Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 29th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 29th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rachna is worried that it is 9 oclock, and she doesn’t understand if she should go or not. Mayank comes and asks what she is thinking. She says it is alright. Mayank tells her that he is meeting Gunjan on date, in canteen on 12; as he thought why to fear when it has to be done. Rachna says yes, why to fear if it has to be done. She asks him for luck, and goes to prepare saying she will keep her promise.

Gunjan stands in front of mirror, thinking should she go on date with Adi or not. Akaash says they have to leave earlier, she asks when her car will return from garage. He replies it will come tomorrow.

Dayal and Prabhu talk to each other, Golu was also there. The door bell rings and an invitation for Aryan’s birthday come. Golu is excited and heads to complete his homework to attend the birthday on 1st November.

Prabhu says that since the birthday is on Mahadasha, his luck will take a turn. The kids tell them that it is a surprise birthday party, so they must not tell anyone.
Lucky’s father tells the buttler to pack his breakfast, when Lucky comes to ask for his breakfast. His dad says it is a good turn. Lalit appreciates Lucky and promises to bring him new toys. Lucky’s father leaves, Lalit thanks that he has left, there must have been a problem had he come in front of him. He was leaving, when Rachna’s auto-rickshaw stops by. She had dropped money and bends to pick it up when the car passes by her.

Mayank sits on the canteen table, and waits for Gunjan. Adi’s friends teases him that she hasn’t come. Adi says he is flat on her only because she shows attitude. Gunjan comes to the college, and thinks what should she answer Adi. She watches him and smile.

Rachna comes inside the house. Lalit calls that she must not worry. She is relieved listening that his brother isn’t home. She says she is sorry, she got late. Lalit says it is good she got late, but Lucky is excited taking her arrival. A servant peeks and says it is all betrayal, no one will be able to save this girl.

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Adi asks Gunjan was she thinking about him. She smiles. He says their date is on. She says she wanted to come, but… He asks what, if she doesn’t like the venue or the person taking her on date. She asks can she bring a friend of hers along. He says as far as she is there, it is ok. Adi’s friend asks have they ever heard, a girl brings a friend on date. Adi says she is impressed by him, and is agreed to come; that is enough.

Rachna plays ball with Lucky, then asks him to do some work. She says work is important for everyone, he hasn’t done his homework. His private tutor will soon be here, she has to go to basement. He tells her no one is allowed there, and it remains locked. She asks for the reason, but he says he don’t know. Rachna asks why he calls her maa. Lucky goes to take an album, but the buttler comes with his chocolate milk and asks how did this dad’s thing came into his room, he takes it along. Lucky tells her that his uncle let him drink his secret drink when his dad has left.

Mayank thinks about calling Gunjan, when he gets her call. She was standing a few tables apart. She comes to him, and asks him to order something. She says she has to say something important to him. He thinks he knows she has to say I love you. She asks what is he thinking, and must order something.

Lalit shows Rachna the house, and tells him to improve the outer look of the house. She says it won’t work for longer, and is suspected when Lalit says it doesn’t matter. Lucky comes there to play, Rachna asks him to go and hide. The buttler was taking a huge painting, she heads to watch it but the buttler stops her. Lalit asks her about the estimate, and points at buttler to move on. Rachna says she will tell him in a day or so.

Lucky’s father reminds that he forgot a file, and asks the driver to go back.

Gunjan asks Mayank to go to Indigo Bistro with him, as she has made her mind. She heads for lecture.

Adi tells his friends, that the second thing to like Gunjan is that she is rich. She can afford his expensive life-style so he will keep holding her.

Lucky’s father come home, when Rachna was looking at it. She comes to the basement door, the piece of her dupatta still stuck there. The buttler asks what she is doing, it is prohibited area. She says that this part of the house is the most needed, will he open it up. Lucky’s father calls a no. They are both shocked to see him. The buttler leaves, while Rachna is afraid as he comes nearer.

PRECAP: Lucky’s father asks Rachna how dare she come back, Lalit takes him. Rachna says why he hates her, why this door remains locked, and whose photo was that.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. really really boring

  2. Boring unnecessary story where is kt and his brother

  3. An awesome show just got messed up surely the writers could have thought about a better story line……………so much for stretching the show

  4. Yes a better story line could have been done.

    1. i am miss kabir dadi hope to see dadi come back

  5. f**ked up show…….writers f**k U

  6. I think kumkum bhagya and sapne suhane share writers… Both story lines r going no where

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