Shastri Sisters 6th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 6th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neil being angry as Devyaani did not listen to him, and made him feel cheap. He gets Minty’s call who asks him to come for dinner. He is stunned seeing Devyaani in the mini dress. He says he will come and ends call. He holds her and they smile. He is mesmerized by her and holds her face. She asks what is he doing. He gets closer and she says this is not right. She pushes him away and slaps him. Neil is stunned. She confronts him on his doings, and asks why is he doing this when she said she does not like this. He says whats wrong in this, if a BF wants to kiss his GF, whats wrong, you make me feel cheapster.

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She says for me, we are just friends. He says we both know we are more than friends, we are special. She gets thinking. Veer thanks them for dinner. Minty says thank Anu, why us. He thanks Anu and leaves. Anu says she will go to see off Veer and Rajat says yes go. Minty asks where did she go.

Anu talks to Veer and asks him to get really happy, and blames herself for his state. He asks why. She says I know you love me, we were getting married, I want you to move on, this relation did not give you any happiness. Veer says what I did was for myself, as I did not feel right. She asks him to meet someone. She says she knows someone and he looks on.

Minty says Anu is still with Veer, she cares for him, and fills Rajat’s ears, in the way of praising Anu. She says Veern united you both, and is alone, Anu should have told us, and your plan got cancelled. Rajat says she should have not called Veer. She says you are her husband and he was her to be husband, its tough choice for her, ask her does she have any plan with Veer, if no, you make a good plan for dinner. She asks him to go and sleep.

Anu fixes the lunch meeting of Veer and that girl. She tells Minty the same and Minty gets glad. Anu comes to Rajat and asks about his mood. He says its fine, I m busy. She says no, I know you are annoyed as our dinner plan cancelled, I did not message Veer, I did not feel to send him back so I lied. She says even her mood was off, and holds her ears, saying sorry, please don’t be annoyed. He smiles and says I can’t be annoyed for long. She says she can do anything for him. He says think and smiles naughtily. She says Rajat… He says I was thinking about lunch.

She says she will make his fav dishes and come to his office to have lunch together. He hugs her and they smile. Devyaani waits for Neil’ reply and Rohan and Alka ask her to sleep in bedroom. Devyaani says no, I m fine here. Shastri ji asks Rohan and Alka to sleep in bedroom. Rohan says he will stay as son, and in living room. He says fine and leaves. Devyaani says they can call her if they need anything. Alka says I will come. Rohan apologizes to Alka for not fulfilling her basic need. Alka says the imp of marriage, that we are together in happiness and sufferings, we will fight together and win. He says thanks and hugs her. She goes to sleep in room with Devyaani, while he stays in living room.

Its morning, Minty asks Anu why is she cooking, people will call her bad mum in law. Anu says no, I m making fav food for Rajat and I will take it office for having lunch. Minty says great and sees many things. She acts very sweet and laughs. She coughs and says you get ready to go, and shows she is not well. She plans to end their lunch plan. Rajat sees the time 1pm and recalls Anu’s words. His colleague asks him to come for lunch. Rajat says I have special date with my wife, she is bringing lunch for me.

Rajat says she will be coming now. Minty sees Anu coming and acts like being unwell to stop her. Anu asks what happened to her. Minty says don’t know, my head is aching. Anu says I will take you to doctor. Minty says you go to Rajat. Anu says I will cancel lunch plan and call Rajat to say you are unwell. Minty smiles. Rajat sings Aaja Shaam hone aai……….. Anu calls her and says mum is not well, she is feeling dizzy, I can’t come, I will see for some time and take her to doctor. Rajat says I m coming and takes permission from his senior. He gets a message that your wife is with Veer in some café, having lunch. He is shocked.

Rajat is on the way and sees Veer with someone…. And assumes her to be Anu as the girl wears her bracelet. He calls Anu and she says she is at home with Minty. While the girl also takes girl, and he is puzzled.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. very nice episode

  2. So Rajath dont love anu so only he can trust any bad thing said by anyone about anu. Someone should find these nonsence and should help them. I will be happy if it is Veer..

  3. O ye minty b na..
    Shoot her pls…
    Rajat please find out the realface of ur mom fast..

  4. how can rajat mistake another girl for anu? People look different from the back as well! I wonder what’ll happen to poor veer….he’s such a nice guy!

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