Shakti 13th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Virat returns from death for Heer

Shakti 13th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Heer telling that it was Mata Rani’s aarti time and asks Preeto to come. They all run home and do aarti. Parmeet and her family also pray for Virat’s life. Preeto does the aarti while Heer sings bhajan. Everyone prays. Soham looks at them standing far. Preeto looks at Heer beating the bell plates and doesn’t stop even after her hand bleeds. Parmeet cries and prays for Virat’s life. Preeto and Harak Singh ask Heer to stop it. Harak Singh asks her to handle herself. The bell falls on the floor. Virat is seen holding the cliff point and climbs up. He starts walking. Heer sits down and cries shouting Virat’s name. Virat comes there and says your Virat is back, Heer. Heer looks at him. Everyone looks at him in surprise. Heer smiles happily. Preeto recalls Virat’s promise that history will not repeat again and that he will return for Heer. Heer runs to Virat and hugs him. Mahi smiles. Virat smiles. Preeto recalls Virat’s condition that if he gets saved then give Heer’s hand in his hand. Heer asks why did you jump in the valley and didn’t think about me, she asks why and hits him. He says I knew that I will return for you and us. Heer hits him again and asks him to think about her before doing such things. He says ouch Heer, I am injured and in pain. Heer says she will apply medicine to him. She makes him sit and applies medicine on his injuries. Preeto looks at them.

Virat looks at her bleeding and injured hands and applies medicine to her hands. He ties the bandage too. Heer cries and holds his hand. He asks Heer to come with him and takes her to inhouse temple. They fold their hands and thank Mata Rani. He says you said right that Mata Rani is our mutual friend, when you was asking me from her then you knew somewhere that I am alive. Heer tells that she knew that nothing had happened to him as she has realized that they are made for each other. Virat asks her to come. He folds his hands and tells Preeto that all her doubts are cleared now that I am not suitable for her. He says from today she is mine. He asks her to take out marriage date and tells that he will convince his parents till then. Preeto says it is not needed as I, myself don’t agree for this marriage. Heer asks what are you saying? Virat says death left me life and you are not ready here. He says I have proved my life and asks what to do. Preeto says even if you keep your pieces infront of me then also I will not agree. She asks Heer if she forgot what happened last time. Heer shouts stop it Preeto and tells that Virat will not prove more. She says nobody can stop Virat and Heer’s marriage from happening. Shakti song plays….Soham asks if she has gone mad and tells that if Preeto Dadi is refusing then it might be for your benefit. Virat tells that this marriage will benefit Heer and asks Harak Singh, Preeto and Rohan to understand. Preeto says we are not kids to agree. Heer says sorry Preeto, but you are talking like kids. Preeto asks Heer to come inside and takes her inside. Virat tells that I had said that if I return from the valley then Heer will be mine and asks her not to be violent on her as he will not marry without her consent.

Rohan asks Virat to go home as his family was worried for him. Virat tells that they had told me clearly that I am dead for them. Rohan explains to him that family members had said that in anger and asks him to go. Virat says ok, I will go, but I will return and asks him to take care. Harak Singh says my Harman had jumped down from the same place, but he didn’t come, but Virat came. Rohan tries to pacify him.

Preeto takes Heer to room. Heer says she is sad that she is her Preeto. She asks her why is she not understanding her love and tells that she loves Virat a lot. She asks her to understand and tells that she couldn’t live without him. She says he is changed and will keep me very happy and will marry me. She holds her legs and pleads infront of her. Preeto goes out. Heer tells that Virat had said that he will come and will take her away from there. She says he is my Ranjha and will take me. She says I will stay here and wait for my Virat. Preeto sits outside her room and cries badly.

Simran asks Parmeet to get up and asks until when she will sit here. Parmeet says I will die sitting here, Mata Rani has to return my Virat and have to accept my prayers. Virat comes there and sees her praying and crying. He says Mata Rani has sent your son. Everyone gets surprised.

Parmeet gets up and runs to him. She checks his hands and face, asks if he is fine. Virat says I am fine. Parmeet says you want to marry Heer, then marry her. She say your mother doesn’t love you less and if you don’t believe then I am ready to jump down from the cliff. Virat asks her not to say this and says I love you Maa. Sant Baksh slaps Virat. Virat asks him to beat him, but don’t ask him to separate him from Heer. Sant Baksh asks him to go and get married to Heer. He says our approval is with you. Virat is surprised and asks why did you slap me then? Sant Baksh asks him to grow up and asks him to remember that he is his son. Virat asks can I hug you once? Sant Baksh looks down. Virat hugs him. Sant Baksh hugs him. Everyone smiles. Virat thinks nobody can stop Heer from becoming their bahu.

Precap: Preeto asks Rohan to close the door. Heer says closed door cannot stop her Virat. No one will be able to stop him. Preeto tells Heer if she thinks by doing all this, she will agree for their marriage, then she’s wrong. Heer says she’s not worried about that because it’s Virat’s department to convince everyone. Other side, Virat is planning to first convince Harak. Harak comes to Virat with police. Virat welcomes him and they sit for drinks. Virat says first drink on Harman Singh’s name. Harak looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Thanks very much for the update….was teary eyed while reading it. Very emotional episode.

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