Choti Sardarni 21st October 2020 Written Episode Update: Manav shoots Sarab

Choti Sardarni 21st October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aditi brings gobi parathas for Manav but he says I don’t want it from you. He sees Meher and gets jittery. His mom asks what happened to you? Manav says I can’t tell you anything, he cries. His father asks him to relax. Manav recalls how he made him promise to not tell the truth to his mom. He shoos him away. Aditi says why are you in so much pain?

Kulwant is eyeing the gun attached on the wall. Meher comes there and says I know you must be thinking why I am doing this. I am your daughter and you might have done bad with me but I feel your pain, what you did was wrong and it was a sin. I am a mother also but I have to do this. You killed Manav in front of me and I was silent but Sarab is right, his orders are my command. Kulwant says you can think anything you want but what I want will happen. Meher says everybody has to pay for their deeds. Go to sleep now.

Harleen comes to her her husband and hears him talking about betting on the call. She scolds him and says you are spending my brother’s money? I won’t spare you this time, I will tell about your truth tomorrow to your brother. She leaves. He thinks that they haven’t seen what Robby can do, I am ready to take you over. He eyes the gun.

Aditi makes Manav lie on the bed. Aditi asks if there is another woman in his life? She says no, don’t think that. Meher comes there and says trust me everything will be fine, she tells Aditi that I won’t let your relationship break. Sarab is with you Aditi.

Jagga tells his wife that I won’t let my mother be punished. I have thought about it. He eyes the gun.

Harleen tells Meher’s brothers that she will get a room for them. They choose the room beside Sarab’s.

Scene 2
Meher tells Sarab that I am at peace that mother is going to be punished but she has worked hard to raise us, she is my mother after all. Sarab says I understand your pain but sometimes we have to make our elders pay for their mistakes. Meher says you are right. Sarab says we have to rectify their mistake. Sarab says he’s so sensible how can he do a mistake like that? Meher says in heart I have to tell him the truth. Sarab says smile, why are you worried.

Manav and Aditi are asleep. He wakes up. Jagga, Bitu, Rana, MAnav, Kulwant all are in corridor. Someone comes to the room with a gun and face covered. He comes to Karan and looks at him. It’s Maanv, he reaclls his moments with Meher. Sarab comes and hits him. Meher says Sarab ji.. Who is this? Sarab hits him hard grasps him. Karan cries. Meher picks him. Param says what happened mama? Meher picks him. The guy shoots. Harleen wakes up scared. She wakes up Robbie. Everyone comes there. It’s Manav.

Precap: Sarab and Manav’s fight continues. Someone fires a bullet at Sarab. He falls on the floor. Meher screams Sarabjeetji.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Its uttar nonsense they are showing.. whole show has forgot its actual plot… Now show is turning boring, i rarely watch it now just read here..
    Days are not far that I might stop reading as well

    1. I totally agree with you, I haven’t watched the show for a week. So sick of Manav drama and his and Meher’s poor acting….
      Writers pls change this story…

    2. Me too, stopped watching since that Manav psycho started behaving More weirdly than he was Vikram …..I just read it here…. can’t tolerate the stupid plot now

    3. now choti sardarni is becoming really very interesting and i think you should watch the show regularly on tv and manav is not real culprit their is some new villain okay and sarab will not die

  2. If Sarah dies i won’t continue watching this drama.

    1. Saokekimberly

      Me too I don’t think I will continue watching the drama if Sarab dies or Meher reconciles with Manav.

    2. Can’t imagine the show without Sarab…..

    3. sarab will not die and it is becoming more interesting please dont stop to watch choti sardarni this plot is giving just to show mehers love for sarab

  3. Lead actors never die….so Sarab will not die but why makers are ruining Manav’s character?😑

  4. Shaheera Khan

    why meher is telling sarab half the truth and she became pregnant before she was married is ok for her and all those kiddnapers for her , robes case and and their momsi adits was trying to play with params life where and when those cases are going to be sorted .only meher is going to get the noble prize that s it .

    1. Exactly…. Y can’t Mehar disclose everything to Sarab…. y she behaving so stupid!!!! Waiting for what????? Just inform Sarab the whole truth & done with it…. if anyone says anything, then she’s safe

    2. Momsi once made A Transaction for robie. And robie was surprise to see she has lots of money in her account. After that her blackmail begins. It is all robie’s doing.

    3. these small things makes the show very interesting if makers can use a small attack which is done by meher to a officer in serbia then in future story they will definitely use these villains or these plots in future story the storyline of this show is very different from others these types of things make this show very unique for example in other serials villain tries to make hero a villain in front of heroin or we can say heroin in front of hero when truth come in front of every one they say sorry to them but in this show there is nothing like this but other serial stories continues on the basis of this type of things but not in this serial choti sardarni is really a very unique serial

  5. No sarabjit no watching this series again it is getting boring nw since the arrival of manav. Let meher and sarab in peace

    1. makers gave a reentry of manav in this show to blosoom meher and sarabs love story and now if you will continue to see this serial then you will see that it is becoming very interesting because sarabjeet will get shot by another else but meher will missunderstand manav behind it and we saw that meher is in love with sarab but manav is not ready to accept the truth but when manav will see the meher to take care of sarab and all then manav will understand her love for sarab which make him fall in love with aditi i think so

  6. I hope the producers are reading theas statements, I agree with everyone, I do not like this plot and Manav shooting Sarab…you have ruined a man’s life twice but this stupid story line.

  7. No more choti sardarni for me and my family if there is no Sarabjeet Singh Gill. This Manav Madness is driving us is crank.

  8. I hope Sarabjeet recovers. This show has opened many fronts and not resolving the outstanding issues with Robbie, Momsy, Kulwant, Bittu, Rana. I want to see some happy family moments between Mehrab and the children.

  9. CHorti sardani had a good story line.Some of the things that happened in the series do happen in really life.It showed some positive things to learn from .But now it is in a mass.All relationship spoiled and poor children .The characters that were revengeful changed.The one that encouraged not to be negative turned out to be possessive and mad with love. It is true one can not forget their first love.
    Life is not about revenge and killing.
    The writer got carried away writing and got us all glued to the series.
    Now we shall see how he is going to end all this.Hope it is all not a dream 🤣🤣
    It was a story of family and relationships.Now🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
    What positive message is there’s now?

  10. Seriously Kulwant is the most selfish mother on earth. Just cares for herself .Wants money only.To save herself she can kill even her own children also. Then Bitoo and Rana are really stupid.Cant they see what it right or wrong. Jagga seemed to be a sensible person but no even he is mummyji s boy.Loves his sister a lot.But can go to any extent to save his sinner mother.Then this Robbie is the most useless fellow.Doesnt he feel ashamed to live in his brother in law s house and how lavishly he is enjoying his money. Surya is also a bad person .just to save his wife from heart attack he gave Manav his son Vikram s name and made him his son. Not only this he ruined Aditi s life also by marrying her with his so called son.Manav is a psycho .So much obsession. Act sensibly.Meher has moved on in life.He should live life of Vikram now.And should not hurt Aditi so much. This Meher is the most stupid.Always telling the truth in bits. What about the kidnapping which took place in Serbia and who is tge secret person for whom Robbie works ?
    Story has lost its track. Useless to see it.

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