Pyaar ka Afsana ~~ Qubool Hai – (Episode 16)

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Episode 16:-

Sanam’s new task & Seher-Rehaan meeting!

Sanam stands outside Aahil’s room . Sanam is angry.

Sanam – “ Cheap… Shameless.. Arrogant!!! Err… !”

Aahil comes out from his room after being dressed. Sanam is standing there waiting for him. Aahil see her .

Aahil – “ What are you doing here like a statue ?”

Sanam – “ Excuse me .. I was waiting for you “.

Aahil – “ Where is my Breakfast ?”

Sanam – “ It’s already ready.. “.

Aahil – “ Then What are you waiting for ? Train? Go bring it to the dinning table!”

Sanam gets angry but controls it. She leaves .

She whispers-“ What does he thinks about himself? Why Allah .. why ? Why did you made me work under him ? If this wasn’t my condition, I would have punched him.. Jalad (Beast) kahi ke !! “.

Sanam reaches kitchen. She takes his breakfast to the dining table. Aahil waits for her to serve him. She serves him. Aahil is in full of attitude and Sanam is angry. Aahil finish it.

Sanam relives as he didn’t taunt her over the breakfast.

Aahil – “ Breakfast can be better !”

Sanam (thinks) – “ See he started to show his true colours “.

Aahil – “ Are you listening ?”

Sanam (in low volume)- “ Yes… “

Aahil – “ What ? I couldn’t hear .. louder !”

Sanam – “Yes Sir ! I will take care of it next time “.

Aahil – “ That sounds good, now come on we have Leave “.

Sanam and Aahil walks and reaches parking lawn. Driver is waiting for them. Aahil looks Sanam . He stops. Sanam wonders what is in his mind next.

Aahil – “ Driver give the keys to her”.

Sanam gets shocked. Aahil see this.

Aahil – “ You will drive the car “.

Sanam – “ Me?”

Aahil – “ Aren’t you working as a cab driver before? Then what ?”

Sanam takes the key and gets into the driver’s seat . Aahil takes the back seat.

Sanam is about to start .

Aahil – “ Wait ! This car is of high standard.. do you know to drive this , na? It’s not like Local cab “.

Sanam gets irritated. She starts the car.

Sanam – “ You should have thought this before giving me the keys.., now you should bear the side effects of your thoughtless decision “.

Aahil gets shocked by her reply. Sanam drives off. Aahil feels a jerk when she starts. Sanam smiles.

Aahil – “ Be careful ! Are you planning to kill me ?”

Sanam – “ Not for now atleast “.

Aahil – “ How dare you ?”

Sanam – “ You haven’t seen my real daring side yet! “.

Aahil thinks- “ You are being over smart , I will show you “.

Finally they reach the office. Sanam gets down . Aahil  doesn’t get down from the car. Sanam gets clueless why he isn’t getting down.

Sanam thinks- “ Did he fallen asleep?

Let me see”.

Sanam opens door . But as she opens the door he gets down wearing his sunglasses. He pushes the door and Sanam loses her balance but doesn’t fall as she holds the door. Sanam gets angry. Aahil is in full attitude.

He stops as he doesn’t see her coming and he turns . He gets to see a shocked Sanam . He moves his sunglasses up and looks her .

Aahil – “ What ? Come on !”

Sanam closes the door and gives the key to the security guard. Sanam comes to him. Aahil signs her to open the door for him. She opens it for him and follows him. Rehaan see them coming. Rehaan smiles at Sanam and she smiles back to him.

Rehaan – “Good morning, Aahil Bhai “.

Aahil – “ Good morning,Rehaan. Just make her understand her duties”.

Rehaan – “ Okay, Aahil Bhai “.

Aahil goes to his cabin . Sanam stands with Rehaan.

Rehaan – “ Good morning, Sanam “.

Sanam – “ This morning isn’t good for me, Rehaan “.

Rehaan – “ What happened? Did he troubled you ?”

Sanam – “ Don’t mind me saying, your Aahil Bhai is the other word for trouble!”.

Rehaan giggles. Sanam looks him and he stops .

Sanam – “ Laugh .. Iam in trouble you can laugh!”

Rehaan – “ Iam sorry, I wasn’t making fun of you. But Iam just amused the way you give your replies.. it’s different “.

Sanam smiles.

Rehaan explains her job . He gives the diary and pen to note Aahil’s schedules.

Sanam – “ Thank you ,Rehaan. Now I get it !”

Rehaan- “ What?”

Sanam – “ Why he made me his P.A. , he did so that he can trouble more ! But he is playing with wrong person “.

Sanam goes to Aahil’s cabin. Rehaan smiles . Sanam goes inside directly . Aahil looks her sternly.

Aahil – “ This how you come into my cabin? Get out .First knock the door and then ask for permission “.

Sanam goes out angrily and then knocks on the door strongly . Aahil gets shocked by her knock.

Sanam – “ May I come in ?”

Aahil (angrily) – “ Come in!”

Sanam goes inside . Aahil looks her angrily.

Aahil – “ Why were you knocking so hardly ? “

Sanam stands silent.

Aahil – “ Now don’t stand there like a statue .. get on to the work”.

Sanam looks around being clueless. Aahil looks her and gets irritated.

Aahil     – “ What ?”

Sanam – “ What should I do now ?”

Aahil     – “ Okay , come here.. first bring me a cup of coffee “.

Sanam brings coffee for Aahil. She keeps it infront of him. Aahil looks her. Sanam stands without any expression. He takes it and sips the coffee looking her. Sanam doesn’t mind him. This irritates him.

Aahil     – “ Do you know to type emails?”

Sanam – “ Yes “.

Aahil     – “ Okay , then send emails to some clients. I will give you the contents & email addresses of the clients then prepare email and send them”.

Sanam – “ Okay”.

Aahil     – “ Remember, if you make any mistakes… you will have to bear the consequences… so be aware of it. Complete it before I come back from the meeting ”.

Sanam nods. Aahil gives the details to her. Then he leaves for the meeting. Sanam stands there .

Sanam (thinks)- “ I don’t have much knowledge about this technology related things .. what will I do ? “.

Sanam calls Seher but Seher is out of coverage area. She gets worried and then she see Rehaan.

Sanam – “ I think, he will help me”.

She goes to Rehaan. Rehaan smiles seeing her.

Rehaan – “ What happened? Any help ?”

Sanam  – “ Yes… Your Aahil bhai has given me a task … “.

Sanam tells him about task. Rehaan listens to her carefully. Rehaan shows her how to send email via Internet. He opens the company email id and gives it to her. She types the emails and Rehaan checks it and help her. Sanam successfully send the emails.

Sanam – “ Thank you, Rehaan . If you haven’t helped it would have been tough for me “.

Rehaan – “ You are always welcome. By the way, you could have asked this to Aahil bhai directly”.

Sanam – “ You know that he will make fun of me “.

Rehaan – “ How long will you both continue your Cold War?”

Sanam – “ My self respect and self esteem is important to me . I can’t comprise it infront his ego . To be frank I haven’t seen anyone like your Aahil Bhai , who is so egoist and someone who can’t see anything beyond his ego”.

Aahil gets to hear her comment about him. He gets angry on Sanam. Rehaan see him staring at her. Rehaan’s expression changes.

Sanam doesn’t see Aahil.

Sanam – “ Okay,then . Iam leaving “.

Rehaan signs her that Aahil is standing behind her but she doesn’t understand his signs. Sanam turns only to see an angry Aahil. Sanam gets shocked.

Aahil – “ Are you here to gossip or to work?”

Sanam – “ I wasn’t gossiping “.

Aahil    – “ Oho really ? “

Sanam – “ I have completed the work you given me “.

Aahil   – “ Come to my cabin, let me see how you have done your work”.

Sanam (thinks) – “ I don’t know what will he do now “.

Sanam goes Aahil’s cabin. Aahil checks the emails.

Aahil – “ You could have made it better .. this seems to be school students type “.

Sanam – “ Rehaan , told me that it is really good. He even said that it seems to be really professional “.

Aahil – “ He is innocent, thus he won’t say anything even if he don’t like it”.

Sanam (whispers) – “ And… You .. would find mistakes in every perfect things “.

Aahil     – “ Did you say anything?”

Sanam – “ Nothing “.

Suddenly, Aahil gets a call . Aahil gets shocked by seeing Elina’s name on phone.

Aahil – “ Oho .. this girl !”

Sanam finds him worried and looks him. Aahil gets a message from Elina – ‘ Aahil , Iam standing infront of office .. If you won’t come out , I will come in’.

Sanam gets happy seeing him worried and Aahil see this . He thinks for a while and he looks her.

Aahil  – “ Here is your next task , come with me “.

Aahil take Sanam to window side and shows Elina to Sanam.

Aahil – “ This girl is really a headache, you have to make her leave forever. From now on she should not disturb me again “.

Sanam – “ Excuse me ! What do you mean?”

Aahil  – “ You need not over react on this … that girl is behind me asking to marry her so make her understand that Iam not interested “.

Sanam – “ I can’t do that “.

Aahil  – “ Okay fine , get ready to leave this job but remember that you have knee down infront of me and you have to apologize to me by bowing your head down “.

Sanam – “ This is not fair “.

Aahil  – “ This is my office and I make decisions here “.

Sanam – “ What is her name ?”

Aahil – “ Elina

Sanam reluctantly goes to meet Elina. She see a staff and ask about Rehaan. Staff tells her that Rehaan went for a meeting.

Sanam  – “ Rehaan went out ! Oho , how will I manage this situation? Seher !! Let me call her “.

Sanam calls Seher and this time she is available .

Seher is inside the train and she talking to someone sitting near her. Seher picks the call.

Seher – “ Arz kya hain (used before saying aa Shayari )  , Aa rahi thi mujhe Teri Yaad jaise kadvi chai ko Cheeni , Aa rahi thi mujhe Teri Yaad jaise kadvi chai ko Cheeni.. dekho kya Kamaal hua,  aa gayi teri call mujhe seedhi seedhi !! ( I was remembering you like bitter tea remembered sugar , I was remembering you like bitter tea remembered sugar , see what a surprise you called me directly)”.

Sanam – “ Seher, Right now there is no time to hear your weird shayaris.. I called you for a help “.

Seher – “ Is everything fine ? Is Badi Ammi Okay ? Did Haya or Afeeza is any trouble? Are you okay ? “.

Sanam – “ Please , will you let me speak ?”

Seher – “ Okay , tell me “.

Sanam – “ I have to solve a problem and I need your help “.

Seher (excitedly)- “ What you need my help ! My life is blessed.. “

Sanam (irritated) – “ Seher!!! Just listen , tell me how to make a girl away from a man who is not ready to marry her . That too when the girl is adamant to marry him . Before you ask some questions, Seher .. Iam in a hurry so there is no time to explain. So just tell a solution now  “.

Seher – “ Okay .. But Sanam why .. “.

Sanam interrupts- “ Seher !!”

Seher – “ Okay .. let me think “.

Sanam waits for Seher to come up with some solution.

Seher – “ Tell her that he isn’t worthy of her and just bad mouth him as much as possible.  If possible try to advice her in your style with examples “.

Sanam – “ Are you sure ?”

Seher – “ Yes , it will work . Add that the man is a playboy “.

Sanam whispers- “ That is his truth only “.

Seher – “ Are you there ?”

Sanam – “ Yes.. Okay ! If this work , I will make your favorite sweet when you come back .. by the way , when will you reach ?”

Seher – “ Mostly by 7pm. Don’t forget my reward.. All the best !”

Sanam – “ Thank you .. Bye “.

Sanam cuts the call and heads towards Elina .

Seher (thinks) – “ What happened actually? Usually Sanam doesn’t indulge in such pity things.. then how ?”

Sanam see Elina. Elina look her and gets confused. Sanam looks her with a sad face.

Sanam – “Elina?”

Elina     – “ Yes.. Can I know who you are ?”

Sanam – “ Iam Aahil’s ..”

Elina     – “ Don’t tell me that you are Aahil’s New girlfriend!”

Sanam – “ What ? I won’t even make my Neighbour.. “.

Elina gets shocked hearing this .

Elina    – “ Then Who are you?”

Sanam – “ Iam his P.A. , My bad fate .. “.

Elina     – “ Why did you say so ?”

Sanam  – “Because he is so evil & cheap “.

Elina      – “ Why did you say like that ?”

Sanam   – “ Because he is cheap.. I have seen him with different girls always .. he change his girlfriends like clothes . He troubles his staff with stupid jobs . He isn’t loyal to anyone”.

Elina    – “ You are kidding , right ?”

Sanam – “ Why should I ? You know he keeps schedule for meeting girl so that he could keep everyone away from each other “.

Elina(sadly)   – “ What?”

Sanam          – “ Yes.. I heard him saying about you that you are … a fool ! I felt bad hearing about you like that…Afterall a girl can understand other girl . You are beautiful, stylish and educated . I think you deserve someone who loves you and respect you. He doesn’t respect or love anyone and everything is just a game for him… Just think before you make any decision “.

Elina gets sad hearing this .

Elina – “ I think he will change after marriage “.

Sanam – “ He won’t.. once a cheater is always a cheater ! Life isn’t a thing you should risk for such cheap person “.

Elina –  “ Thank you so much.. for saving my life. I wasn’t aware of his cheap things . You are right , I deserve someone better“.

Sanam – “ Yes, you made a right decision . Take care and beware of him. I hope you don’t reveal to him what I said to you otherwise he will trouble me in office . You just message him that you aren’t interested in marrying him“.

Elina   – “ Okay fine “.

Sanam – “ Bye “.

Sanam goes back to office. Sanam feels so weird and bad .

Sanam (thinks) – “ Allah why ? Because of this Jalad .. I had to say all this .. eventhough there was some truth in it . I hate to do such cheap things but I had to do this because him. Ya Allah !!”

She goes into Aahil’s cabin. Aahil smiles thinking that Sanam failed in her task.

Aahil  – “ So ready to apologize, since you have failed “.

Sanam – “ I haven’t failed .. just check your messages “.

Aahil sees Elina’s message that she isn’t interested in him now. He gets surprised. Sanam stands there with a victorious smile.

Aahil   – “ How did you ?”

Sanam – “ It doesn’t matter.. I have completed your task “.

Aahil looks her suspiciously but Sanam looks around to avoid eye contact with him.

Sanam – “ So What is the next work ? “

Aahil     – “ After lunch , Arrange those files in order and then make my schedule for next day .. “.

Sanam looks at huge mountain of files on the side table. She blinks her eyes in disbelief and looks him being disappointed. He ask her to serve him lunch . She serves him . He sits there with attitude . Aahil ask her to leave as it is lunch time for her too. Sanam leaves .

After having lunch from the canteen, she get back to work. Aahil leaves to visit his factory. Sanam arranges all files , even though it was difficult. She takes help from other staffs and Rehaan and from Aahil’s given information to make his schedule. When Aahil comes back he checks and ask her to make some changes and she does it.

Sanam – “ Now What ?”

Aahil     – “ You can leave now , I have some personal plans “.

Sanam – “ Okay .. Thank you “.

Sanam leaves happily. Sanam waves hand at Rehaan and he waves back. She leaves. She reaches home and makes Seher’s favorite sweet .

Seher reaches Bhopal railway station. She gets a call from Sanam.

Sanam – “ Did you reach ? Should I come to pick you ?”

Seher – “ I have already told that it isn’t necessary. You have asked this question for atleast 5 times”.

Sanam – “ Okay .. just message me when you get into cab or auto “.

Seher – “ Okay ,my Ammi “.

Seher cuts the call . She checks her purse.  She finds that she is out of money. She gets tensed.

Seher – “ How will I call Sanam to pick me up? If I do so she will give a long lecture.. if I was in Punjab I would have got a lift from anyone but I don’t know anyone here “.

Rehaan pass by the same place and he get to see Seher . Rehaan gets surprised seeing her . He waves hand at her mistaking her to be Sanam . Seher thinks and remembers doing a prank on him in Punjab. She thinks that he identified her .

She suddenly turn to other side in fear.

Rehaan (thinks)- “ What happened to Sanam?”

Seher  (thinks) – “ What is this Janab doing here ? I hope he don’t make a scene here“.

Rehaan walks towards her. Seher gets worried. Rehaan reaches near her but Seher decides to leave.

Rehaan           – “ Where are you going?”

Seher (thinks)- “ What will I do ?”

Rehaan         – “ Sanam , What are you doing here?”

Seher (thinks) – “ Sanam !! How does he know Sanam ? “

Rehaan    – “ But you seems little different from your casual look. You look smart in this style “.

Seher smiles and turn to him. She smiles at him .

Seher – “ Thank you.. what are you doing here?”

Rehaan – “ I was passing through this way after office then I saw you here. Are you going somewhere? This backpack and all.. are you not coming office tomorrow ?“.

Seher – “ No .. I came here for shopping. Why to carry everything in carry bag when you have back pack bag . We should save our planet by not using much plastic “.

Rehaan – “ Great idea ! If you are done with your shopping, I can drop you home “.

Seher (thinks) – “ Allah Miya … thank you so much for hearing my prayers “.

Rehaan – “ Sanam.. “.

Seher    – “ Yes , Iam done with shopping but wouldn’t it be a trouble for you?”

Rehaan – “ Not at all , I can do this for my colleague.. no problem. Come “.

Seher goes with him and get into his car.

Seher (thinks)- “Sanam, meri behan.. you got a job ! This man seems to be so sweet.   Seems like he made a good bond with Sanam”.

Seher is sitting in the front seat. Rehaan starts the car. Seher feels hot inside the car.

Seher – “Weather has become so hot .., Would you please switch on AC ?”

Rehaan – “ Sorry .. I will do it now “.

Seher – “ Thank you.. “.

Rehaan – “ How is your Badi Ammi now ?”.

Seher (thinks)- “ How does he know about all this ?”

Rehaan – “Sanam.. “.

Seher – “ She is Okay ,now “.

Rehaan – “Did Aahil Bhai troubled you much today ?”

Seher (thinks)- “Why is he asking so many questions ? Aahil … Is this same Aahil who is Sanam’s biggest enemy? “

Rehaan – “ Are you Okay ? Whenever I ask you some question you get lost in your own world”.

Seher – “ No.., I mean Iam Okay …. Is there anyone who can trouble me ? Afterall Iam so strong and bold. Even trouble won’t touch me “.

Rehaan – “ Oho !”

Seher (thinks) – “ I think I should ask him something so that he won’t ask anything else”.

Seher – “ By the way, where are you staying?”

Seher engage him with some random talks. She talks to him till they reach her place.

Seher gets down.

Seher – “ Thank you so much .“.

Rehaan- “ You are welcome.. so see you tomorrow “.

Seher – “ Yaa .. Yaa . Bye“.

Rehaan leaves and Seher sighs in relief.

Seher – “ Oho.. I escaped somehow . I hope Sanam doesn’t get to know about this.. “.

Precap :- Sanam – “ I don’t like him at all “.

Seher – “ But I like your Boss Aahil .. It’s all because of him you asked for a help from me and I got my favorite sweet “.

Afeeza – “ By the way Sanam , wind seems to be changing. I hate him to I don’t like him .. nice !! Ha .. ha..”.

Seher , Afeeza and Haya teases Sanam with Aahil. She gets angry..

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