Shastri Sisters 26th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 26th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shastri ji scolding Devyaani. Rajat defends her. Alka comes home with Astha. Astha tells Hari and everyone about Devyaani daring to take the video at night and giving it to inspector. Rajat says he has right on Devyaani as he is her Guru. Minty taunts Devyaani as Shastri ji scolds Rajat. Shastri ji says I won’t agree if Devyaani does not listen to me. Minty says I can’t see my sons get the taunts by Devyaani’s mistakes, he can’t stop his daughter and blaming my sons. She leaves. Sareen and his family leaves. Anushka says this is not done intentionally. He leaves. The sisters cry.

Rohan comes on the dinner table and hears Hari’s taunts for Alka and her family. Astha says Shastri ji was upset, don’t know. Vrinda says did he not know Devyaani was going in party. Astha says no, he was sitting with head low and asks Alka do all the sisters lie. Rohan is annoyed. Astha taunts Alka. Astha says Alka is not like Devyaani, right. Rohan leaves without having food. Astha thinks what happened, why did he leave by my taunts.

Devyaani cooks the breakfast and talks to Anushka and says why she helped those people as she asked her to do the right thing. Anushka understands and hugs her. Devyaani asks about their dad’s annoyance. Anushka says he will understand. Minty and Astha meet in the market. They start taunting each other. They praise themselves and their standard. Astha asks about Devyaani. Minty says drama always goes on, sometimes Devyaani, and Alka. Astha is stunned and asks what about Alka.

Anushka talks to Shastri ji and asks him to have food which Devyaani made. Minty changes the topic and leaves not telling about Rajeev and Alka. Astha says she has find out what Alka did before marriage. The girls talk about Rajat and asks Devyaani to come, as she is connected to Rajat now. Devyaani looks at Rajat and is sad. She says no, I have some work, you guys go. She thinks about Shastri ji’s words.

Neil sees Devyaani upset and tries many ways to cheer her up. She says sorry, but I want to be alone. He says fine, call me when your mood becomes well. She thanks him. He smiles . Devyaani looks at Rajat and the NCC cadets. Neil thinks she is looking at him and smiles. Ishq bulava jode kab aave………………… plays…………… Devyaani stares at Rajat and Neil is in same angle being mistaken. Alka goes out and she feels someone is following her and turns to see.

The person hides as she turns. Alka comes to a restaurant and meets Anushka. Anushka says she has to go in sometime, please tell me whats the problem, what do you want to tell me. Alka tells about Rajeev. Anushka asks what. Alka tell her everything. The person hears them. Anushka is shocked. She asks how did Rohan react. Alka cries and says Rajeev lied to him that I called him, he is not listening to me. Anushka says Rajeev can fall more low and tells everything how he tried to harm her in the temple. Alka is shocked.

Alka says she will see Rajeev now, as she is fearless, he can’t do anything now. Anushka asks her to take care of her and Rohan. She hugs Alka and leaves.

Alka comes to meet Rajeev. Astha and Santo take their pics. Rajeev holds Alka and smiles. Alka slaps him and says he will kill him and kill herself too. Astha is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. problem with alka.
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