Shubharambh 20th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Mihir tries to take Raja’s place

Shubharambh 20th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Hitank’s wife asking Rani to keep Mihir’s stuff in the room. While Rani tries to take it inside, his stuff and the photo frame fall outside. She thinks the photo frame must be of Mihir’s wife and is about to see, when Mihir comes and takes it. Rani asks him to freshen up and tells that the food will be ready in sometime. Mihir looks at her photo frame. Rani is cooking in the kitchen, when she imagines Raja there. Title song plays…Hitank’s wife Darshana calls her. Rani says she is coming with Raja and then realizes that he is not there. She brings the food and keeps on the table. She keeps the plate. Darshana says you are keeping plate for Raja. Rani says though he is not here, but we can feel that he is with us. She says he don’t like our sad faces. Hitank says yes, you said right, we shall have food together and happily.

Rani asks Asha to have food, but she refuses to eat. Rani asks her to eat something and don’t be hungry. She says Raja will be fine and will return home soon. Hitank and his wife ask her to eat something. Rani tells Darshana that Mummy took a difficult swear and refusing to eat food until Raja comes home, she will get unwell. Mihir comes there and tells that this thing calls for clapping. He says when you trust your God so much then what is my use to be here. He says I will go. Asha asks him to stay back. Mihir tells that patient is just body for them and they are taught to treat them thinking from mind and not by heart. He assures her that he will bring Raja back home and not anybody else. He says if your son gets fine, then who will take care of him. He says if you get unwell or die then? He says sorry if I am being offensive and says who can take care of him better than a mother, when he returns home. He says if you trust me 0.1 percent then believe that my patient will be fine, as I never learnt to accept failure. He takes food plate from Asha and says it is your decision after all. Asha agrees to have food and asks him to have food with them. She asks Rani to serve food for Mihir. Hitank thanks Mihir for doing the impossible thing possible. She says food is ready. Mihir thinks he will take Raja’s place in Rani’s life.

Mihir thinks Raja’s place is mine and sits on Raja’s chair. Rani asks him to get up and says you can’t sit here, as this is Raja’s chair. Mihir says he is in hospital and asks if they have family problem to argue. He says you shall not have any attachment with things. Rani says attachment is because of love. Mihir gets up from the chair. Asha asks Mihir to sit on the chair and tells that he is God for us and we have to fulfill all his wishes. He is going to save Raja and asks him to sit. He eats food in Raja’s place. Rani gets upset and sits to eat her food. Mihir thinks he will take Raja’s place in her life. In the night, Rani imagines Raja coming to her and making her sleep. She sleeps holding his photo frame.

Precap will be added when available.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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