Shubharambh 12th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Raja gets stable after Mihir operates on him

Shubharambh 12th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mihir asking Rani, what she will say as her husband’s life is in his hands. He asks if she will say it again that she don’t trust him. Rani says it was past and there is nothing valuable for her than her husband’s wife. Mihir tells that he is changed now and is not the same who used to love her madly. He tells that his wife is more beautiful and educated than her. He says your status is just a patient’s wife infront of me. He goes out. Utsav looks at Mihir and gets shocked. Rani comes out and tells that he is Mihir and is going to do Raja’s operation. Utsav says he was a street goon, asks if we shall trust him. Asha asks Mihir to save her son. Mihir assures her. Rani’s parents identify Mihir. Rani tells Utsav that she don’t think that they shall trust Mihir as he is obsessed. Utsav says many people changes with me, even me. He says he had saved many people’s lives. Rani says whatever he had done with beggar and the peon, I don’t think that I shall let him do the operation. Mihir calls her Mrs. Reshammiya and asks her to bring the medicine in 2 mins. He says your God will not save your husband, it is going to be me…Rani refuses to go. Mihir says if you take time then surgery will be late and risk will increase. Rani says ok, I will bring, but first I will meet Raja.

Asha asks Rani to bring the medicine. Mihir says 1 mins 52 seconds left. Rani runs to get the medicine. She asks the chemist to give the medicine, but he tells that medicine name is not written. Rani gets angry and comes back. She asks where is Doctor? Asha tells that Mihir assured them that Raja will be fine and he started operation. Rani is shocked and knocks on the OT door. Nurse comes out and asks her not to shout. Asha asks utsav to take Rani from there. Rani tells Utsav that Mihir has not changed. Nurse comes out and gives Mihir’s letter to Rani. Rani reads it that she would have felt pain while running to get the medicine, even he had felt pain when she slapped him. He writes that her husband’s life is in God’s hands. Rani throws the letter and prays to God to save Raja.

She keeps diya/lamp in her hand and stands with her one leg swearing that until Raja gets fine, she will stand like this. Asha and others are shocked and they also pray for Raja’s life. Mihir starts the operation. Nurse takes oxygen cylinder in a hurry. Mihir continues doing the operation. He comes out after the operation is done and keeps hand on Rani’s hand setting off the diya. He says surgery is done and it was successful. Everyone smiles. Shubharambh ho plays…Asha asks how is Raja now? Mihir says Patient is stable now, but he is having one more clot in his brain and needs to be operated later. He asks her to stop thanking God and tells that it is good that he started surgery on time.

Asha tells Mihir that he is an avatar of God. Mihir tells that he doesn’t believe on God, but believes his work. He goes. Other doctor tells that Mihir will be completely fine after one more surgery. Rani thanks God.

Precap: Rani tells Utsav that she shall trust Mihir and tells that he is changed. Mihir tells that he has not changed and will play the game from two sides, and looks at Rani’s pic kept on his table.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Too bad it is shown as negative .. Mihir would be a good positive role for this series and jodi .. But the main jodi is already done .. Very unfortunate

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