Hamari Sister Didi 29th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Karan tells the patients, that if they will keep telling lies how will he treat them. He promises he will treat them whatever would have happened.

Amrita invites Mrs. Kapoor to the table. Sooraj and Khushi come excited to bring glasses. She thanks her for Khushi. Mrs. Kapoor discuss that one must do some strictness to the kids. She says that Amrita doesn’t have time to keep strictness on kids.

Seema and Alok asks them to call Sister didi. Malika asks does she know her, Seema says she was the one who took care of her brother. Malika and Mehr discuss had sister didi been here, they must have known the problem. Alok wanted to go away from here after treatment, but Seema says they can’t leave in this condition. Mehr calls Amrita, Mrs. Kapoor asks her to attend the call. Mehr

tells Amrita, that it doesn’t seem an accident but a police case. Mrs. Kapoor asks Amrita if she is leaving, while the kids bring the food. Khushi says that she will take care of it, she may leave. Mrs. Kapoor says that she has trained her children well, Amrita says that at times of need Khushi becomes her mother too, but the next moment she turns to a kid. Sooraj brings Amrita’s lunch-box.

Amrita comes to the hospital, a man shows her the photo of Seema and ask has she seen them. There were men all around. She asks haven’t they come home, the man says he will bury them alive if they come home.

Amrita comes to find out this was the girl, the man was looking for. Seema asks did she recognize her, Amrita nods. She asks her help. Amrita asks have they run away from home, Karan comes there and asks who called her. Mehr explains, but Karan asks were there paitents they couldn’t handle. Alok says he wants to leave, but Amrita intrude. Karan asks her to keep quiet, but Seema says that she called her. Amrita asks her to trust her, and tell her what it is. Seema says that her family is angry, and beated them badly. She tells her that arrested her in a room, and beat Alok badly. She cries, while Karan asks that they are adults and their parents cant torchure themselves.

Amrita says that is small cities, one cant go easily against the parents. Amrita asks Seema what problem her parents have with them. Seema cries that she is a widow, and it is a sin for her family to think about her remarriage. Alok asks what Seema’s fault in all this is, but our parents don’t understand this. He asks Amrita doesn’t Seema has a right to start a new life. Amrita is shocked.

Khushi gives medicine to dadi. Sooraj comes to tell her to rest. Dadi mama argues that she doesn’t sleep in afternoon. Sooraj says that they sleep at noon. He pats her forehead, she says she used to pat his father’s forehead. Khushi says papa used to make us sleep like this. Dadi mama asks what their mama used to do. Sooraj tells her that they fought badly, but when papa used in a bad mood from her house, mama was the one to take him on long walks. Mrs. Kapoor heads to sleep.

Seema insists that they must be provided protection. Karan insists that he has to report the police. Alok heads to leave, while Amrita says that there are people looking for them. She tells Mehr to tell everyone on reception not to inform anyone they are here. Amrita asks Karan to come out to talk. Karan refuses to help, while Dimple also comes to his office asking have they protected a couple. She asks Amrita to let police handle this, as it is a police case. Amrita says that police doesn’t know about it, that there is a crowd behind them against which police can’t do anything as well. Karan asks is there any crowd? She says there are people looking for them, with arms in hands. Karan asks why she didn’t tell him, and says this problem isn’t that simple. He tells Dimple, they can’t send them out and Amrita, that they can’t keep them here. They must call police. Amrita says that police might not be able to handle the crowd, we must call an inspector we know.

PRECAP: Seema’s father deter’s to burn the hospital if they don’t tell him where is Seema and Alok. Karan holds him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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