Mere Sai 21st October 2020 Written Episode Update: Kulkarni Sarkar plans to get Sai out of Shirdi

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Sai tells Abdul he did the right thing by calling him on time. You saved a kid’s life today. God will bless you for this. Abdul says I got it already by meeting you. Chandorkar ji and Radha ji greet Sai. Chandorkar ji says we don’t wish to leave but there is a lot to do at home. Sai says there is Dussehra festival here after 4 days. You can take part if you want. Rest is on you. Sai walks away. Radha ji requests her husband to stay if Sai wishes them to. Abdul tells Chandorkar ji Tatya’s message. He wants to discuss something important with you. He will come to meet you if you can stay back till the evening. Chandorkar ji agrees. Sai smiles.

Kulkarni Sarkar asks Keshav about summon. Keshav asks him how he knows about it. Kulkarni Sarkar says nothing can be hidden from me. Keshav says you would know everything already then. why are you asking me? Kulkarni Sarkar says I have been shouting in front of all of you but that Fakir’s truth is out now. Keshav says crime is to abuse poor farmers. Kulkarni Sarkar shouts at him. Rukmani comes to Keshav’s rescue. Keshav tells his Baba he isn’t a kid anymore. You cannot scare me now. Kulkarni Sarkar tells his wife to take Keshav from here. Rukmani asks them what happened. Keshav replies that a liar is bound to be angry in the fight between just and unjust. He goes with his mother. His wife tells Kulkarni Sarkar that he always wastes his time and move by attacking in the wrong direction. You want to know what’s written in summon, right? He asks her how she knows this. She says I may not know everything about the town but I do know about everything that goes on in this house. The postman is new. He is from Nashik. He is still not a devotee of Sai. Pay him some money and find out the information about summon. I wont ask for anything in return of helping you this time. I know you will back out in the end yet again. He asks her how she has become so generous today. She says no one can hate that Fakir as much as I do. We wont find a better chance than this to get him out of Shirdi! I want him out of Shirdi and out of my life! Don’t lose this time. She goes upstairs.

Sai thanks the Neem tree and Veerbhadra (snake) for protecting the truth (and the documents).

Kulkarni Sarkar meets the postman in the middle of the jungle at night. He obtains every information regarding summon against Sai.

Tatya and Appa Kote tell Chandorkar ji about summon. He tells them that one should not ignore law. The rules have been created by the English government after all. Appa Kote requests him to stay back in Shirdi till the time this matter is cleared. Chandorkar ji agrees. Tatya requests him to make sure his aayi does not get to know about it. They are startled to hear Baizama’s voice just then. I have overheard everything already!

Srikanth and Chihu Tai come to meet Sai at Dwarkamai. They share that Chihu Tai is upset about something. I have been trying to explain to her but she is still restless. Sai asks Chihu Tai what is bothering her. She shares that her life has always revolved around Govinda. Now that he is grown up, I don’t think he needs me so much like before. It feels as if I have lost the purpose of my life. A lady greets Sai just then. I have kept fast today and I need curd for the puja. Do you have some? Sai nods. Srikanth offers to give it and tells Sai to keep sitting. He kneels down to pick it when he feels pain in his back. He murmurs Aayi as he picks the curd. Chihu Tai asks him if he is fine. He nods and hands over curd to the lady. She thanks them and leaves. Sai asks Chihu Tai if she heard what Srikanth had just said when he experienced pain while bending down. He said Aayi. His mother passed away many years ago yet that’s the first word that he uttered when he was in pain. A kid may grow up but his mother will always be the first one who he thinks of at every step of life. Chihu Tai thanks Sai for explaining this deep thought to her so nicely. Srikanth and Sai smile.

Baizama wants to be with Sai but all 3 men tell her against it. She also speaks of how Sai was arrested and taken away before she could even reach Dwarkamai. Tatya points out that it is Sai who protects everyone. How can we do that for him? Baizama feels sad. Why would my son need me now as he has grown up already!

Chihu Tai and Shrikanth take leave from Sai. Sai can see Baizama’s sad face in the sky. A kid may grow up and grown old yet he will always need his mother by his side!

Kulkarni Sarkar says we will welcome the head constable, Ganpat Ram ji, before everyone else tomorrow morning. We will instigate him so much that he can destroy Sai. Rukmani overhears it. Santa tells Kulkarni Sarkar that Sai’s devotees are increasing day by day. Will they let police arrest Sai? Banta seconds him. Kulkarni Sarkar says we need to make sure no one gets to find out about it. He catches his wife red handed and confronts her. She asks him why he is doing this. This is a sin. He tells her not to tell anyone what she just overheard. She points out that he has seen Sai’s greatness in the past years. He warns her not to utter a word about this in front of anyone else before he meets Ganpat Ram. I will otherwise pull your mangalsutra off your neck and throw you out of the house! It is Fakir’s last night in Shirdi!

Sai chants a shloka about how things work as per Ram ji’s wish.

Precap: Ganpat Ram ji reaches Shirdi with 2 constables. They decide to ask someone about Sai. Kulkarni Sarkar says you don’t need to ask anyone anything. I will tell you everything that I know about him and about his whereabouts. Tatya is boiling water in a pot but the pot breaks. Is this a bad omen? Sai looks at Tatya.

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