Shastri Sisters 29th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 29th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neil thinking about Devyaani and crying. He says you did not feel my love when I was with you, maybe you will realize it now when I go far from you. He says bye Devyaani and closes his eyes thinking about her. He gets ready to jump down the cliff and takes the step. He falls down. The people see him jumping and runs to save him. Neil falls on the river. The man says we have to save him. Nikki and Minty come there to find Neil and asks did they see white tshit blue jeans, fair guy. The man says he was here, he jumped, don’t know he is alive or dead, I m going to see him. Minty is shocked and faints.

Nikki holds her and shakes her. Minty says he said Neil jumped, if anything happens to him, I won’t be alive. They run to see Neil. Anushka smiles thinking about her and Rajat. She thinks she likes him and what happened to her that she is feeling this. She thinks about Rajat and their moments. She says is this love, why am I making halwa for him. Peeya comes to her. She tastes the halwa and likes it. She asks how did she make it, it looks like she has put special ingredient. Anushka thinks yes, its love. She takes it for Devyaani. Devyaani thinks to message Neil, but no, it will be good if I don’t talk to him. She says I had one good friend, take care of him Lord.

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Peeya gives her the halwa. Devyaani eats it. Anushka says she made it. Devyaani says its very good, looks like its made by love. Anushka sees Devyaani upset and thinks is she worried as she stopped Devyaani from talking to Rajat, and I m finding reasons to meet him today. She says I will first talk to Devyaani, till then I won’t talk to Rajat. She sees the tiffin packed for Rajat. Everyone try to find Neil in the river. Minty shouts for Neil and asks the people to save him. She cries. Nikki holds her. Minty prays for Neil. She says don’t punish for my mistakes to my son. Nikki says nothing will happen, see they will find Neil now, and we will take him home. She hugs Minty as she cries.

Neil is brought out of the water and is unconscious. Minty and Nikki are shocked seeing him and run to him. Minty tries to wake him up and asks people to call doctor. Neil does not respond. The man says his breath is not running. Minty is shocked. Minty says see my son has left me and gone. She says how will I live now. Nikki cries and says nothing such will happen. Minty prays Lord. The man pumps out water from Neil’s body. Neil starts coughing. Minty hugs him. She says I will do as you say, but you don’t try to end life again. She takes him home.

Alka is with Bua ji. They hear Astha telling against Bua ji, that she is always doing puja and nothing else. She is shocked seeing Bua ji. She changed her words and acts sweet. Bua ji gets angry and understands Astha. Bua ji says she will give house keys to Alka. Santo says the elder bahu should get it. Bua ji says no, not elder by age, by elder by work and thoughts. She scolds Santo and Astha. She leaves. Astha taunts Alka and Alka gives her a good reply with a smile. She leaves.

Minty takes care of Neil. She says did you think about us, if those men did not save you, then… Nikki brings juice for him. Neil asks Minty to have it. She cries and drinks it. Neil says he is fine. Minty and Nikki go out and talk. Nikki says we will take revenge from that girl. Minty asks how. Nikki says I m sure she will have a weak point, we will hit on her weak point. She says I did Neil’s upbringing, he used to call me mum. Minty holds her hand. Nikki says I m being strong to show you, but my heart knows I m broken, don’t do anything now, my sixth sense is saying we will get big chance soon, then we will see this girl, no one can save her.

Rajat tells Minty that he is in love and the girl he loves is in blue suit. Anushka and Devyaani stand there in blue suit. Nikki thinks Rajat is saying about Anu, but Devyaani is there too, now see Minty what I do.

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  1. wow rajat anu only u guyr r superb.i just this only for u guys rajat and anu.and plz show more scenes btw rajat and anu.thank for update.

  2. A gud twist ahead . But anu n rajat should b yhe lovebirds n none should come in between

  3. nice love story seriel saastri sisters. Rajat anushka and neil devyani nice love

  4. For god pls .dev and rajat must not be pair

  5. They noy guna be as rajat guna say he loves anu and therefore breaking hee heart thats what minty and hney wamna do

  6. Nikki mausi, u r going to break all their hearts ( anu, rajat, dev and neel ) and bring a big rift between those sisters. U hav to teach dev a lesson but not in this way.

  7. nice love story i like anu & rajat pair

  8. Love you anuraj . yeh daayan masi kidher se as thapki plz anuraj ko mil ado na

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