Hamari Sister Didi 2nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hamari Sister Didi 2nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Babay prays in the temple.
Khushi cries and asks Amrita that she is a thief and police will take her. Amrita tries to control her, but Khushi gets hyper. She cries that this all is happening because of her.
Babay, and the staff pray.
Amrita shouts at Khushi to be quiet. She hugs Amrita. They sit on the floor, Amrita says mama is here. Amrita lets Khushi lay on bed, and says the strongest weapon in life in truth, as her papa said. He used to say Gandhi won the whole war against Britian with truth and assures her that they will find a solution for this problem. Amrita asks her to hold a finger, and says she picked the right finger. Khushi says she isn’t Sooraj, Amrita say she won’t let any problem come near him.
The police brings another boy to the hospital. Karan asks the staff to take him inside, the inspector asks him who give him the medicines. Karan says this is his hospital, treatment will take place here, first. Veer asks to hear the name, but Karan isn’t ready.
Amrita tells Khushi that she will get out of the problem, with the truth.
The boy comes to consciousness, and says he wants to go home. Khushi brought medicines for them, she was Kabir’s friend he doesn’t know her well, even. Veer and Karan share a glance. Kabir’s father get the minister’s call, his mother says they now know about the culprit.

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Veer takes Karan outside, and says he is under pressure. Khushi won’t be punished, by he will have to take Khushi to remand house so that she can give her record to magistrate.
Someone knocks the door, Khushi gets up worried. Amrita opens the door, it was Karan. He asks Amrita to come out, Amrita says they both are ready for what happens next. She asks Khushi to come, Khushi cries but Amrita says she is a brave girl and takes her along. Khushi comes hugging Amrita.
Outside, Kabir’s father blames Khushi and asks police to arrest her. The inspector orders the staff to get her. Khushi says she said truth always win, why are they arresting her. Amrita comes forward, and says her daughter is under age, under which case they can take her to remand room. And under juvenile crime, how can they rely on an addict’s saying. She tells Kabir’s parents about the lies their child told to Khushi. She tells them about all what Kabir had said, the parents get angry. Kabir’s father says she is lying. Amrita says she is keeping her point of view, but they can’t accuse her daughter without proof.
Kabir’s father says their friend gave witness against Khushi. Amrita says he himself is drunk. Amrita says to Veer, that she is a nurse and knows about all the lies addicted people tell. Mrs. Kapoor says that Khushi must also be addicted if she put them into addiction. Veer agrees, and says they can’t take any action. They will take Kabir’s statement when he gets conscious, till them both parties must not accuse each others.
The doctor announces that Kabir’s condition is getting worse. They are all worried. Kabir’s father turns to Amrita, and says she saved her daughter today, but if something happens to his son, he will… Amrita says he must be ashamed that he is deterring her while he must be praying. Where were they, when their son was getting addicted, lying and making her mother an ill. She tells them that Khushi told her when she gave him the first medicine bottle. She has seen Khushi worried, and knows Khushi is true. Do you know anything about Kabir. Kabir’s father points the finger again, but Veer stops him.
The parents leave. Amrita goes and hugs Khushi.

PRECAP: Mrs. Kapoor accuses Amrita about neglecting her children. Khushi thinks about hurting herself, as she ruined her father’s name and bothered her mom.

Update Credit to: Sona

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