Hum Hain Na 2nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 2nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sagarika and Bunty thinking about each other. Sagarika thinks she will let Bunty divided between her and Amma. Bunty thinks how to convince Sagarika. Bunty is outside house on duty with Madhav. Sagarika is in kitchen helping Amma preparing food. Once food is prepared, Sagarika serves it to dad. Phubali comes home and dad asks Sagarika to take her sister to her room.

Madhav asks Bunty why is he tensed and to tell him his problem. Bunty says Sagarika is angry on him. He says it is a very easy task and asks him to get her some gifts and convince her. Phubali on the other side is shocked to hear from Sagarika that her marriage is not yet consummated and asks her to speak to Bunty about it. Sagarika says Ammaji is worried that Bunty will get away from her as he is his obedient son and still has not accepted her. Phubali asks why don’t she speak to Amma then. Sagarika says it is not that easy as Amma hates her. Phubali says she was same story in magazine, takes her out and buys her that magazine. Sagarika reads story and is surprised to read it is exactly similar to her story. She further reads about Restirication on of Conjugal Right law. She asks Phubali it is a wrong idea. Phjubali says this law is a boon for girls like her and she should use it in her favor and takes her to her lawyer.

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Sagarika hesitates to discuss about her issue with lawyer. Lawyer understands her problem and says she should tell amma and her husband that she will file case against them. She says according to her experience, MIL wants her DIL to be under her pressure and she will get afraid if she hears about court case. Phubali urges Sagarika to stop thinking and file case. Sagarika takes form and before signing it says she does not want to take this case to court. Lawyer asks why. She says as she told, it will worsen her family life, so she just wants to make her husband realize that only she has right to take decision about her life.

Bunty comes home and apologizes Sagarika by doing situps and leaning in front of her. She still does not get convinced and asks why is he pestering her. He says he troubled her and wants her forgiveness. She asks is this a way to apologize. He says he knows only this and asks her to tell her ideas. She asks if he brought gift. He takes out gift box. She asks if it as earnings, nose ring, etc. He says no. It is just Bunty’s imagination and he walks out of gift shop thinking about her.

Bunty comes home and asks Amma if she saw Sagarika. She says she did not inform her before she went. Sagarika comes home and gives him file. He asks what is this. She says these are legal papers and she has decided to file conjugal rights case against him, case will reach court in 1 month and within 1 month, if they don’t consummate their marriage, he will be legally prosecuted. Bunty and amma are shocked to hear this.

Precap: Amma tells Satya about Sagarika filing legal case against her and Bunty. Satya enters Sagarika’s room to steal papers.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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