Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th October 2020 Written Episode Update : Tiwari insults Vibhuti

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tilu hands Vibhu food parcel and asks for money, Vibhu checks his pocket and finds wallet missing, Tilu says i knew this would happen, Tilu says you should have checked before ordering, Vibhu says trust me, Tilu says i would but how will you talk to my boss Tiwari, he will cut money from my profit, Vibhu says i will give you money tomorrow and dont tell Tiwari, Tiwari walks to them and asks what is this parcel,and did he pay, Tilu says no, Tiwari scolds Tilu and slaps him, Vibhu says don’t do this with him actually i lost my purse, Tiwari says sad okay do a thing find your purse get money and leave, Vibhu says it’s so late, Tiwari says then give the parcel nack, Vibhu says my mother is hungry, Tiwari says i will talk to her, Vibhu thinks she will kill me and says she cant talk and will return money tomorrow, Tiwari yells at Vibhu and insults him and slaps Tilu.

Vibhu feels bad, Tiwari reaches home very happy and calls Angoori, Angoori asks him how was his day, Tiwari says wonderful and we had a great opening, Angoori says i had prayed to God that if we have good business i will feed hungry, Tiwari thinks she keeps spending my money, Tiwari says i have already fed a poor, and even his mother, Angoori says i am proud of you, Angoori says but 3 are remaining, Tiwari says that mother son had food of 10 people, Angoori asks who are they, Tiwari says our neighbours, Angoori says Vibhuti and Helan aunty, Tiwari says yes Vibhu came begging and said will return money tomorrow i said no need keep it, Angoori says you are so kind hearted. Tilu walks in with a bag abd food parcel and asks Tiwari to give his share, Tiwari asks whats in your hand, Tilu says its the same parcel i gave Vibhu but you snatched it and insulted him.
Angoori looks at Tiwari angrily.

Vibhu sitting on Auto in tears speaks to God says why did you do this. Prem sees him and says whats wrong and says God heard you, Vibhu tells Prem about how Tiwari behaved, Prem Says i know Tilu told me come with me, we will buy parcel for your mother and then buy some alcohol and drink together. Prem Vibhu and Helan having alcohol and food together, Helan says yummy food, Prem says its from my friend’s restuarant, and he had borrowed money from me, Helan says you do so much for your friends why not Vibhu. Prem says Vibhu i have an idea for you, Prem says a party has black money and wants to invest in a news channel through me, and I want you to be editor in chief and anchor. Vibhu enacts a editor and anchor. Prem and Helan impressed. Prem says you are perfect, Vibhu says i promise we will go viral. Vibhu says let me tell Viral, Helan says wifes pet. Prem says she will get to know on her own through your scandals.

Vibhu walks to Angoori in morning, Vibhu says i am going to do a big job, Angoori asks what, Vibhu tells her about news channel. Tiwari starts laughing. Tiwari says you are opening a new channel such a great joke, a man whom i insulted yesterday says he will open newz channel, so funny. Vibhu sees mug in Tiwaris hand and asks what is it for, Tiwari says none of your business and leaves. Angoori tells Vibhu that pandit Rampal has said if Tiwari pooped outside we would have a baby,. Vibhu says then Teeka Malkan and Tilu woukd have babies too.

Vibhu washing clothes says Anu never lets me in peace, Anu calls Vibhu and asks did he was saree, Vibhu says i have soaked in warm water as you said, Anu says since an hour you are mad, Anu starts scolding Vibhu calls him careless, and asks Vibhu to wash saree carefully.

Teeka Malkan check wallets they have stolen and dont find good money, they see master Teeka says he is good catch lets steal his wallet, Teeka and Malkan great Master, Master asks what are you doing here, Malkan says waiting for you, we are following your advice, master says im so happy. Teeka Malkan hug master and steal his wallet.

Teeka opens the wallet and finds a note which reads that boys are culture less.

Pre cap : Vibhu tells Angoori and Tiwari that he will appoint Angoori in his channel with 10,000.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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