Qubool Hai 29th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 29th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Undisclosed Location.
Sanam and ahil come to an outland strectch, where she wonders why have they come here. Ahil tells her that this place is theirs, but now there would be a dhaba, named Sanam Da Dhaba. sanam is shocked and overwhelmed with emotions, while ahil presents his surprise to her. tears roll down her cheeks, as she is unable to believe what she just heard and saw. Ahil smiles at her bewilderment. She wonders of her dhaba would actually be this big, and marvels at the huge space and gushes about it, while ahil just smiles. sanam rushes upto him, and hugs him, and he too reciprocates back. Then as sanam is, she starts ranting about the layout and decor of the dhaba, ahil smiles and hears her excited plans. In her excxitement, she slips, just in time to be caught by ahil, and a romantic eyelock follows. They then compose themselves, and ahil seriously apologises for having burned her dhaba and behaved badly with her, and sanam too gets tensed recxounting all that, but then shuts him up, saying that he doesnt need to say all that, as she forgave him long back. The sound of the thunder, makes her hug him, wondering whats this happening to her, and why she doesnt want to be away from him. she wonders if this is love and then wonders how can she tell him that she loves him. The thunder starts rolling in, and ahil says that it seems a storm is headed this way. They go inside the storm, and there’s visible tension and awkwardness in the car. Sanam asks if they are going anywhere. He asks her if she wanst to go anywhere. she deniues. he puts on romantic music, and then holds her hand and kisses her. In the car, ahil begins to get romantic and intimate with sanam, while she is nervously shy. He starts caressing her face and hair, sensistising her. She finally comes out, gasping for breath.

Scene 2:
Location: In the garden
razia rushes back to the mysterious lady, and gives her the flowers. She applauds razia and then asks the priest to take them back and have it thrown. razia is shocked. The lady asks her to leave the thinking to herself. She then tells the next wish, that she needs the hairs of someone, who’s a man and yet not one, or a woman and yet not one. razia is baffled, while the lady again goes back to her meditation. Razia is frustrated with her and leaves, when she doesnt respond to her queries.

Scene 3:
Location: Rahat’s residence and on the road
Rahat is tensed remembering haya’s outburst. He thinks that its anough, and that haya was rigfht, and decides to tell faiz the truth about him and haya, and how much they love each other, and want to get married. He gopes to faiz’s room, but doesnt find him there. he wonders where faiz went. He rushes down and finds faiz coming in haste, crying and with his head hurt. he calls out to him, but faiz doesnt notice. Faiz rushes out of the road, and then rahat finally catches up on him. rahat is shocked to see him wounded, and faiz relates everything as to how his aunt betaryed him. rahat asks him to compose himself, but faiz laments as to how he has ruined haya’s life. He says that he wants to rectify his mistake, and wants haya back in his lie, but that this too requires a huge condition. rahat asks him to sit down, and then discuss as he too wants to say something. Faiz keeps saying that there must be some way. faiz remembers his aunt telling him about Halala Nikah, in which haya shall have to marry someone else, who divorces her, and then faiz can get married to him. He tells rahat this condition, and rahat is shocked. faiz pleads him but rahat says that this cant be, and faiz continues to convince that haya would have to marry someone or the other, then why not him, as faiz trusts him maximum. Rahat says that he cant do this. faiz turns suicidal, and then goes to the traffic, saying that its better he dies, after having given haya such pain and suffering. rahat asks him to get away, but when he doesnt comply, he rushes in between the traffic, and saves him from getting hurt. Rahat asks him angrily whats he doing. Faiz asks him to agree this one last time, as after this he wont say anything.

As haya is tensed in her room, rahat comes and confronts her. She eyes hgim, while he says that he wants to say something, and that he thought about what he said last night. she waits in anticipation. Rahat tensedly asks haya if she would marry him. she is shocked, and rendered speechless, as rahat waits impatiently, and tensed himself.

Scene 4:
Location: Rehaan’s office
Seher rushes to the garden, having realised that she is in love, but how to tell rehaan this, as before that he would have to know the truth about her, as lies cant be the foundation to a relation. She is tensed. As she begins to go back inside, she finds herself face to face with rehaan. He asks her why she came running all of a sudden. she says that shge wants to say something to him. He says that before she says anything, he has to say something, and this is very important too. She tries to speak, but he says that he has to speak, citing that time and experience have taught him that he should speak aloud, when the heart is willing, at the right time, or else a big price has to be paid and that this time he wont let love slip away from his hands, and that he would fight for his love, then it might be her Ramesh, rakesh or whoever, and then attain it. She asks him to listen to her atleast once. Rehaan tells seher that now he would say and she shall listen with her mouth shut. She is tensed. He says that the fact that he has told noone else till date, and then says the magical words, Sunehri, I LOVE YOU. she is dumbstruck and shellshocked. Their previous encounters flash before her eyes, while she is tensed of her reality and rehaan’s obliviousness from it. She eyes him, while he adds that he knows that she loves him deeply too. Tears roll down her cheeks, as he hugs her, while she is shocked, as mixed emotions wave through her. she clutches him back too. The screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: Both the sisters revel and bask in the glory of their new found love, as they and their better halves get intimate and romantioc with each other. Later, Tanveer tells ahil to sign them, as the divorce papers are ready and would be here in the next 2, 3 days. sanam and ahil are shocked, while tanveer smiles.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  10. luv u rimjhim thnx fr the suprb updates…bt yeah u hve some spelling mistakes:) do crrct thm

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