Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th March 2020 Written Episode Update : Reshma chooses to marry Tiwari

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori walks to Tiwari says wear this kurta while we go to see Reshma, Tiwari says are you mad, people will laugh on me,Angoori says forget the world think about yourself. Angoori calls Amaji, Tiwari says im going to see Reshma dont call Ama.

Tiwari comes to see Reshma late, Uncle says i have lot of work like transferring money on your name, Tiwari walks in, Uncle says dont feel bad i have few questions to ask,do you have alcohol, Angoori says he doesn’t, Vibhu says i take his guarantee,Anu says he is such a nice guy, Uncle says let’s ask Reshma, Reshma says yes.

Anu says congratulations Tiwari, Uncle asks how will you serve my Reshma, Tiwari says like other animals, Uncle scolds Tiwari gor calling her animal, Saxena scolds too, Angoori says sorry calm down. Uncle says Reshma needs AC, and she needs mix fruit and cheese and butter milk in lunch, and for dinner only salad. Anu asks is she dieting, Uncle says yes she does. Angoori says even we have some questions for Reshma didi.

Angoori asks Reshma do you fighyy, Reshma says no, Angoori asks few more questions. Angoori tells Reshma about being first wife, Reshma gets upset, Vibhu says don’t worry im her brother, I will talk to her, Anu says let Tiwari and Reshma talk to eachother.

Angoori tells Anu she is scared, Anu says chill, Angoori says Reshma was starring Tiwari a lot, Anu says why you insecure. Tiwari tells Reshma about the truth, Reshma denies for divorce, Tiwari tells Reshma he os married and not to think about him, Reshma denies and look for a buffalo and not a human,he cant live with her,Reshma denies. Everyone joins Tiwari. Vibhu asks will you marry Tiwari, Reshma says yes. Uncle says tomorrow we will have horn ceremony, you will put a bracelet in her horns. Saxena gets excited.

Anu Vibhu and Uncle drinking Uncle goes out for washroom, Anu praises Vibhu, Uncle David walks in, and asks Vibhu and Anu why arent you greeting me, Vibhu says enough of you now, David says i had something for you, 1 Cr check, so that i can give you slowly 20Cr, Vibhu and Anu dont react.


Pre cap: Tiwari and Reshmas horn ceremony

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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