Sasural Simar Ka 9th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 9th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shurti says I will do all you want me to. I swear. Why are you all staring at me like this? please tell me. Simar says its breakfast time, make something for us. Shurti says okay. Jhanvi says come I will show you the kitchen. Mata ji says how can this happen? She looks exactly like roli. but our roli is with us.

uma is praying for sattu. roli says sid will sattu be okay? sid says he will be fine. Agood doctor is coming everything will be fine. roli says when? sid says you cant give up. you have to handle the family. Vahsnavi comes there and says you look worried? Don’t be everything will be fine. God will make it all better. Sid says thanks. Vashnavi goes to sattu’s ward. she recites some mantra. se places a flower on his forehead. Doctor comes in. Vashnavi says mr. rao asked me to do the pooja I came here to give the parsad. nurse says he isn’t mr rao? Nurse says no. She says I didn’t know but I gave given him the fruit of pooja. uma syas he need prayers thak you so much, vash says his luck was good. Vashnavi says I will pray to God for him. Now I should take this ganga jal from here. Sid says no keep it here. Doctor says his reports are normal. He has got shock on his brain. Take him home, he will feel better there. Vashnavi gives a smile to roli and sattu starts moving his hand. Doctor checks him. Sattu opens his eyes.

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mata ji says look at the blessing of God. This girl looks like roli used to do. Sujata says she isn’t roli. She cant be roli. When she came after accident she made us all agree that her voice and face has changed. pari says but she can be jhumki. They recalls jhumki. mata ji says jhumki loves our family she wont do this to us. simar says I don’t think she knows us. Karuna says after jhumki she is the second girl to look like roli. Simar says please don’t think that she is roli. After accident we have said this many times and roli has proved that she is the real one. I trust our roli is with us. Mata ji says you are right. We should not get in any confusion. Aman says we have to find why she looks like roli. does she have any connection with roli.

Aman says why she came in this house in entire Dehli? We will only know about her when she goes out. Calendar follow her when she goes out of house. doctor comes in. Simar takes her to sanju. mata ji about to fiant. Everyone makes her sit. aman says everything will be fine mata ji. mata ji says when? we have no answers. aman says the questions have answers among them. Truth will be in front of you I promise. Prem says don’t worry I wont let anything happen to my family.

Doctor says mr sattu how are you feeling? Sid says sattu bhaiya you are fine. you are amng us. SAttu says is scared and is trying to tell something. sid says please be clear. We cant understand anything. Doctor says mr. sattu relax. don’t ask him anything. sid says please calm down. uma says why is he talking this way? Doctor says he needs rest. He should rest. I am sending a psychiatrist.

Doctor says to simar I have given her medicine she will be fine, she is just scared. Jhavri says I will take care of sanjuu I am a nurse. Doctor says that’s good. shurti comes with breakfast. She says its ready, sit I will serve It. Prem says I am going to bring sanju;s medicine. Shurti says is everyone okay in the house? should I come some other time? Mata ji says you came here for pious purpose, we should be source to help the poor kids. Shurti says people like you are hard to find. pari says there is way to find if she is roli or not. roli knew about everyone’s choice. if she is roli she must have made everyone’s fav breakfast. Karuna says she is right. pari says I should check what she has made. Pari goes to table and is shocked.

Precap-shurti enters the store and takes roli and sid’s photo. she collides with roli. sid and new roli are dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Kaunsi Roli asli, samaj mein nai aara

  2. Daaaang man, keep up the awesome work director and script writers, you did amazing on this plot. Five stars.

  3. I too love roli a lot

  4. Roli i love u . i m very haapy u are coming back..ithink she is only the roli. Are mausi aap kyu chaligayi apne toh maze laga rakha the serial me…

  5. Harjeet,

    Please dont talk about english..we are getting written updates that all is fine.
    Its better that they are writing

  6. Harjeet Kaur Gill

    english is very poor. please write the episode in a proper and well manner.usually its grammatically incorrect.. its very hard to understand the sentence 🙁

  7. vaishnavi n amman will prove tht sara is d culprit

  8. Does jhanvi has any role in the chaos taking place…?.its somewhat clear that sara khan is the real culprit as vaishnavi stared and smiled at her…something fishyyy….

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