Manan-Is it destined to be?(Episode-14)

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Hello,everyone….I know u all r pretty angry on me for going away all these 4 months without any prior notice but kya karu I wasnt feeling well…so i had to leave…but now Im back nd ur regular updates will be from 29th .But in between 29 I’ll gve 2 updates of my both stories….Ignore typos…Suggestions r welcum..Luv u all..bye…
Thanks all the ppl for sticking around to my ff even though I made u wait for lyk 5 months…I kept on getting even prsnl messages frm ppl like crystal,shresti,kavina,kavya nd some other ppl. regarding my health nd about ff..thnks fr all ur cncrn…luv u all…
recap:manik’s p.o.v nd nandu unfortunately listens to manik s and alya’s conversation over phone nd feels bad…
(For detail recap refer pg-29 episode -13)
An eerie silence fell upon us..The one that’s haunting,chilling which makes ur bones rattle…That silence which determines the defeat of strongest battles-thats ilence fell upon us as I stared ahead of me luking at manik whose chocolate orbs r looking at me
Nothing is said….ofcourse nothing could be said..Evrything is announced in that deadly silence that he understood I heard his convo nd I turned around walking towards the door feeling my heart heavy as my body shook slightly with fear
“u know….?”he asked as I stood rooted in my place waiting for him to speak….He continuedÏ never meant to hurt u Nandani…It was already planned but that prick,Dhruv ran away and i ended up with u…”he spoke wth hatred filled voice making me shiver…
Ïm sorry….Im such a dissapointment”I spat harshly not turning around as I walked 2 the door just have to have my body slammed against the wall as he swiftly turned me around glaring at me.His face wth dark scowl making me flinch..
“dont f*****ng talk to me lyk that”he muttered nd he slapped me as I glared at him…He continued”u dont know me yet kitten nd lets face it…u ‘ll have a heart failure if u do”he spat as I pushed him off me wth all my might making him stumble a little
“I dont need to know who u r manik…u r a cruel MONSTER…nd a person who isnt deserved to b luvd,dsnt need to b rspctd…I pity ur lover as she has to deal wth such a heartless man”I shout and his body shook violently as if he is about to pounce on me.
ü may be a man but dont frgt I can do twice damage as u can do-but Im not lyk that nd I have this thing called heart wch beats..”nandu spoke as he slammed her hands against the walll,his chest rising nd falling rapidly as his free hand gripped her chim bringing it upward…
man:oh baby,u dont know the damage I culd cause”he growled darkly as a loud knock came on the door making him stiffen
“Yo nandu we r leaving…”aarav yelled as I tried pushing manik off but it was of no use…
Ïm coming”‘nandu shouted nd a dark look took over manik’s face b4 he released her making nandu glare at him.She pushed the door open nd saw aarav over the door smirking at her..
Öh shut up…”nandu muttered walking downstairs as he trotted behind her smirking…If only he knew wat xactly is going btween manik nd me…”nandu thought..
nandu p.o.v:
as i reached down i saw abhi standing near the door wth rishu nd aarav nd as soon as abhi saw me his face had a big grin wch slowly disappeared as i near him..
abhi:wat happened to ur face nd wrists?” nd I started stiffening..I could feel my face go pale as he lukd at me in seriousness”Nothing ….y…wats wrong?”‘I asked abhi …tHen he asked me “nandu…is it manik?”wthout falling for my act…I shook my head saying”no….not manik…y would he”…I felt manik’s presence behind me nd he spoke”‘äbhi?”‘ nd i turned to look at him,his face darkened wth a scowl overtaking…
abhi looking at nandu’s face said”strange…i swear they luk lyk finger prints…..”‘he gritted his teeth nd spoke mainly to manik..then manik came place his hand on my shoulder nd saidäbhi…im sure my wife nd i have personal business wch is not of ur cncrn”‘sternly as abhi lukd at him b4 shrugging his shoulders,walking to doorway.he again said to me”baby doll…take care nd anything i mean ANYTHING ,just tell me…I’ll luk after it”‘nd he left in b lack audi…cabir nd maddy had gone to drop off mukti nd abhi,rishu,aaarav left now nd sanju aunty is on leave wch meant it is just me nd manik at home..
Slowly turning around I saw manik who is typing sumthing on mob nd i walked slowly past him trying to avoid him…
Then he said”my friend is getting married nd u r coming with me at 6″‘as i lukd at him confused…
It is 5:30 then nd he xpeted me to get ready at 6…but manik….ï started nd he cut me nd walked off..
How nice(sarcastic…..)!!!
30 min passed nd i quickly applied little blush to my pale cheeks but cudnt get the colour to it.Slowly nd taking deep breaths i sighed as i heard him yell my name calling me downstairs.i mean i could have rejected it flatly but sum sixth sense told me not to.I dont know how to xplain but my heart nd istincts yelled to go.Ayappa i dont know wat to do.
“nandini…fr ur ayapppa’s sake…”came his annoyed voice as the door opened making me turn around to luk at him nd i stared awed at the sight infront of me.He is in a dark royal blue blazer,black shirt wth black trousers wth his customatic top 2 buttons undone,hair perfectly gelled nd a day old stubble…He started staring at me too..
Slwly shifting uncomfortably frm his heated stare as i lukd down avoiding his gaze..
wat if i lukd bad?
wat if he is thinking i’m ugly?
“come v r late”‘he whispered turning on nhis heels nd walked out making me follow behind him holding my red nd black backless lehenga.
To say the car ride is awkward wud be an understatement but i am relivied beyond words as v reached destination.manik gave his black mercedes’s keys to the valet..I cud feel the nvmbr coldness swish past me as i shuddered slightly bcoz of my backless nd short blouse.
“Mr.Malhotra pls come inside”said the receptionist as i felt ppl lukng at me making me shift uncomfortably.The receptionist is completely immerse in speaking wth manik that he didnt realise even i am standing there nd all of sudden his eyes landed on me nd his eyes widened as he gazed at me as if i am a cute little baby..
“if u r done staring at my WIFE ,I’d lyk to go in”‘manik spat at him emphasising the word WIFE….He shook in fear nd walked us through two large glass doors nd manik grabbed me by my waist..
i didnt know how to feel as his fingers made contact wth my bare waist but i guess i didnt have time as v walked inside a large crowded hall as ppl turned around lukng at us mainly at manik nd even me(nandu is also famous as a rich businessman’s daughter nd another businessman’s sister) greeting a formal hello or a warm hug..
“Stay here”is alll he said as he walked away leaving me in the middle of large hall as ppl stared at me curiously.Oh ayappa ,I wish i was never here i thought as i walked 2wrds a large empty table b4 taking a seat…
For sum odd reason,I cud feel my heart racing wth worry as I tried calming it but it is of no use when suddenly”hello r u nandini?”came a feminine voice as i turned around nd lukd at a beautiful woman wth beautiful eyes nd mesmerising luks,her hair place on oneside in a floor length gown…”s i’m nandini nd u r?”i spoke standing up now levelling her as she gave me a tight warm smile..
“I’m Alya…””
DRUMROLLS…..nandu meets alya……wat’s next……uf… pls do lemme know how is it…silent readers pls….nxt another update b4 28 nd after 28 regular updates…luv u all.t.c.bye

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  1. Woo wecome back how is yuor health ,we miss you a lot we are so happy.

    1. Praha

      thnk u so much es…nd ya even im happy to b back….now im fine

  2. Praha

    ok i guess ppl lost all their interest in my story nd I lost all my readers!!!??

  3. Kavina

    No, I am here. I loved it. How are feeling. People will read just wait and if they don’t I will. Can’t wait to read the rest of the updates

    1. Praha

      tq kavina…tq so much…cudnt post bcoz of health issues..nxt update after 22nd nd frm 29th regular updates

  4. How are you dear how is your health misseddddd you soooo much dearrrr can’t express how badly misses your ff update is just superbbbbbb dear take care love you loads

    1. Praha

      im fine now….tq piya nd hope u r gud too…i also missssssssssedddddd u all ppl very much…but circumstances r such that ki i cant post..o.k chuck it..thnk u..luv u..bye

  5. Wowwwww….
    Its just amazing superb …
    Loved it ❣❣❣❣

    1. Praha

      tq kyy…

  6. Prahuu prahuuuu…..finally u are back! I hope you haven’t forgotten me..I’ve been waiting for this update for sooo long….can’t express my happiness….hope you are fine dear..and the update was sooo amazing…can’t wait to read more….pls pls update sooonnnn….I’ll be waiting…???take care of your health dear…

    1. Praha

      anandi…….how can i ever frgt u….yup im finally back…..thnks fr sincerely waiting yaar…ya now im fine..thnk u for ur comment on update….yup nxt update after 22nd nd frm 29th i’ll give updates daily..take care u too…luv u

  7. Good one??

    1. Praha

      tq avighna

  8. Finally you back… I missed your stories veryyyyyyyyyy much. Update is superb. Waiting for next: Plz…..update sooooon….plz……

    1. Praha

      tq…..ya u will get another update after 22nd

  9. O my god
    o my god
    o my god
    I can’t believe wt u r real u r update is here its long time bt i remember u every time. Without reading i am sending msg to u becoz i don’t know how much miss u and ur updates.thank uuuuuuuuuu so much for coming back. Thank uuuuuuuuu

    1. Praha

      ya im back…believe it…thnks fr ur luv bharathi

  10. Mahi13

    Di do u’ve any idea that how much I missed u n ur story? I’m so glad to see u back. How r u? How’s ur health? Have u fully recovered? Don’t worry di u didn’t lost ur readers. We’re still here. And like always u hanged the story in the middle of a BIG suspense. But the update was fabulous like always. Will Nandini stand strongly against the troubles she’ll face? I hope she does. Take care of urself di.

    1. Praha

      YUP IM BACK MAHI…LUV U 2…ya im fine

  11. Hey…no u did not lose ur readers Praha..m still here…n u know what…like I left coming to this site from about one n a half month but then today I just fell to check this site again..I don’t know y…so I did n I did not read any other ft as I saw ur ff..n I was like wth…she is back…so m here in this site still logged in onlyyy for ur ff…ok!!!! N about the ff…
    It was a high class superbly written chappy..loved it

  12. hi and how are you,you know i was waiting for the update today.

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