Bandhan 9th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 9th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Naraini says but my son was born dead. That is what you said. She grasps his collar. Bhao says I wanted a heir, I faked love and said that the kid was born that so that I don’t have to keep you all my life. Naraini says such a deceive, I was craving for my kid all these years and you kept him here. I will kill you. SHe is crying. Baho says get in your senses. Naraini says now I am in senses and I wont let my son live here and become and animal like you. Bhao says you think I will let you take him? Naraini says you cant stop me because you tell your family about our relationship. Your family and name will be shattered if you tell them. Now I will take my son from here and with out your consent. I will take him in front of you and you wont be able to do anything.

Naraini comes to raghav’s room in tears. She recalls every time she was with raghav and bhao telling her that raghav is her child. Naraini caresses his face and says I will take you away from that animal. I will make you a good human and wont let Vishwas rao name you. Bhao is standing on the door.

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Ganesh recalls when he took darpan to the cliff. Darpan couldn’t get what he was saying. He wakes up. Ganesh tries to pick letter from what darpan is teaching him.

Scene 2
Next morning bhao’s man says elephant wont be able to break it. Bhao checks it and says this is good. His man asks what will kill the elephant in this rom. Bhao shows him a box. He presses a button and the gas starts spreading in the room. Bhao says you know plan B?

Ganesh is sitting in garden. Bhao is watching them and says in heart you cant be safe from what arrangement I have made for you. Darpan looks a the letter that ganesh wrote. She says this means he can write now. She says what this means? Ganesh has written murderer uncle? Why? darpan goes out and looks for ganesh. She sees the red cloth and says this is my hair ribbon. She looks for him everywhere. Darpan goes to look for him. Ganesh is going towards the room where he has played darpan’s recording ganesh save me ganesh save me. Ganesh looks in the room from outside to find darpan. Ganesh recalls overhearing bhao’s word to his men.
Ganesh goes in the room, bhao locks it. Darpan is watching them. Darpan says my voice? Ganesh is inside but why is rondu uncle locking him? Baho says you 750 KG burden on earth.
Bhao says my name is vishwas rao. you sister, I used her love. This is called emotional blackmail. Your family is amazing, I killed your dad but your mom can in between and gave her life. DArpan is shocked. You got to know it. But could you tell you sister? No. darpan is crying recalling her time with her family. Bhao says your dad saved me and I threw him off the cliff. whole world thinks that I am a good man. but my dad used to say the one who respects you, kill him. darpan is crying, she recalls ganesh showing the picture off the cliff. Gas starts leaking and ganesh starts screaming, Bhao says you wanted to tell your sister but that wont happen. Sorry.

Precap-darpan is knocking at the gate. She says please help me open the gate God.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. bhao is a heartless man why is he getting away with his evil deeds please let Mahesh come back and save his daughter and son from that wicked man bhao I hope ganesh gets away and crushes bhao to the ground for all his evil doings darpan please catch on to what ganesh is trying to tell you before it is tooooooooooo late

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