Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi requests bank manager to give Ahem’s address, but manager says he cannot risk his job and break bank rules.

Tolu/molu, Rashi and Pappu discuss how to get Ahem’s address. Pappu says they cannot hack computers. Tolu says he is an ethical hacker and will crack Ahem’s bank account. Tolu/molu then ask Pappu and Rashi to come with them. Rashi says Pari aunty will not like her coming there. Pappu says they get only vegetables there, but Kokila gives them dhokla, etc, so they get more royal food at their chawl. Rashi says his try of convincing is good. Tolu/molu ask them to go back to chawl while they go and hack Ahem’s bank account.

Street children surround Meera/Vidya’s car and ask to give them some donation. Meera gets irked, but Vidya smiles and gives them some money.

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Tolu continues trying to hack bank website. Molu says if they are caught, they will go to jail. He says this is the only way to find Ahem’s address. Gopi prays god to help her Gopi find Ahem and Meera/Vidya. Tolu hacks it, but Ahem’s ID is password protected. They think password should be some dear one’s name and cracks password.

Gopi sadly comes home back. Hetal asks if she found Ahem’s address. She says she could and asks Jigar if they can speak to bank’s higher authorities. Tolu/Molu come and give her Ahem’s mumbai address. She gets happy seeing it. Jigar asks if they are playing prank. Tolu says they are not and ask to get ready to go to Mumbai. Gopi hugs them emotionally. Kinjal gets tensed seeing this and thinks if Ahem and children come back, Kokila will also come back home and she will have to go back to her chawl.

Gopi goes to Urmila’s chawl with Jigar. Rashi meets and tells her that she knows Tolu/molu got Ahem’s address and says she did not inform Kokila though as she knows she wants to inform her first. Gopi says she did right. Rashi asks if they will stay together at Modi bhavan after Ahem comes back. Gopi says yes and walks in.. Jigar says Rashi she forgot kaka/uncle after mom came back and gives her choc. Gopi informs Kokila that Ahem is in Mumbai. Kokila says that is why Rashi was telling mom will come and tell her a secret. Gopik says yes and says she and Jigar are going to Mumbai now. Kokila gives her something wrapped in red cloth and asks her to open it when she meets and asks to bring back Ahem and Meera/vidya soon. Gopi says she will and tells her family will be complete when she will get her graha pravesh in Modi bhavan.

Kinjal goes to kitchen and panics thinking if Ahem comes back, Kokila will also come back and she will have to go back to her chawl then. She shouts Meethi’s name. Pari comes. She shouts at her also. Hetal interferes and asks him to stop fighting and asks Kinjal what does she need. She says apple juice. Pari gives her juice box and it is right in front. She gets Jigar’s call who informs they have reached Mumbai.

Kokila feeds ice cream to Urmila. Urmila demands one more bowl. Kokila says too much ice cream is bad for health. Urmila says it has milk and milk is good for health. Kokila gets another bowl and says she is very happy today and will accept all her demands.

Gopi and Jigar reach Mumbai airport and travel in a car. Gopi says her heart will stop seeing Ahem after many years.

Precap: Gopi reaches Ahem’s house’s road. Jigar tells Ahem’s house is very near.

Update Credit to: MA

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  5. Yeh kiya ho gaya. Mera Pariwar toot gaya

  6. Rashi said hoping said tool molo said what is this

    1. Tool said pagal

  7. hopefully gopi will see ahem having s*x with meeras and vidyas mum that brought them up for 10 years. then jigar and gopi can have s*x aswell.

  8. Paridhi is wearing rashis saree…..
    rashi had worn d same saree in episode where she got house keys frm kokila during meeras party

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