Shubharambh 21st October 2020 Written Episode Update: Mihir sneaks into Rani’s room at night

Shubharambh 21st October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raja asking Rani to sleep and think that he is with her. Rani sleeps. Later in the night, Mihir sneaks into Rani’s room and takes out photo frame from her hand while she is still sleeping. He thinks very soon, she will become his and then the distance between them will end soon. Rani is sleeping and turns to other side. He looks at Raja and Rani’s marriage pic and thinks you are in hospital, I am in your house with your wife. He says I have taken your place in dining table and very soon, I will take your place in Rani’s life. He asks Raja to take care and recalls Rani hugging Raja’s jacket. He takes out scissor and cuts his jacket. Rani wakes up and asks who is there? Mihir makes a quick escape. Rani comes out of her room and catches someone. She asks who is he? Everyone gather there as Rani calls them. They all see Gunvant. Asha tells that she will not leave him. Gunvant tells that he is having upset stomach and gastric trouble. Rani thinks then who was he? Mihir comes there and asks what happened? Rani thinks he is coming from his room and doubts Gunvant. She warns him. Gunvant tells that he didn’t do anything. Asha tells that Rani that tomorrow is Raja’s operation and asks her to go and sleep. Darshana says tomorrow is karwachauth also and it is your first. She asks her to go to hospital while nicely dressed. Mihir thinks he got saved due to Gunvant and thinks tomorrow is Rani’s first karwachauth.

(Imagination scene) Rani goes to the hospital. Raja compliments her beauty. Ho shubharamb plays….She does his aarti, tilak and break her fast looking through the mesh at the moon and then looks at Raja. Raja looks shocked and someone is standing at his back and stabs him. Raja falls down on the bed. Rani shouts Raja. It turns out to be her imagination. She prays to Shrinath ji to protect her Raja and give her strength to stand between him and the trouble.

Next day, Asha brings Raja’s pic and tells that today Rani is missing him a lot. She asks Rani if she kept all the stuff. Mihir comes there and sees Rani keeping the puja stuff. Darshana asks him to have food. Mihir apologizes to her and tells that he has kept fast for his wife. Darshana says your wife is lucky. He says he is lucky. He says he is going to make arrangements of Raja’s operation. He thinks see Raja Reshammiya, how I make your day special. He takes the havan fire ashes and puts it on Raja’s photo frame. He says you will not spend today with Rani. He says late Mr. Raja Reshammiya and smiles.

Precap: Rani comes to know that Raja needs A negative blood from her father. Mihir tells that he has all the A negative blood. Rani brings the A negative blood.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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