Shastri Sisters 2nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 2nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajat practicing to confess his love to Anu, and says he was acting with Karishma to make her jealous. Karishma claps for him, and says she is jealous of Anu seeing this. She says he is hurrying up and Anu should break more. He says I will break down if he breaks more. He holds her hand and thanks her for helping him when he needed a friend. He says now he needs his love in his life and asks her to come to talk to Anu. He gets a call and talks to his senior. He says fine I will come office. Karishma thins he might have imp work as he is leaving his final love confession. Rajat says don’t worry, no one can get that CD, the date is safe, I have added code. Karishma hears this. He asks her to come when he calls her to talk to Anu. She says I will be there. He smiles and leaves.

Karishma comes home and is very angry. Astha asks what happened, why is she angry. Karishma tells her everything that Rajat wants to confess his love for Anu, and he was telling her in morning, but he got some office work and left in hurry. She tells about the CD and secret data. Astha asks her to answer her, if she says yes, then she promises she will make Rajat say no to Anu. She asks does she know where is the CD. Karishma recalls the safe and the code. She asks Astha does she want to say what she is thinking. Astha smiles. Karishma says you are the best and hugs her. Astha asks her to manage one Shastri sister and she will see the other one.

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Someone knocks the door. Devyaani goes to see and gets a gift. She reads Keep laughing Devyaani and opens the gift. She finds a jokes book and says she is sure Neil has kept it, he is stupid to gift me this, thanks Neil. She turns and smiles. Neil looks at her from far and smiles. He says some people shpuld never be sad, as others get a reason to be happy seeing them. Anu asks Devyaani who was it. Devyaani says no one and smiles. Anu smiles seeing her and thinks no one can smile in this smile till Devyaani gets happy. Astha comes to Alka and tells her she is very tensed after what pandit has told her, so she came to check cylinder and any gas leak.

She asks Alka to fill the boxes with haldi and leaves. Alka gets worried for Rohan. She tries taking the box and looks for stool. Astha sees Rohan coming and hides. Rohan goes to help Alka. Astha says Rohan will get chilli near Alka and smiles. Rohan goes to Alka and she slips. They have an eyelock and smile. Astha says she gets migraine seeing their love. Alka thinks of pandit’s words and gets away from Rohan. Rohan says he came to have lunch and offers help. He asks her not to believe that pandit as it is their way to earn money. He takes the box and the chilli powder falls in his eyes. Astha smiles. Alka asks is he fine and takes him.

Alka makes him wash his face and says she has to be away from him. He says she is talking like illiterate. She says call me anything, but let me be away. Rohan gets annoyed and leaves. Astha scares Alka more and says pandit ji always tells the truth. Karishma dresses like Anu, and dons her look, in simple salwar suit and plain hair. She goes to Rajat’s room. Neil records a video to send it to Devyaani. Hee asks her to get angry on him, but please meet him again like before. Karishma sees Neil inside. Minty calls Neil and comes to his room. Karishma hides. Minty says she was thinking to get a gift for Karishma, as Rajat will get happy. Neil asks what about him. She says the day he brings a good girl as her bahu, she will give him many gifts. She tells about her dreams to go for shopping with her bahu.

She asks about Rajat. He says it was urgent and he went to head quarters. Minty takes him and leaves. Karishma opens the cupboard and thinks about Rajat keeping the code. She gets the CD and thins of Astha’s plan. She sees Minty and Neil outside and hides. Minty asks Neil to get the wallet. Neil sees her running upstairs and thinks why did Anu come to our house, when there is no one at home. Karishma comes down and leaves. Devyaani gets happy reading the book and thinks Neil brought a smile on my face, I should say thanks, and clarify that it means only thanks, nothing else. Devyaano goes to meet Neil. Anu says its good she started smiling, very soon she will smile seeing me too. Minty is with Dolly and talk on the way. They come home. Minty sees Devyaani and stops her. Devyaani says she came to meet Neil. Minty scolds her for trapping her other son now. Devyaani gets tensed.

Minty asks Anu to learn from Devyaani to try something else and taunts Shastri ji. Anu argues with her and asks him to talk to her dad with respect, else she will forget to respect her. Rajat looks on their argument.

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  1. yaar karishma ko hatao aur rajat aur anu ko ek saath karo

  2. how can rajat believe that anu can do that.i really dont except this form rajat.i just watch this show for anu here tho full bakwas hai.plz make the show on track naa.

  3. I think… its gone recorded in neil’s lap… so kashirma will be caught… hihi… nyc

  4. it turning the wrong turn
    make something gud happen pls

  5. Her love story ka the end assa hi dikhana jaruri hai kya.

  6. Rajkumari Irina

    karishma&astha u too are idiot n bitch just like dog acting soo anoyng&stupd

  7. so idiot karishma because she is wearing like anu dress she will. everyone will blame to anu
    is anybody watch the promo

  8. Karishma master plan super.

  9. Karishma master plan super.l think what she did will be recordf in neil mobile.

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