Shastri Sisters 29th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 29th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anushka and Alka coming home. Minty is shocked seeing the bag. Minty asks how did she come with the big bag. Anushka says Rohan went out for few days so Vrinda has sent Alka here. Sareen is happy and asks about Shastri ji’s anger. Minty says she did not tell anything wrong. Anushka says dad is not talking. Sareen says he will be fine, don’t worry. He asks her to take Alka. Alka meets the other sisters. Devyaani asks why did she come with bag, is she staying. Alka goes to the room. Devyaani asks Anushka what is the matter. Anushka says she will tell everything, you go to her first. Anushka cries and thinks what will dad feel when he knows this, that Alka has come back home. She sees Shastri ji and runs to cry in his feet. He looks at her and says enough now, not this time.

He says everytime you do mistake and cry, my anger won’t go. He asks what happened. She thinks she wish to tell him about Alka, sorry, I can’t. She says sorry Papa and cries. He says are you mad to cry so much, I will lock my door so that you can’t come and cry. Anushka says I know you will keep seeing us what are you doing. He says give me food now. She says you will get good food today, as Alka has come. He gets glad and asks how did she come. She says Rohan went out, so Vrinda permitted her to come here. He says its good. He goes and talks to Alka. He asks when will Rohan come. Alka is tensed. Anushka says don’t ask now, as Alka is sad on Rohan’s going out.

He says fine, its good she came, she has to go back. Devyaani and Peeya apologizes to him. He forgives them. He says he will not trust them again if they hide anything. Devyaani says she won’t lie again abd hugs him. Rajat comes to Anushka and signs her asking Shastri ji’s mood. She asks him to say it loud. Everyone look at him. He greets everyone and smiles. He asks what are they doing and says ofcourse having food. Shastri ji asks him to have food. Rajat says no thanks.

Rajat tells Shastri ji about the self defense camp and asks him will he send Devyaani, as marks are important. He says girls should get self defense training, the decision will be yours as a parent. Shastri ji agrees. Rajat and Devyaani smile. Rajat talks to Anushka and argue. Music plays…………. He says good taunts, is this your speciality. She says we learn lessons from our neighbors. He leaves. Anushka tells the sisters Alka’s problem. Devyaani says we can send Alka back before dad knows. Anushka says its not easy. Devyaani says yes I know, but we should try to solve. Devyaani asks Alka not to worry.

Anushka asks how, everyone is against Alka there. Devyaani gets an idea. Its morning, Devyaani thinks she will go to Rohan’s shop and pretend she was casually passing by. She sees Rohan. She acts like she fell and Rohan runs to her. She says she has to pick up Peeya . Rohan says you come with me, we will pick Peeya and then go to doctor. She says good idea and goes with him. Anushka calls Rajeev asking him to meet her. She says Alka wants to talk to you, can you come in park. He says yes, coming in some time. He gets glad. Alka asks Anushka will this plan work. Anushka says yes, as we are together. She says Devyaani will be coming now, please make Rajeev say that you did not had anything with him after marriage. Alka says fine.

Anushka sees Rajeev coming and tells Alka. She asks her to please manage and hugs her. Rajeev smiles seeing Alka. He asks her not to worry, as he is not angry. He says he still wants her, he will always want to get her. Rohan comes there with Devyaani. Rohan is shocked seeing Alka and Rajeev. He turns to go. Devyaani says she called him here to show Alka is innocent. She says please stay for sometime, you will know everything, come. Rohan and the sisters hide and hear Alka talking. Alka talks to Rajeev and asks why did he get angry on Anushka. Rajeev says Anushka broke us apart. Alka says no, Rohan’s proposal came and I told you to leave me. Rajeev goes to give a ball to a kid and sees Rohan hiding. Rajeev understands Alka’s plan.

Minty asks Alka why is she annoyed, as she did not invite her in laws. Astha takes the call and taunts Minty.

Update Credit to: Amena

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