Kartik Purnima 26th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Purnima sees K written on her hand

Kartik Purnima 26th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Beeji makes food for Purnima and says you shouldn’t forget my food taste. Purnima says I can never do that, I have one day left here and I want to live with you both. Kuldeep asks her to not cry.

Kartik calls his manager and says I want proofs against Vicky at any cost. Kartik’s driver brings a file and says it was in your car. Kartik sees the property papers and says he got Purnima’s property in his name, I will bring his truth out now.

The family is getting ready to leave for the pooja. Kuldeep says I don’t want to leave Purnima alone. Purnima says it’s okay, I am here, they all leave. Kartik calls her but she cuts it. Kartik calls her from the landline. She takes the call. Kartik asks her to listen once. Purnima sees the food burning and goes to check it, her phone falls down and she can’t hear Kartik. Soni comes to Kartik and says we have a pooja so you can’t leave. Purnima’s family comes there.

Purnima cries and says I feel tensed, Vicky is nice but I feel like there is something wrong.

The pooja starts in Soni’s house. Kartik sits with Kuldeep and says I want to talk about Vicky, he is not what he seems like, come with me. I will tell you everything. Kuldeep goes with him.

Purnima cries and says what should I do to make this feeling go away? She hugs her mother’s photo and says I miss you. I want to hug you but I can’t. I know you are with me, please help me. You have always shown me a path. The red saree falls on her. She recalls Kartik buying it for her and says Kartik?

Scene 2
Kartik brings Kuldeep to his room and says I doubt Vicky since the start. Nani follows them and calls Vicky. She says what is Kartik upto? Vicky says don’t worry, he can’t do anything about my plan. Nani says I told you to remain discreet. Vicky says I will finish Purnima’s game today, don’t worry. He ends the call.

Purnima hears the doorbell and goes to open the door. The kids come inside and say we wanted to meet you. They give her cards and a chunri. Purnima smiles. She hugs them all. The teacher gifts her sindoor. Purnima thanks her. A kid asks her to close her eyes and sees if she can see Vicky? Purnima closes her eyes and sees Kartik smiling. She is shocked. She sees K written on her hand with mehndi and is shocked. The kids hug her and leave. Purnima thinks what is happening with me?

PRECAP- Vicky grabs Purnima and says now you know the truths so I don’t have to act good anymore. He tries to molest her but Purnima pushes him away and slaps him. Vicky gets angry.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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