Shastri Sisters 9th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 9th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajat leaving. Anu looks on and cries. Saajna mere saajna…………….plays…………… Minty asks Anu to let Rajat saty in peace, he went away from parents to forget her, what do you want, that you always hurt him. She says it was my good luck that Rajat was proved innocent, but I will never forget my son is away from me because of you. She says I will never forgive you for this. She leaves. Anu cries. Rohan dries Alka’s hair and says he is serving her. They have some romantic moments. Vrinda comes and smiles. She asks them to come for breakfast. Santo tells Astha that Alka went to meet Rohan in hotel, maybe they went together to the hotel. She says maybe something happened between them. Astha gets worried and asks Santo to go and work.

Astha says its hotel booking, what if they go to hospital for bringing the baby. Neil sees Devyaani worried and comes to her. She turns. He asks what happened. She asks him to go, as she is not in a mood to talk. He says fine, see me once. She says no, you are not looking good today. He says fine, I will go, but then who will wipe your tears. She says I m not crying. He says then turn. She says fine, I m crying, you leave. He says I can’t be happy seeing you cry. She says she is worried for Anu and Rajat. He says Rajat and Anu love each other and they can’t be far, they will unite, you will see it soon.

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Alka and Rohan sign and talk. Vrinda asks why are you not eating Alka. Alka says yes. Astha looks on as Rohan teases Alka and smiles. Rohan holds Alka’s hand. Astha drops a knife and bends. She sees Rohan holding Alka’s hand and is shocked. She gets angry and thinks whats this going on. She gets an idea and acts like having vomiting. She rushes to room and everyone worry for her. Anu hears car horn and thinks its Rajat. Its not him, and she cries in her room. She thinks of his love and tries calling him. Saajna…………plays………………

Vrinda gives water to Astha and asks what happened, did you have any junk food. Astha says no, its that one, try to understand. She smiles and says how can I tell you, I m feeling shy. Vrinda smiles and asks Astha is she…. Astha says yes, you are going to be grandmum. She hides her face being shy. Vrinda gives good news to everyone, they all get glad. Alka smiles and asks Astha to rest, she will do all the work. Rohan says congrats Bhaiya.

Vrinda gives a necklace to Astha and blesses her. Rajat thinks of Anu’s and Sareen’s words. He bumps into a scooty and is shocked seeing its Anu. He holds her and ask is she fine, he did not wish to hurt you, please don’t leave me, I m sorry. He hugs her. Its someone else and the girl says excuse me and pushes him. A lady says I think some girl Anu has broken his heart. Rajat gets sad. Saajna………….plays…………… Rajat holds the mangalsutra. Anu walks on the road and says Rajat please come back.

Rajat passes by her, and she stops. He holds her hand and they smile seeing each other. Saajna…………plays………… She gets teary eyed. It’s a veg vendor woman who asks Anu to take vegs. She cries and walks ahead. She thinks she can’t spend a day without him, how will she spend her life. She slips and Rajat comes and holds her hand. He asks what if you fell. She says Rajat and turns to see. She says it can’t be Rajat, I might be imagining, its no use now. Rajat says it means you can see me everywhere. She is stunned and looks at her. He says even I was seeing you everywhere. She asks did he come back. He says yes, you did not stop me, so I came myself, what will you do now to go far from me. She says when did I go far. They argue and defend themselves.

He says he was trying to make her jealous by bringing Karishma. She says I thought you forgot me. He says you know it very well that I can never forget you. She says I was thinking she is more beautiful than me, modern and is good match for you, and you moved on. He asks does she not know him, why did she not stop him. They argue. She asks did you come to fight with me. He says no, I came to tell you that I love you a lot. Saajna……………….plays……………….

Rajat says he wants to join mangalsutra with thread of trust, I want your support, will you support me. She nods yes and hugs him. Neil and Devyaani smile seeing them. Shastri ji comes and they get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hurrrrrrrrayyyyyyyyy……..i am so happy

  2. Kab hoga kal ka sath.3 cheers toh Banta hai hiphip hurray hip hip hurray hip hip every ANURAJ FAN will be on cloud nine today.Minty aunty accept anu for the sake of Rajat.waiting waiting waiting.

    1. What a lovely argument yaar….. 🙂 love u anuraj… happy for today epi 🙂 itha thana ethirpaarthom… nice director

    2. Aliya Mam;
      Itni Khushi Un Dono K Milne K Bad Dono Ko B Na Hui Hogi Jitna K Aap Khush Dikhre?

  3. Yipeee I’m so happy thank you Mr .director you made it superbbbbb

  4. Woooooooooo….. sema…… love to watch this epi…… 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Lovely argument between anuraj

  6. Lovely episod but hitler shashtri may b create a issue.hope so he will not

  7. wow yaar finally rajat and anu r together.their usual cute scene back.being a fan of anu and rajat iam very happy.aap bus bahuthu hogaya now rajat jaldi se put the mangalsutra to anu which we wear waiting for till now.and ofcourse three cherrs to anu rajat hip hip hurray!hip hip hurray!hip hip hurray! waiting for trm.thank for update.

  8. Finally……….!! Thank God……………A very good end to this drag fest. So happy to see Anu and Rajat together! Yipeeeeeeeee!

  9. Want noodles niki


  11. I did not see the episode but I read some updates and finally they will be together but anu dad will accept that. I am anu and rajat will be together.

  12. I saw a new promo when rajat was going put malgusutra to anu minty come there look at them

  13. I don’t know minty will accept. minty please accept this marriage

  14. I am happy about rajat marrying to anu

  15. the promo up to 13 January and 14 everyone listen to me please watch the promo but I am worrying about will accept

  16. anu dad will accept because I saw the promo that’s why I understand

  17. no word to say hw the love is………………..

  18. Today’s Episode was Fantastic ……

    No Words 2 Share The Happiest Feelings Of All……..

  19. Ummmmmmaaaaa great episode aftr very long gap of days.. Happy phullllll haappppppppy by 2days episode…. Lvu it once again ummmmmmaaaaa anuraj

  20. Wo baat toh hai Hussain sir.but for now Misunderstanding toh clear hui.wo bhi itne Dino I felt happy.asli maaza toh dono ke Milne ke baad aayega.

  21. Time to finish this serial off. They should not drag it too much!!!

  22. Fantastic episode waiting for tomrows episode……

  23. harshad lover

    Finally rajat and any realise their love shastri a sisters is really good I started to watch the episode front the beginning but I stopped cuz I liked beintehaa more but that’s finished but still love harshad and preetika #aliya and zain zaya harshika

  24. This is sooooooo cute!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  25. Awsm episode….vry happy to c anuraj together again

  26. give sum romance of devyani n neil

  27. Whats the meaning of ur cmt Hussain.. I can’t understood

  28. disha…. you too watch shastri sisters!!!!???? 🙂 🙂


  30. I am that anu and rajat will be together

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