Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 19th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Amber takes baraat to marry Guneet

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 19th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nia getting emotional seeing Amber as the groom and applies kajal behind his ear and ties brooch to his turban. She looks at Kabir and tells that atleast one Sharma’s destiny blossomed. Amber says her destiny will blossom too. Amber comes out of the house. They all see his decorated bike inplace of a horse. Nia says you made Guneet ji sit on it for the first time. She asks Pammi and Shuklayan to tell the bride that they are coming. They all dance happily. Tenu leke Main Jawanga plays……..Amber smiles sitting on the bike, gets down and dances with them. He smiles happily. Pammi welcomes Amber with aarti and pulls his nose as a rasam. Nia tells that they shall bring Guneet down. Guneet comes downstairs while others hold the red dupatta on her head. Song plays….mehendi ….Kabir says they will not let him see his bride. Nia says a bit. They are about to put it down, then Nia asks Amber to do some hard work. Amber tries to see Guneet’s face.

He finally sees her and smiles. Guneet also smiles happily. Nia tells Guneet that she wanted a fairy tale wedding at the most romantic place and asks her to see Gunnu De Amber Ka Paris wala Vyah. Guneet says it is like dream coming true. Nia says when you came for the first time in this mohalla, you hit our gate with your car. Guneet says no. Nia says grah pravesh happened at that time, we understood later. She says we are becoming one family because of the stairs and house. They get emotional. Nia says lets go for varmala. Amber looks at Guneet shoes and realizes gifting it to Nia. He understands Nia gave it to Guneet so that her feet don’t get hurt. They go to the stage. Amber and Guneet recall their first meeting. Saathi song plays….

Guneet tries to make Amber wear garland. She acts to get hurt. Nia says she is acting. Kabir says really she is hurt. Amber asks Guneet to show. Guneet makes him wear garland. Amber also makes her wear garland. Pammi says Amber will say Guneet Guneet now and not Nia Nia..Nia gets sad. Kabir cheers her up. Pammi says Pandit ji is calling for rounds.

They go inside the house and sit in the mandap. Pandit ji starts the mantras. Amber asks Guneet if Pandit ji will take much time. Guneet asks why, you can’t sit for longer time. Amber says he is 50. Nia tries to wear bracelet. Kabir comes there and tries to help her wear it. RB comes and holds her hand, makes her wear it. Nia goes. Kabir gets upset. Pandit ji asks to call Guneet’s parents. Guneet says her mother is here. Amber makes Nia sit beside him. Kabir and RB, both hold Nia’s dupatta. Kabir says I am doing and gives dupatta’s end to Nia. Pandit ji asks them to tie the ghatbandhan. Nia ties the ghatbandhan. Pandit ji asks who is coming for Kanyadaan. Guneet says only my Maa. Pammi says my Pra ji will do the kanyadaan. Pandit ji says but he is now available here. Pammi says it is new era. Just then the phone hangs. Kabir checks the phone. Nia asks Pammi to do the kanyadaan. Pandit ji says father is the one who brings up the child. Nia tells that Pammi has taken care of Guneet since her childhood and tells that she shall do the kanyadaan. She asks if anyone has objection. They say no. Guneet gets emotional.

Precap: Amber and Guneet gets married. Guneet sees her name on the name plate along with Amber and Nia’s name and looks at Nia happily.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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