Jealous Love – Ishqbaaz – Part 5 – The conclusion

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Hi this is VHM..i am back with other i mean the last part of this OS….please do let me know your views as comments…Sorry for spelling and grammatical mistakes and hope like other parts of my OS you would all enjoy this too…

so without much delay lets jump in to this last part:

Anika starts saying something but Shivaay just stares at her after sometime he pulls her towards her and bites her lips..she widens her eyes and pinches his lips with her lips..he drags her closer and they both in a rage but steadily starts exploring the nook and corner of their mouth…when suddenly Anika’s mobile rings…

Anika tries to pick the call but Shivaay doesn’t allow her Anika gently pushes him from the liplock and says
Anika: Billu ji mujhe lagta abhi hame ghar jaana chahiye..sab aap keliye bahut pareshaan hain aur hamne bahut der bhi kar diya..subah bhi hone ko hain…isliye abhi chalthe hain
(Anika: Billu ji I think we should leave for home now…everyone will be waiting for u..everyone is already tensed…also it’s going to be morning please lets go)
Shivaay: Anika, kash mein ye raat aisa hi rok saktha..mujhe tumse aur door nahi rehna tum bhi mere saath chalo hamare ghar…please
(Shivaay: Anika, I wish I could stop this night like this..i don’t want to go away from you, you to come to our house..please)
Anika pats on his head and says
Anika: jyada filmi nahi ho gaye ho aap?
(Anika: aren’t sounding filmy?)
Shivaay: kya karoon, tumhare saath reh kar itna tho ban gaya mein
(Shivaay: What to do, thise are consequences of staying with you)
Anika: Ab aap apna filmy dialogues bandh karke krupaya chalne ka kasth karenge?
(Anika: will you now end your filmy dialogues and take the pain of leaving?)
Shivaay and Anika drive towards Oberoi mansion, Anika drops Shivaay and drives towards her house before Shivaay could ask her to come in
Shivaay enters Oberoi mansion and everyone runs towards him to hug him except OmRu, Sumo …Shivaay gets teary eyed and overwhelmed to see the love of their family members and says
Shivaay: ok stop all these..this doesn’t suit me or you all..and before you ask me something let me tell you ..i am fine..absoultely fine
He looks towards OnRuMo..all the three smile widely and Shivaay reciprocates with a wider smile…
Pinky says
Pinky: Shivaay, tu ne hame bataya nahi kit u Anika se Lovs kartha hain? Bata deta tho ham kaunsa tumhe No’s kehthe?
(Pinky: Shivaay, why didn’t you let us know that you love Anika? Had you said why would we say No for the alliance?)
Shivaay says
Shivaay: Mom , please don’t embarrass me.. I want some time before we both get married ..
OmRu says
OmRu: ooooooooooooo…time chahiye Shivaay bhai ko?
(OmRu: ooooooooooo…Shivaay needs time?)
Rudy : Kyun bhayya Anika di sorry Anika Bhabhi ne kaha aapse aise kehne ko? Ya fir aap apni jawaani mastani karna chahthe hain
(Rudy: Why bro Anika di sorry Anika Bhabhi has asked you to do so or you want to lead a youthful life again?)
Om laughs and they both give Hifi to each other..
Shivaay: Abhi batata hoon Jawaani aur mastani ke bare mein
(Shivaay: I will explain you whether I want to be young or whatever)
He runs behind OmRu and they had a Oberoi hug.
Next morning Anika comes to Oberoi Mansion and Shivaay was desperately waiting for her looking towards watch every minute…she steps in nervously thinking how to face everyone there…Dadi sees Anika and hugs her and says
Dadi: Aakhir tu ne Billu ko kaabu mein kar liya…mein bahut khush hu puttar..mere Billu ki zindagi ab khushiyon se bharegi
(Dadi: so you have finally tamed my Billu..I am very happy my Billu’s life will be filled with happiness)
OmRu comes there and sees Anika , they three hug and OmRu collectively thank Anika for making Shivaay normal and forgiving him…Anika smiles in response…Rudra winks to Om and says
Rudy: Anika Bhabhi…
Anika stares at him ..he stumbles and says
Rudra: I mean Anika didi..kal shaadi tho cancel ho gayi aaj aap kisse milne yaha aaye ho? Shivaay bhayya tho office keliye kab ke jaa chuke hain..mein aur Sumo college jaa rahe hain aur Om bhayya tho apni statues banana keliye…fir aap yaha aaj kaise?
(Rudra: I mean Anika didi…yesterday marriage got cancelled so how come you are here today? Shivaay has left for office..i and Sumo are going to college..Om will be with his statues..then why are you here today?)
Anika: who mein..mein..haa..Dadi se milne aayi thi…
(Anika: i..i..yeah..i have come to meet Dadi)
Dadi: mujhse milne aayi thi ..khush reh puttar..chal mere kamre mein ham milke batein karenge aur tu meri thodi madat bhi kar de..OmRu tum dono jaoo…Anika mere kamre mein rahegi
(Dadi: you have come to meet me…stay happy puttar..come we will sit in our room and chat…and you can help me too…OmRu you both leave..Anika will be with me)
Dadi too winks towards OmRu…
Dadi: Chalo Anika
(Dadi: let’s go Anika)
Anika fakes a smile and says to herself
Anika POV: ye Billuji ko bhi itna jaldi jaana tha? Thodi der nahi rukh sakthe the..aaj subah hi badi filmy batein bol rahe the..woh kabhi nahi badlenge..bhagad billa hi ban ke rahenge
(Anika POV: can’t this Billu ji wait for sometime? Does he really need to go so early? Today morning he was saying filmy dialogues..he is impossible..he will never change..he is bhagad billa and will remain the same)
Dadi: Anika chalo
(Dadi: Anika come let’s go)
Anika: haa …haa.chaliye Dadi
(Anika: yeah yes ..let’s go Dadi)
Shivaay unable to wait in his room comes there and sees Anika …Anika too gets shocked seeing him and blushes ..and finally looks towards OmRu who were laughing loud..she turns towards Dadi and sees Dadi too laughing..she blushes in embarassement and runs towards OmRu to hit them ..OmRu tries to escape..and in while running she collides with Shivaay who holds her by her waist and they share an eyelock…OmRu cough to divert their attention and Rudy sings Tere naina tere naina….Om too joins and Shivay signals them to leave..he holds Anika’s hand and takes her to his room…
Shivay makes her sit on the bed and he sits down and puts his head on her lap and says
Shivaay: Anika , I need to say something very important to you…
Anika: haan boliye Billu ji
Shivaay: I love you
Anika stares at him lovingly and says
Anika: you wanted to say this …
Shivay: actually No, I have something else to say…I have no doubt that I want to marry only you..but before that I want to spend some time with you not as a couple but as my love…do you have any objection?
Anika: nahi Billu ji…I am with you in your decision…
Shivaay : I will not take months long just two to three weeks and whenever we feel we should get married we will marry
Anika: ok
Shivaay: till then you should meet me can come to my room or office or to any place you wish..i will be there..
Anika: ok
Days pass by Shivaay continues to romance Anika, sometime by pulling her close, sometimes by kissing her, meeting outside but what Anika doesn’t know is he has asked this time for something else..he sent Anika with OmRu for some work…
Anika with OmRu came back after the work and Shivaay announced his marriage after a week . He appointed top event management company for the marriage arrangements and to take care of each and every need of Anika from clothes, jewellery , necessities and what not…
It was decided that Tej, Jhanvi, OmRu, Sahil would come from Bride’s (Anika’side)…Dadi , Shakthi, Pinky, Prinku and Sumo from Bridegroom’s side (Shivaay’s side)…
The marriage function started on full swing..Haldi had anika dressed up in light yellow saree and floral jewellary …Anika wore a mehendi green lehenga and gold jewellary on mehendi day and had got it written as Billu ji as name in her mehendi wheareas Shivaay had PB(Panika Billu) written on his hands…
Sangeet started and Shivika danced to Tum hi ho song…Anika was dressed in a sky blue long gown with diamond jewellery and Shivaay in Navy blue suit…both were complimenting each other…they both were lost in each other’s eyes during the entire dance…Om and Prinku danced to the leja leja song where RuMo danced to the tunes of tune mari entriyaar dil mein bhaji ghanti yaar….rest all the oberoi members danced to the tunes of Ham saath saath hain….
Finally the day of marriage came …both Shivaay and Anika were asked to come in mandap…she was beautifully dressed up in Red lehenge with every jewellary complimenting the golden work on her lehenga…she was looking like an angel…shivaay was dressed in a offwhite red sherwani complementing the bride…shivaay saw Anika and couldn’t take off his eyes..he was thinking…
Shivaay POV: am I dreaming..she is looking so beautiful..she is really going to be mine in few minutes…everything of hers will be mine and everything of mine will be hers…I love you Anika….
Anika looks at Shivaay and thinks
Anika POV: I can’t believe I am actually getting married to Billu ji…I can live my entire life seeing his eyes…I want to be his entire half not only better half..we both should never go apart..we may quarrel but we must make up..I love you Billu ji…
They both come out of their thoughts and sit in mandap and rituals continue..Pandit then asks someone to do ghatbandhan..Shivay calls Sahil to come up and do Ghatbandan … Anika looks at him unbelievably and happy tears plunge in her eyes..Shivay signals Anika to relax and holds her hand tight….they both ask Sahil to come up and do the Ghatbandhan..Rudra and Om come behind Sahil and take away his sticks..Anika looks shocked..Sahil walks on his legs and comes to his Anika didi…Anika is still shocked and cannot believe what she has seen..she hugs Sahil and turns towards Shivaay…and with teary eyes says
Anika: Aapne ye sab ?
(Anika: did you?)
Shivaay: Anika…mein sab kuch baad mein bataoonga..abhi tum iss khushi ko jiyo
(Shivaay: Anika…I will explain you later…first you enjoy these moments)
A flashback is shown where:
Shivaay asks time before marriage to make Sahil fine…he spoke to orthopeadic surgeon and used to take Sahil everyday to him….he made a pact with Sahil that he shouldnot reveal this to he wanted to surprise her..Sahil agreed to him…this was known to OmRu and Sahil other than Shivaay
Shivaay on the day of Surgery sent Anika with OmRu on some work out of town saying he will take care of Sahil and asked OmRu to make Anika stay until he doesn’t inform them…OmRu agreed to him and took Anika …The operation went smooth and Sahil got fine…after two days Sahil was discharged and could walk on his both legs..Shivaay asked Sahil to continue using his sticks until the day of marriage..Sahil hugged shivaay and thanked him and agreed to what he said…
The flashback ends……

At the present situation in the mandap ….Anika says Thank you so muchhh…. Shivaay holds her hands and gives a smile …everyone around also smile happily….
Sahil does the ghatbandhan and Shivika takes the pheras..he puts sindhoor and makes her wear Mangalsutra..Pandit announces that they are from now on Couple….
OmRu hug each other and Sumo and Prinku join..Tejvi and Shanky congratulate each other..Shivika takes blessings from all the elders and hugs OmRu, Prinku, Sumo and they both lift Sahil …
The ring finding ceremony starts and Anika wins it however Shivaay deliberately looses…OmRu tease singing…Shivaay Joru ka Ghulam banke rahega…all the rituals end and they proceed for their first night…
Prinku and Sumo take Anika towards Shivaay’s room now Her room…she gets in and messages Om to stop Shivaay for sometime and messages Rudra to come fast…
Om does as Anika says…After sometime Anika messages Om everything ready…Om asks Shivaay to go to his room as Anika would be waiting..Shivaay stands confused but leaves from there and enters his room
In Shivaay’s room
Shivaay sees Anika sitting on bed with her face covered by her ghunghat as typical Indian Bahu…he pats his head and moves towards his bed..he sits on his bed and tries to lift the ghunghat…she doesn’t allow…he clears his throat and says
Shivaay: ohh..come on Anika..not like a typical Indian Tv Serial Bahu….
She smiles..he lifts the ghunghat and stays was Rudra who was sitting there in place of Anika…he feels embarrassed and screams
Shivaay: Rudy ke bacche..ruk teri kya haal kartha hoon
(Shivaay: You Rudy…Look wht do I do to you…)
Rudy laughs unctrollably and says
Rudra: Sorry sorry bhayya..maaf sab Anika Bhabhi ka plan tha..meri koi galthi nahi….ab mein chaltha hoon ..enjoy haa..bahut mehnat karna …
(Rudra: sorry sorry bhayya…please forgive me..this was all Anika bha bhi’s plan..i did no mistake…I will leave now…enjoy ok…get tired work hard haa)
Shivaay: Ab jaa yaha se…go..get out…
(Shivaay: leave from here right now…go…get out…)
He before closing the door shouts
Shivaay: aur koi iss room mein hain tho get lost anika kea lava….
(Shivaay: anyone else except Anika please get out)
He finally closes the door…
Anika stands behind the curtain looking towards sky … Shivaay comes from behind and holds her…
( remsincing their first encounter where Shivaay thought it to be tia and held Anika…)
Anika blushes and turns towards him ..he looks at her and gives her a peck..she reciprocates…he slowly takes off her jewellary and keeps them aside…she feels a sort of lust flowing withing her and he too feels so…
She kisses him and runs from there towards the pool …he comes running behind her..she turns towards him he comes closer she moves aside and pushes him in the pool…he smiles, stands and pulls her in the pool…
(Reminscing their second encounter where Shivika were in pool)
They come closer holding each other in pool ..anika’s lips shivering and body heating up and Shivaay staring at her rosy pouted lips immediately kisses her igniting equal fire in both of them..she reciprocates his kiss and brings him closer to her by putting her hands around his neck..after sometime they come apart for air …they come out of pool…
He goes towards his cupboard and gifts her a saree and asks her to change while he too changes…
It was a red plain silk saree with a backless strap blouse….she changed her clothes and tied her saree below her was extremely s**y and exactly tied how Shivaay imagined Anika to be tie…shivaay was desparately waiting for her sitting on his bed…Anika came out ..she let her hair loose and was looking stunning…Shivaay stood up seeing her thus and was just staring at her…he held her hand pulled her close and took her to the poolside …..
they both danced but not to the khaiye ke paan banaras wala but to sun saathiya din doobe naa….
(Remsinscing their next encounter of dancing aside the pool under fruintpunch effect….)
After their dance they came back to the room and he laid her on bed and rested himself between her shoulders and neck…..
Later he moved on to her lap while she was sitting and she caressed his hair
(reminiscing their next encounter when Shivaay was under medicine effect)
and he moved towards her face..he started planting kisses starting from her forehead till her legs without leaving a single part..she was in a trance ..she was enjoying ..he was making her excited while he being himself excited…he came to her side….he made her sit went behind and moved her hair aside and unstripped the lace of her blouse…she din’t reject his actions but closed her eyes enjoying every bit of his touch..he moved her saree pallu aside and then she resisted by holding her saree on her shoulders..he moved forward from behind kissed her on her hand that was holding her saree and gently moved her hand aside…she turned back and took heavy breathes while hugging him….
The lights were dim and doors were closed there was nothing visible except for the moans from their room as a symbol of their love making pleasure ….

Shivaay and Anika thus became one as SHIVIKA by all means !!!!

Thank you for bearing my OS …please pour in your comments…as those means a lot to me…i tried to not go beyond a limit while writing the consummation scenes…if anyone feel wrong please let me know…i will take care from further !!!

VHM signing off !!!

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