for her. Aryan asks her, “Where have you been?” Riddhima says, “I had gone to the orphanage with Vansh.” Sejal says, “Oh Vansh, you and Vansh look really cute together. Even in the farmhouse y’all were together only.” Riddhima says, “So? How does that matter? Even Aryan was with Ishani.” Aryan says, “My case is different. I love her. So if you love Vansh then I can believe that you being with him everytime doesn’t matter.” Riddhima asks them to not talk about it. She goes to her room to complete her pending work. Aryan and Sejal laugh.

In VR mansion,

Sia and Ishani come to Vansh’s room. He’s busy working on his laptop. Sia says, “Ishani, do you know that Riddhima is a really wonderful girl, she’s really talented, she’s pretty as well and she can handle everything really well.” Ishani says, “Yaa. I know. She’s super talented.” Vansh asks, “Why are y’all discussing this in my room?” Sia says, “Bhai! All we want to convey is that, you and Riddhima make the best pair. Moreover, you and Riddhima were together in the farmhouse for the whole time.” Vansh says, “So what? Even Ishani was with Aryan.” Ishani says, “It’s different Bhai! You know I love him.” Sia(in surprise) says, “What?” Ishani realises Sia was also present. Sia says, “Y’all didn’t tell me.” Ishani says, “Sorry. But now the focus is on Riddhima and Bhai.” Sia says, “I don’t care. Why didn’t you tell me?” Ishani says, “I was worried, as how would you react. That’s why. Please forgive me.” Sia says, “Fine. I can’t take the stress of you and Bhai at the same time. So I forgive you.” Vansh says, “Now that y’all are done. Can y’all please go? I have work.” Ishani and Sia leave and come to Ishani’s room. Ishani tells her, “I am going to Riddhima’s house at 06:30 to meet Aryan.” Sia asks her if she could join in. Ishani agrees.

It’s 06:00pm,

Riddhima leaves the house saying she has some important work and would have dinner and come. She goes out and finds Vansh already standing there, waiting for her. They sit in Vansh’s car and go to a calm place. Meanwhile Ishani, Sia and Aryan come to Riddhima’s house. Sejal tells them that Riddhima’s gone out. They sit together and have a talk about the farmhouse incidents. Time passes by; Aryan says, “Let’s have dinner outside today. What do you say?” They agree. They sit in Aryan’s car and drive to a restaurant.

In ‘ L’amour ‘ restaurant,

Vansh and Riddhima enter the restaurant. The manager directs them towards the seat reserved. After a while; Ishani, Sia, Sejal and Aryan also arrive at the same restaurant. Sejal instantly notices Riddhima and Vansh together. She tells it to Sia, Ishani and Aryan. They sit away from the sight of Vansh and Riddhima. Sejal decides to call Riddhima. She calls her. Riddhima answers the call. Sejal says, “Riddhu, where are you?” Riddhima says, “I am out with some work. Why what happened?” Sejal says, “Nothing. I was just missing you. Anyways, you seem busy. I will talk later. Bye.” Sejal hangs the call and tells the rest, “She didn’t confess she is with Vansh.” Ishani says, “Now let me call Bhai.” Aryan says, “No! Wait for five minutes. Otherwise they would doubt us.” Sia says, “Aryan, you are smarter than I thought.” Aryan smiles. They keep staring at them. After five minutes, Ishani calls Vansh and asks him, “Bhai is your meeting over? Vansh says, “No. I am yet to attend it. Do you have some work?” Ishani disagrees and hangs the call. She tells the same to the rest. And all of them go in deep thinking. Meanwhile, Riddhima asks, “Why did you lie to Ishani that you are with me?” Vansh says, “Even you lied to Sejal regarding this. I will tell you on one condition, only if you tell me why you lie?” Riddhima agrees. Vansh says, “I don’t know what’s wrong with Sia and Ishani, they started pairing both of us. So I had to lie because if I told the truth then they would have again started. Now tell me why you lied?” Riddhima gets suspicious and says, “This is exactly the same thing that happened with me today, but instead of Sia and Ishani there were Aryan and Sejal. I wonder what’s going on in their heads.” Vansh says, “I have no idea. Anyways ignore them.” Riddhima says, “Yes. It’s of no use discussing them.” Ishani, Sia and Sejal continue looking at them as they are smiling. Aryan says, “Guys! Chill! Why are we just looking at them? Let them have their free time. We came here to spend time with each other. And they came here to spend time with each other. We will talk about them tomorrow.” Ishani says, “Exactly! Let them have space for themselves.”

Just then the manager stands at the centre and says, “Good evening everyone! I am very happy to say that today our restaurant completed two years and on this special day we have arranged a small game for couples. Since our restaurant is known for couples. The couples can come and dance on the dance floor and the couple which has the best chemistry between themselves will get a small prize from us. So anyone willing?” Riddhima looks at Vansh and jokes, “Vansh, why don’t you and I go?” Vansh takes a minute, gets up from his seat, comes near Riddhima and offers his hand. Riddhima gives her hand in Vansh’s hand and thinks Vansh is pranking as he won’t agree to dance so easily. But Riddhima gets surprised as Vansh takes her on the dance floor. The manager says, “So we have our first couple.” Riddhima continues looking at Vansh and then whispers, “Vansh, I was just joking. I didn’t know you would take it seriously.” Vansh says, “It’s okay. But now we will dance.” Aryan and all are surprised seeing Vansh and Riddhima on the dance floor. After Vansh and Riddhima, many other couples come on the dance floor. They take their positions. (Janam janam song is played). Vansh holds Riddhima close as they are dancing. They share an eye lock while dancing and recalling their moments where they were together and have had fun. The song is over. The dance is stopped but Vansh and Riddhima are still sharing an eye lock and are lost in each other’s eyes. After sometime, they get conscious. The manager takes the mic and says, “Well… I guess we all know who’s the winner. I feel it’s the first come, first served rule. But instead of served it’s won. Hahaha.” Vansh and Riddhima get awkward. Except for Vansh and Riddhima, all couples go and sit. The manager asks Vansh, “Is she your girlfriend?” Vansh gets nervous but gathers confidence to speak. But before he could speak, Riddhima holds his hand and says, “Yes.” The manager says, “Y’all are the best couple and I must say y’all have a sizzling chemistry and this no one would dare to deny.” As Riddhima is holding his hand, Vansh gets more confident and says, “Please tell us something we don’t know.” The manager smiles and says, “Sir, there’s a special room which is decorated for the best couple and since it’s y’all, you can go and enjoy your dinner there.” The manager guides them. Sejal and Sia are shocked seeing Vansh and Riddhima like this. Ishani tells Aryan, “If you and I would have gone, we would have been the best couple.” Aryan says, “I feel it would have been a tie. I feel so happy for Riddhu.” They smile.

Riddhima and Vansh go inside. The room is completely filled with heart shaped balloons on the floor. A table at the centre of the room, the surface is covered with red roses, there are scented candles all around and at a low volume romantic song is played as background for them. Riddhima gets a big smile on her face as she sees this. Vansh looks at her smiling and smiles too. They go near the table and find a card kept. Vansh opens it and reads it loud, ‘May you both always be together. May there be no problems in your life. You make the best pair and can fight anything together. To the best couple ever.’ He pulls the chair for Riddhima. Riddhima sits. He asks her, “Why did you lie that you are my girlfriend?” Riddhima says, “We were dancing together. If I would have said ‘No’ I don’t know how the response would have come. Moreover, I feel everybody wanted to hear a ‘yes’. I am sorry for that. But…….” Vansh says, “Chill. The first two lines were enough. I don’t want a detailed explanation. I understand. You’re my friend, I can have a date with you, I hope.” Riddhima says, “Ofcourse.” They have dinner as they are also enjoying the romantic weather created. Riddhima gets up from her seat and offers to dance with Vansh. Vansh agrees. They again have a dance. This time there’s no one around to disturb them. They share an eye lock. They recall their previous dance and the conversations after that. They smile looking at each other. Suddenly they gain consciousness and step back. Riddhima says, “Now let’s leave.” Vansh agrees. They are standing at the exit and then suddenly in front of them somebody holds a huge bouquet. The bouquet is held high covering the person’s face. On the bouquet there’s a card that’s attached and on it, it’s written ‘The best couple’. Vansh and Riddhima wonder if it’s from the restaurant. Vansh thanks them for the bouquet while Riddhima takes the bouquet. They are surprised to see Aryan behind the bouquet. Aryan says, “Best couple! Seriously? Since when?” Ishani comes from behind and says, “Whatever it may be Aryan; they look awesome together.” Sia comes from the other side and says, “I agree. Made in heaven pair.” Sejal comes from the right side and says, “Exactly, The best couple in town. Y’all could win any competition together.” Riddhima says, “Why have y’all encircled us?” Ishani says, “so that y’all don’t run away and answer our questions.” Vansh says, “I don’t think we need to answer any of your questions.” Sejal says, “Alright! Don’t answer all. Just one. When did y’all feel that y’all are made for each other?” Riddhima says, “Come on Sejal! We had to lie. Now don’t ask the reason.” Sia says, “Okay fine. I forgive y’all. But next time don’t lie to us that y’all are busy with something else.” Aryan says, “Exactly. We are all friends, if y’all would have told that y’all are coming on a date here, we would have gone somewhere else.” Vansh says, “Fine. The next time we go on a date we’ll give y’all all details and information. Okay?” Sia says,“Definitely, okay.” Riddhima says, “I am really sleepy now. Can we just go home and sleep?” Aryan says, “No!! We are going to have a lot of fun now at your place. Call Kabir and Angre also. Let’s go. It’s all planned.” They leave.

In Riddhima and Sejal’s house,

Everybody is sitting in the living room. Kabir says, “Are we called to sit? Let’s do something.” Riddhima who’s already sleepy keeps her head on Vansh’s shoulder and plans to sleep. She didn’t know that it was not even a nap because the moment she closed her eyes, Ishani sprinkled water on her face. Riddhima (irritated) says, “Guys! I am seriously sleepy. Let me sleep, please.” Sejal says, “We won’t. It’s a punishment for you since you lied.” And then the topic changes to Vansh and Riddhima’s lies of the day.

When suddenly the lights go dim. Sejal says, “I wonder if it’s a power cut. Let me go and check.” Riddhima says, “Wait…. Let me see.” Riddhima goes to check the switch board.

Precap: Sejal wakes up and goes to call Riddhima for breakfast. But Riddhima isn’t in her room. She wonders where she’s gone at this hour. She calls Vansh and Aryan to know if she is with them but they too don’t know. Vansh and Aryan are worried for Riddhima.

Hello Guys! Please do tell me if y’all want me to pair Sejal and Sia with Angre and Kabir. If yes, do tell the pairs!

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  1. It’s just Awesome storyline make me to eagerly waiting for your upcoming update it’s worth for waiting coming to pair plz make angre with Sejal and Kabir with sia ‘coz I already some read story in it angre is already pair with sia

  2. Ur writing skills r gud ..😘😘😍

  3. hello Today is the first day of mine..I read all ur ff today was like I just couldnt stop once I started reading
    ur story is just amazzzing!!I am loving it from the bottom of my heart..
    I always wanted a ff which shows frdship the way u have…and its really so lovely and gives me positive vibes…I was smiling like a idiot the whole reading all ur ff …
    thank u for giving us some gud time in this stressful time …love u
    PS:I think its a fab idea to pair the others also..the pair could be acc to ur wish

  4. Awesome!!

  5. Of course you have to pair them it will be nice but the final decision is yours😄
    The episode was just awesome😘😘
    I felt it was happening just in front of me 😜😜

  6. The episode was👌🥰 and i want the pair of Sejal and Kabir and Sia and Angre…….. 😋 and it totals on your choice

  7. Riansh Lover

    Such a romantic episode.💓💓💓..Sejal Sia ishani and aryan syping on riddhu😂😂😂
    I think you should pair them💘
    Hmm.Sia : Angre.and Sejal:kabir
    #Angina. #Kajal

  8. No words to tell…..
    I already told you,again I am saying I am deeply madly in love with your ff. I really mean it.
    In my opinion kabir,Sejal are good kyu kee vo bara bar jaavab deagi.
    Eagerly waiting for next one pls post it

  9. Woho!! Riansh on a date & Ya we do know that they make the bestt pair
    I would personally lyk Sejal & Angre’s pairup…..Luvvvd it

  10. The episode was awesome. Answering your question I would prefer Sejal-Angre and Sia- Kabir.
    Rest is your wish.

  11. RiyaVaghani

    Amazing, Buddy! And since you have given me the spoiler… here it goes…
    Spoiler Alert 🚨: In the next episode of ‘Is it really love?’, Ridhima is gonna be all silent and she’ll ignore everyone…

  12. This was absolutely amazing, Seanna! I loved how these supporting characters got all interrogative – how much fun! Also, loved the moments between #RiAnsh, really loving how their story is progressing. Also, I was super lazy to log in, so I’m just commenting as a guest, hehe.

  13. Naira U Singh

    Actually, RIA to tell u the truth now days I just don’t have words to describe u work. Maybe I told u this before, I just don’t remember. I just really think if u write books people will love them. Your imagination is just superb. Anyways today’s episode too was good, and congrats for your work,
    Good yaar, when they went to the restaurant for me it was the best part. I just really do not have words for this episode. At one moment, I could not just stop smiling and laughing. I think Sejal and Angre, Kabir and Sia.

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