Shivika ff by nans ( part-4)

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Hi evryone
I am glad tat my humour worked in last part.many wanted translation, so I will translate in this part. But as u know it disturbs flow I will give translations in double brackets. And explanation in single brackets.hope u all get convineient. Keep showering ur love on me. A single emoji also I feel blessed.
So I have shown omru ani bond and anika hurt with shivay words n starts to maintain distance n shivay unknown of this n and a tattoo of ram on an is hand who is blood relation to anika.tia with pink paint pack n anika giving jabardast reply.
Here part 4 goes,
Tia fumes n gives dress to anika rudra group hug.rudra phone beeps.
R: arey waah 2 minute mein 40 likes for pink lady baba.
A: jara dikhao …. Kya snap liya hai rudra!!!! Iske baad toh 40 likes kya 400 likes bi kam hai.ek dam kidki …na…darwaja….na…..oberoymansion ki security lock thod hai!!!!!
Rudra leaves to show this PIC to sumo n om was also abt to leave but anika stops him
A: om dost ki hak se much puch rahi hun… Tum teek ho? Prinku aur tum aaj kal bahut pareshan lagrahe ho aur tum ridhima ki vajah se drugs li mein mani nahi sakti. Chahe kuch bhi ho ye baat tum bhi jaant the ho ki ap teenom ki life pe kud se jyada baaki dono ka hak hai. Isi liye toh tumne diwali pe ridhima se breakup karliya. Kuch baat hai toh mujse share kar sakte hon om..
(( om I am asking with right as a friend..r u fine? U n prinku are seemed to be tensed now a days. And u took drugs bcoz of ridhima I will never believe it. Whatever be it is, u know tat btw u three brothers right on ones life is of the other two. Tats y u breakup with ridhima on diwlai for ur bros. If there is something u can share with me om))
O: anika yaisa kuch bhi…………..filal me tumse kuch nahi bata sakta par kabhi bhi kisise share karna ho tumse hi akar kahunga
(( anika there is nothing………. I can’t sa anything right now but if I want to share I will come first to u only.)) Saying this he gives a light smile and leaves from there. Thinking how fortunate he is too get such a good friend.anika too hopes whatever be it is , it should get solve soon and her true friend should again give a true smile.

Rudra goes to sowmya to show her lady babas pic. But seeing her upset he goes and stands behind her
R: sumo r u ok? Now what ?
S: just shutup rudra what u did? Y u wear me ring? Huh?
R: u r upset coz reyaan didn’t put ta ring?
S: no!!!! But y u did? Y r behaving weirdly after tat marriage ? What’s ging on?
Rudra holding her tightly
R: I don’t know OK… I don’t know but all I know is we r married and we can’t dny it.and we will say this to everyone after bhayyas marraige.
And he leaves from there
Sowmya is totally confused but still smile appears on her face with tears.
Rudra too feeling so good after taking this decision. Why? He don’t know. But he is happy .

Anika when doing her work with half mind thinking abt her n shivay relation ,their fights,their bond and shivay harsh words and his care. She is shifting trays lights decors here to there and she hears tias convo fortunately.
Tia to a person on call: I not going to spare this anika baby. What she did with me today, I will pay her back.and this shivomru I will make them kneel down in front of me.once this marriage happens then I will show them ta hell. Hmmmmm ya OK….. Hm……what? Today night OK. After sangeet we will meet .bye baby. And she leaves from there. Anika listening this takes a vase to throw at her but calm downs and takes her phone and text tat same person who msg her mrng.( let assume him as x.) “ trace tia call details which she did exactly now.and find tat person. And get tuth out of him by hook or crook” and she gets reply “ OK, madam” .

After this she again starts her decorating work. The small lights wire is totally entangled and she is trying to remove it.daksh comes there and holds her hand.anika sees him.
Here Shivay comes n see this and totally furious.
D: anika I will help u
A: koi baat nahi, me karlungi(( its OK,I will do it)) he is not leaving her hand
Shivay in mind: what ta wuck!!! Y he always sticks to her.and y will he help? I will help my anika. Wait! What? My anika…..yes she is my organiser and my anika and y will others will help ,I will help her.( like seriously man, such a stupid Singh oberoy n sweet Singh oberoy ,or combo of both??)
Shivay goes towards them and IN a loud voice “ daksh”
Daksh leaves her hand and D: what gained shivay?
S: om was calling u to check out ur outfits.go fast gooo and she takes him and sends him away.
Anika removes the tangle and trying fix them to wall standing on tiptoes. But still she couldn’t reach the reach ta point. She is struggling so much stretching her hands above comoletely…. Shivay watching this smiles and comes close n stands behind her.he too lifts his both hands and places them on anika hands from back.with his sudden touch shivers travel all over there body and she gets close to him.she is breathing heavily now.shivay almost keeping his head on her shoulder tries set ta wire holding anikas hand. She nervously see him and he too see her with loaded tons of love n passion.he fixes ta wire and slowly takes back his hands along with anikas hands all ta while seeing into her deep eyes.anika is totally lost in his blue eyes. All their close moments are playing In their minds.suddenly anika comes into realisation and jerks him away and tries to leave but he holds anikas hand.moment freezes again.?????
Here omru searching shivay to do rehearsal
R: pata nahi kis kone mein betkar anika didi ki khayalom me khogae honge
(( don’t know in which corner sitting ,he is lost in anika didi dreams))
Om taps his head playfully
R: kya o…. O… Voh dekho(( what o…o… See there))
Omru sees shivika lost in each other.shivay holding her hand seeing her with love anika with painful look.omru comes close to them
R: door javoge to tum marjayenge him,
Sanam Teri kasam oooo sanam Teri kasam……….om smiles.
Hearing this shivika come to senses.
S: what?
R: what nahi haat haat chodena bhayya anika didi ka…
S: ha…. Sees holding anika n leaves her. Anika goes from there.
R:bhayya lagta hai duet performance ki rehearsal ho gaya ab bhayiyon ke sang bhi rehearsal karo.
(( bhayya duet perdormance rehearsal is over I think now do rehearsal with brothers too)))
S: shut up rudra let’s go.shivomru leave to practise.
Daksh who watches all this gives a typical villian wala look.

And finally the evening blast starts. OM beautifully decorated with lights all ta needed decors. All oberoys along with sowmya are in perfect theme set outfits in combination of white,cream,gold with highlight of beautiful floral print ( u all must seen their dresses in spoilers video)
Rudra is totally lost in sowmya until om shakes him.
Pinky: where is my bahuss?
Rudra watching anika coming: there she is
All turns n see anika she is not less than any angel. Beautifully dressed in elegant lehenga with big earrings and maangtika with simple makeup. Dadi omru prinku shakti jhanvy smiles seeing her and all compliment her.shivay mesmerized by her beauty starts walking towards her and stands close to her.anika don’t know what to do. Dadi om ru smiling at them. Pinky totally confused .
Om: Shivay!!??
Shivay comes to his senses.
S: ha …vohhh anika ..tia kaha hai?
T: mein yaha hu shivay baby. She comes n hugs Shivay .??????
Shivay watching only anika all ta time.
All the guests arrive.

And the function starts.first jhanvi dadi pinky perform with dhumkas and all they drag prnku too.she too dances but lost watches this n gets upset. Shivay observes om and asks is he assures him.but Shivay is not convinced.rudra comes n drags them to dance floor.

The three dashing obros perform on desiboyz
Om too happily dances along with shivru after all they r each others soul. Their rhythmic steps along with song are so cool tat they get great applause.
Anika talks to shivay in heart: don’t know billuji kitni nafrat se humare rishta shuru hua.par apkeliye much mehsoos karna shuru kiya toh voh tab jab meine ye dekha aap apni family ko kitna protect karte hain, tab jab mein ye dekha aap apne bhaiyon ke liye kuch bhi kar sakte hai…. Aap sach me pattar ho joh great wall bankar apni brothers ko har mushkil se bachate hon.and smiles seeing shivomru hugging.
(( don’t know billuji with mowmuch hate our retion started but I started feeling something for u at tat moment when I saw u protecting ur family when I saw u can do anything for ur brothers……u r really a stone which translated into great wall tat protects his brothers from all troubles and smiles seeing shivomru hugging))
Lafzon ka ye rishta nahin….plays and they come down after ta moment
Shivay sees anika smiling and smiles back.
Then daksh comes towards anika and asks for dance. Anika hesitates.daksh again asks her.shivay says let it be daksh.seeing Shivay jealous anika gives hand to daksh.
Daksh n anika perform on tune maari entri yan dil me baji ghanti yaar tang tang.they perform with full on josh
Seeing them Shivay is totally burning.rudra sees him and sings “ uske saath dace karte dekh ,dil mein phut volcano yaar tang tang “ shivay gives him serious valka look.
Daksh n anika comes shitia is asked to perform. Music track plays they r doing couple dance. Anika can’t see it but tries to control ta pain.rudra seeing shitia together can’t tke it longer and plays ta song” tyoba mein vyah karke pach taya tobha mein vyah karke….” with this shitia comes down due to embarrasment
And now all oberoys perform on “ambar dare doliya..”.totally beat song
And final performance is of all young couples present over there.
Shitia, rumya daani,and guest couples for a melody music bit.Shivay couldn’t watch daani together he is burning totally.anika just looking down while dancing with daksh. Rumya are lost in ech other with a pleasant look.after sometime rumya comes down ta stage n stands with om.and the remaining couples continue.and the partners are swapped after a round with this shivika comes together.
Bulleya songs plays in background perfect for shivay obsession for anika .he dances with her intensily so close twirls her pulls her close.feels the warmth of her touch ,lifts her ….does evrymove tat passionate couple do.all couples are down.but shivika still continue lost in each other.
Dadi omrumya prinku know exactly what’s going on.tejanvi n shanky r confused. But jhanvi n shakti r somewhat OK with what going on.pinky seeing them all ta while remembers all moments of shivika. How shivaay becomes kiddish in front of her how only anika can convince him, how Shivay cares for anika ,how anika saved him by taking blame on her character.
Now shivika dance ends with a perfect pose where anika is in shivay s arms.huge round of applause is going on by guests.
Tia n daksh are fuming completely.

Tats it for today guys.I tried to write a bit lengthier n translated for ur convenience.hope u r happy.if it bring smile on ur face just comment a word below.
And I need to share something guys , I am obsessed with shivika so I cut rumya short n they r kids now they will come to know love meaning slowly.let them figure it out themselves in my ff. Hope u like it.and for om I live vrushika a lot but if she is not there in show I don’t want to add her in my ff.we have to move in one day na.when om lead pair enters I will try to write his story parallelly.
Hope u r haply with comment below.

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  1. Sanaya_malik

    Awesome epi nans…. The way shivaye was jealous….. Shivika romance was gud…. Shivika dance was perfect… And rudra was as usual and rumor king…. Waiting for next

  2. Nansshivika

    Thanks sana dear??

  3. Fantastic episode ???keep it up

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      Thanks liara

  4. As always khidki thod ff..❤..??

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      Thanks sabhya

  5. Shivika22kapoor

    Beta ji MATHS Ki yaad aarahi thi ya kuch zyaada paadh liya tha.
    Ok now coming to the epi.
    Super Duper paisa vasool episode, I just loved it and just one confirmation dear is it world’s laughter day today that you are making me laugh so much.???????????????? ???????? ???????? ???????? ???????? ???????? ????????
    Rudra’s dialogues were just too funny ? ???????? . Shivaay Anika dance ? was superb and Shivaay jealousy is awesome I just like him in those looks alot.
    In total the entire epi was OBEROI MANSION’S SECURITY TOOD. Bechaara Shivaay security tight karwaata reh jata hai aur Anika ko toodna ka elaava koi kaam nahi hai

    1. Nansshivika

      Thank u so much dear
      Am so happy tatbu liked rudra dialogues

  6. Pri_24

    Omika bind is awesome I loved it…???????

    Shivay’s jealously and ShivIka’s moments are mindblowing….????

    And Rudra is woooowww…. and Iblike his decision…???

    And I respect our decision of not including Ishana as Om’s lead though I want it terribly..☺☺☺

    And Priveer ka bhi kuch karo na… plz….

    Update same dhamka update soon Nandupie.☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

    1. Nansshivika

      Thank you so much chocopie, priveer ka bhi much karungi jaroor????

  7. Shivika

    Osum…..dear splly shivika romance moments on stage and while wiring thng just wow…….post nxt one asap

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      Thanks shivika

  8. Tulasi

    Awwww….shivikaa????? sweet singh ober….??? his jealousy his care his luv his passion n his pov is awesumm fantastic papa…nandu i m really obsessed wid ur ff ra….?? rumya r cute asusual n how he took d fab decision n d way he conveyed it to somu is really sweet…i luv dis angle of rudy a lottt……n omika again touched my heart…their frndship wich i luv d most?

    1. Nansshivika

      Tulasi obsession Anna word toh ne gallo trlipotunna, thank u so much?????

  9. Priyali

    Shivika dance ???? maar dala nans… the way shivaay was jealous was also wonderful….

    1. Nansshivika

      Thank u priyali

  10. Jazz1

    Awesome ?

  11. Nainaa

    Woah!! Such a beautiful one…. really the humour is working…. Shivaay’s love and passion for Anika is driving me crazy and I am totally one hundered percent loving your ff. Their dance I mean Shivika’s dance is wow!… Waiting for next dhamakedar khidki thod episode from my Nandu… Love you

    1. Nansshivika

      Thanks cutipie?? love u tooooo

  12. Ishqkum

    Wow amazing Dr shivika scene

  13. mind blowing update nans especially shivika part and dance ….i love it

  14. It was???????

  15. It was awsome….shivika dance was super

  16. Akshaya

    Hey nandhu great job. Thanks for translation. Pink panther ?? shivika dance?? I want to see that real IB too
    Waiting for it. Nice shivika romance. Loved Rudy’s part. Rumya conversation??. Nice friendship track between omika. Awesome episode

    1. Nansshivika

      Thanks aksh ??

  17. What an epi nanss .totallyyy lots in love with shivika… gud one dear.. love u loads. Waiting fr ur nxt update… the most highlights of ur series is the funny songs and poetrys of rudra..continue that fun part.. al the best dear.and congo for the awesome response ur getting frm the fanss..?????????????????

    1. Nansshivika

      Thanks Sasi?????

  18. Rocked it namdu…?
    Next epi plsss

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      Thanks saha?? i am typing it

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    Its too good next continue

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      Thanks rithik

  20. loving shivika to the core….. awesome nans…. thank u for english trans….

  21. Nans now you only tell me what should I say on this piece of art … I am spellbound dear ..
    ” likhawat yesi aapki joh muskurat laaye,?
    Likhawat yesi aapki joh ?dil chuu jaye
    Aanko me baas jaye aur….
    Rooh ( soul ) me utar jaye …”
    Nan’s take it seriously whatever I wrote just came from my heart and yaa you proved today that when reality and skills mix up will form a super se uper wala dhamaka

  22. Nansshivika

    Shama tat lines are a lot to me dear???? thanks for such a sweet poem.feeling so blessed. Thanks a lot dear???

  23. Awesome shivika romantic dance I loved it waiting for next part

    1. Nansshivika

      Just submitted will be out sometime later.thanks dear

  24. VHM


  25. i m sorry nans i couldnt ever comment on ur post..cuz mujhe aaj hi pata chala…
    its was so romantic..luv shivika alot..n obros too..n it was awesome

    1. Nansshivika

      Its totally fine dear.I am glad u like it. Thanks a lot

  26. Ruchitha

    awesome episode yaar,,,,,, but add precap,,,,,,,and the episdoe is sooo good

    1. Nansshivika

      Thanks ruchi dear. My fifth part is also out and added precap in tat

  27. Nice episode

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