Itti Si Khushi 2nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Itti Si Khushi 2nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Akku says to Sunita that she will tell everyone just now. Sunita stops her, and requests her to save them. Akku disagrees, but Sunita keeps her hand on her head and asks her to agree else her mother won’t be able to live. Akku says there is no question then, and asks them to talk to Aman. Kamini says they will talk to Aman, Neha has run away. This time, their respect is everything for Aman. Sunita says she must talk to Anand, Kamini stops her and says he would have done the same. The time tells, that this is the right thing. Kamini leaves the room, AKku crying. Gayatri is worried, when Kamini comes to her. She tells Gayatri that everything is alright now. Aman apologizes from Neha. Kamini says Neha is always creating a chaos, first the lehnga was tight and now she has fallen. Aman heads to go while Kamini stops him. She asks Gayatri to look after the guests.
Aman says to dadi, that he must talk to Neha. Dadi says he must not meet Neha, but tell Akku what he thinks. Neha is worried he might not want to marry her. He says it is nothing like that. Kamini says he must tell this to Akku.
Akku comes to the room, where Aman and Dadi were. Dadi tells AKku that she has told everything to Aman. Akku says he must be worried and annoyed at Neha. Kamini asks Akku to be a bit quick. AKku asks Aman if he is really not taken the decision in a hurry. Aman says he is ready to marry. Kamini says he has said he is ready. Akku asks him for confirmation, Aman says there isn’t much time for this, she must hurry up. Kamini sends Akku inside, and Aman to the mandap.

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Neha struggles with the pin of fire extinguisher. The door gets unlocked, she runs out of the shool building. The guard was sleeping.
Gayatri asks the guests to wait just a bit more. Aman comes and says that Akku was much worried, she thought he disliked everything got late because of Neha. But dadi handles it all. Kamini tells the pandit not to take Aman and Neha’s name, he asks how is it possible. Kamini says he must not worry, they will pay him well. Pandit agrees.
Sunita brings Akku downstairs, Kamini covers her face well, saying their bride remains face-covered till the wedding take place.
Neha comes to stop auto, in the market. Anand comes to the nearby place, looking for Neha. Neha gets the auto and sits inside. The stall man tells Anand, the girl just went into auto. Anand says to Sandeep she must have gone home. Sandeep calls home, they try home number. Anand says they must go home.
Kamini takes Akku to stage, and apologizes for being late. Shagun tries Anand’s number but no one attends.
The wedding rituals begin, the Pandit asks the bride and groom to put on garlands.
Neha watches Anand and Sandeep on bike and call them from auto. Akku was reluctant; Kamini puts hand on her shoulder. She puts on the garland around Aman’s neck.
Anand comes back to the wedding. Sunita asks him about Neha, and goes to him. She says she wants to say something. The pandit invites for the knot-binding. Gayatri asks Aneeta to do the knot binding.
Neha comes inside the house, everyone is shocked to see her.

PRECAP: Aman removes the face cover and is shocked to see Akku. Neha asks Akku?

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. wow spoiler tho superb hai.wt ever happen but aman at last marry neha only woh bhi in school uniform.wo its so cute.i have many marriage scenes bt nt this school uniform marriage.its unique and i like it.aman and neha r cute.waiting to c marriage of aman and hamara pyari neha.thank for update.

  2. Yip it’s damn good

  3. Yeas ur so right!! The spoiler seriously relieved the tension of what’s gonna happen! Soo happy that neha and aman will finally marry 😀

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