Shubharambh 26th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Raja gets to know Rani didn’t steal

Shubharambh 26th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rani looks at the papers in tears. Raja leaves. Kirtida laughs. Rani sobs. Kirtida and Gulwant sit there. Gulwant laughs. Kirtida says so bad. Gulwant says really. She got to know our truth and thought she could dance on our heads. Could she do anything no? She tried to expose us. Did anything happen? No. You told Raja everything. Did anything happen? No. Kirtida says this is the fruit of our patient. I was so happy Raja married a maid so she won’t work against us. But she was over smart. Soon she will be out of this house. Gulwant says by tomorrow I will have everything in my name. Rani it’s a good thing to be confident but overconfidence can kill you. I won’t let Raja become your slave. Gulwant says everything is over for you.

Raja says I am glad phupha ji mota papa didn’t tell anyone about the will. He says Gulwant is your father’s brother. He has some of his qualities. There’s a crowd outside. Raja says let me check. Raja says let me check. A man tells him a drunk man is there on the road. It’s Vrinda. She tries to pick Rani’s dad. Vrinda says he’s drunk and sitting here. Utsav isn’t home either. Raja says don’t worry I will pick him. Raja picks him and seats him on a bench. Pupha asks do you know them? Raja says they are Rani’s parents. Phupha ji is shocked. Rani’s dad says Raja.. SIL. You’re a nice guy. You and Rani make a good couple. He cries. He says don’t ever leave Rani. She’s a very nice girl. She really loves you. She will never lie. Vrinda says let’s go home please. Rani’s dad says she only cares about you. She didn’t steal. She lied to save Utsav from going to the jail. She never lies. She is a very good girl. Phupha recalls what Rani said. Rani says would anyone have a girl like that? You’re lucky. Raja recalls Rani said she planned the theft. Raja stands up in shock. He says what is he saying? vrinda says he’s drunk. Raja says people say truth when they’re drunk. Did Rani lie? Vrinda says yes she did to save her brother. She can do anything for her family.

Scene 2
At night, Rani looks at the divorce papers. Rani says I shouldn’t pay heed to them. Once Raja knows the truth he will be okay. This relationship would be saved. Darshana says what happened was so wrong. I don’t know who’s right or wrong but Raja really loves you. I will pray for both of you. Rani says thank you. She says you two should talk to each other. Rani says I will talk to him.

Raja is in the room. He recalls Rani said she always dreamt of becoming rich. Raja says how could she lie? And should I talk to her? what did she want to prove by blaming mota papa and moti ma? Rani comes there. She says can we talk about these papers? Raja says people talk where there’s truth and trust. There’s nothing between us. He leaves. His wallet drops. Rani sees her photo in his wallet. Rani says thank you God for showing me hope. Tomorrow is a big day. The truth shall win over the evil.

Scene 3
Asha says everyone, I am ready. Let’s go. Where’s everyone? Must be in the car. Rani says no one is waiting. They all left. You and Raja are left only.. Gulwant said you and Raja will go by auto. Asha says did I ask you? there must be no space in the car. Rani says Raja is waiting for you outside. Asha says why are you dressed? Get one thing in your mind. Don’t come there. We don’t want a drama there. She leaves. Rani says drama has to happen. Rani calls someone and says she is leaving. Get ready.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    I hope Raja can see the conspiracy going on and give Rani support she needs. Rani is so pretty.

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