Million Dollar Girl 6th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Million Dollar Girl 6th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aman hides and follows kavya…While cameraman records,,Aman stops kavya,,,but Vicky comes and beats him,Kavya shouts at vicky tells him to mind his own buisness..kavya tells that Aman is doing task.. Vicky beats again Aman..Kavya tells stop itt..Vicky goes,,kavya asks If Aman is okey…Aman tells yes,, Virat goes in DJ’s room,,DJ throws glass and shouts to go..DJ tells that his father breaked her piano..Virat tells he can fix it..Virat tells he want screwdriver..Avanti search Rajat at ghat..Avanti sees Rajat and Ranvijay talking..
Raanvijay asks Rajat anything happend between Rajat and alia??Rajat tells yes..Ranvijay tells that Alia stays alone at home..Rajat tells that he think that Alia does’nt like him anymore..Ranvijay asks why??Rajat tells that the It was very awkward moment yestarday..Ranvijay tells that mean Rajat want to spen only one one night with Alia???RAjat gets tensed and tells no..Ranvijay laughs and tells he was joking….Rajat also laughs… Virat fixes Dj’s turn table..Dj thanks Virat..VIrat tells dont tells thanks..Virat tells that to buy ciagrette from her..DJ tells she is stuck,,what to do as Avanti is her friend Virat fixed the turntable..Virat gives ciagrette Dj buys it..Avanti tells Rajat that Alia met her and said that she was bored last night.Rajat tells its not possible..Avanti tells to go and ask Alia..Rajat tells its okey…Avanti tells Ranvijay she want to talk with Rajat one minute..Ranvijay goes.Avanti tells Rajat to show some manhood to Alia,,Rajat tells why Avanti is giving free lecture..Avanti tells she is all telling because of Alia as she is a good girl…Avanti gives con**m to Rajat..Rajat sees and gets shy..He tells what Avanti is giving..He gives back to Avanti..Avanti gets shocked and tells If Rajat is intrested in boys??Rajat tells no and takes back..Avanti asks for money,,,Rajat tells its soo cheap that Avanti is asking money..Avanti tells its a branded one..Rajat gives the money..Avanti gets happy and goes with Camera..
Avanti sits on on bike and goes..While Virat also goes..Avanti is ahead of Virat’s car and shows him thumbs down..Virat speeds his car and shows thumbs down to Avanti..Suddenly at some place Avanti tells the cameraperson to stop the bike..He stops..Avanti comes and sees in Car..Virat is missing.. Virat takes camers and runs..takes shortcut and runs..Avanti sees Virat and tells that moron Virat is taking shortcut..Avanti snatches the camera and runs..Avanti and Virat runs..While Avanti falls down and shouts in pain..Virat sees and tells that he known Avanti is doing drama.Avanti gets up and runs..Virat and Avanti reaches simultaneusly at office..Judge tells that he have to see the video how they sold the product..Bhuwan puts CD of Virat..selling product to DJ..And then Avanti.. Bhuwan tells how bad Virat and Avanti is selling the product..They took soo much time..Judge tells that Avanti insulted Rajat..Avanti tells that she didnt insulted Even If anyone is selling bike or Tablet will do the same..JUdge tells thats nice he didnt thought on that way..
BHuwan says that no one won from Avanti and Virat..The judge says that Aman won as he reached before..Bhuwan tells that they will get councelling price 20thousand..Virat snatches the cheque..Virat tells he will give later..Avanti asks Virat to give the money as she have to give pay money for rent..Virat burns the Cheque tells that he did this because Avanti publicly insulted Rajat..VIrat tells that If Avanti want money to pay the rent She have to sell her shop..Avanti sees Virat angrily while VIrat goes..Judge tells some one that two participants are talents..Vicky sits near ghat and thinks about kavya,,,Dj comes and tells what Vicky did..Vicky tells that One boy is selling kavya innergarment and sit and see..DJ tells atleast If he won the compedition atleast kavya would have happy,,Vicky tells to hell with Compedition he doesnt care..DJ tells to chill!!Avanti comes sits and cries,,,Vicky asks what happened..Avanti tells that Ankit sold kavya’s scooty..Avanti tells that Even she got counselling price but Virat burned that..Vicky and DJ tells that soo sad..DJ tells that she have to otherwise her father will never allow..Vicky tells he will drop DJ..avanti tells she will come later..Vicky and DJ goes…kavya comes..Avanti tells sorry to kavya..kavya tells to come home..Avanti tells she cannot face her mother..Avanti tells what about rent??Kavya tells not to worry as she will pay from her salary,,Kavya says to come Avanti tells that she will come later and to say all truth to her mother as she cannot..Kavya tells bye and goes…Avanti cries…

precap::Ankit asks money from Avanti..Avanti tells that Already he sold scooty of kavya,,Ankit tells what about the money they are living since before..Avanti tells she will pay..Avanti and Ranvijay dance Virat sees and feels jealous..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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