Sadda Haq 26th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 26th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
They all make the washroom. Yoyo says even some money is left. Vidushi says what will we do with it? SANyu says we will return it. Vardhan comes there, yoyo says won’t you congratulate us? We solved another problem. Vardhan says congratulate for what? That you learned nothing? Who will empty the tank? yoyo says the villagers will. vardhan says I expected more than your capabilities. You all know just to waste time. Jiggy says we never get any appreciation. Sayu says this wastage can me used for bio gas. This will be connected to generator. energy will be produced. Parth says we have money too. Lets do it guys. They start working on it.

They all are drinking tea. Yoyo says we need wine. sanyu says first get done with the work. After that you can do anything you want. Jiggy

says sahil is not well. He has left for the college. sanyu says how? He says villagers are helping him. The hear some noise. the villagers say to vardhan your panel is not working, we told you that you can’t do what government couldn’t. vardhan says I really apologize. Another man says we gave you our time after so much difficulty and you broke our trust. vardhan says I am really sorry. I will leave the village by tomorrow. rAndhir says now we have to do this for vardhan. Jiggy says this is a shocking situation how can the solar panels made by vardhan fail. Randhir says we have to break in the mill to see what they have done. Vidushi says they will kill us if they see us. Randhir says I am talking about break in you know that very well. They all find a backdoor and enter the mill. They start investigating the panels. sanyu say everything is okay but maybe the place is wrong. Why did sir make this? Sanyu says he did this to test us. He knew these solar panels can’t work. Randhir says he wants us to make energy. SAnyu says we have to do this by tomorrow. we have to find the clue he has left for us. They all are rummaging through the mill. Jiggy says is he giving us some hint? Randir says there are barely 100 people in this town. jiggy says can we work on motors? Randhir says how many will you make? Yoyo is enjoying sugar cane. Randhir says what are you eating. He says we used to make energy from this in our village. Sanyu says oh that’s the clue. Vardhan wants us to convert energy from these sugarcanes. Lets start working. They are easily available.

Scene 2
A kid says to other lets go to school. They all gather at the school place. No one s there to teach. they say lets go and find them? One says have some theifs takes them? One says I saw him in factory. The kids come to factory. Vidushi says what are you people doing here? sanyu says you stay here and learn how we are producing energy. The kids settle there and sanyu and ranhdir start telling them how they are working. The kids are learning with enthusiasm. SAnyu says lets start the generator. Jiggy says I am really scared. What if there is some fault. Randhir asks the kid to start the generator. Its not working. randhir says why is it not working? sanyu says lets check all the fittings once again. Parth says we don’t have time. Vidushi says why do they wake up so early. All the villagers are looking for their kids. They ask vardhan. Vardhnan says lets go to mill and look there. Vidushi says everything Is fine. Randhir says let me try again. Its still not working. Randhir along with the villagers come there. The villagers says what were yopu doing to our kids? What answer do you have vardhan? Suddenly the lights turn on. There is a smile on everyone’s face. Yoyo comes out of the generator says there was an eaten cane in the generator. The kids brief their parents about the machine. Randhir says the dream our sir has seen for you people will be fulfilled. We apologize for all the inconvenience. They says every educating student should help others like you all.

Precap- randhir says truth is we have always disappointed our sir. Parth says please ask her to come with us. The villagers say please go with them they all need you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. @ nila – nice that u remember my cousin sis’…

    1. Is she your sis ???? 🙂 😀 I didn’t know that anyways its nice to have SANDHIRIAN in family

  2. Hey it was on facebook of sandhir and it was posted by anyone.

  3. gud aftrnoon sandhirians………. @meera ….kya @DS aapki sis hai??

    1. yep!!! cousin… she remembers u for ur ♡ for shayaris.. (i think she said Mirza Ghalib.. )

      1. yeah Mirza galib……bt y did @DS stop posting comments here??her memory is so strong yar u know wat unko kitni pehle ki comments wo bhi user name k sath yad rehti hai………

      2. due to her moms health.. yes, she has gud memory..

  4. hey it was that
    By- namrata sahu

    “Dream confession”
    vardhan forgive all n already depart from there to FITE while others r at bus stop n soon d bus came n all catch d bus suddenly sanyu notice rd is not there she asked for him..
    parth: mene aur jiggy ne use bahot samjhaya k atleast ek baar hmare sath vapas to chl hum sab Maya mam se baat karenge but rd is rd he only do wat he decide uski aj raat ki bus h.
    sanyu:in mind (nahi mai randhir ko liye bina vapas nai jaungi) then she said oh shit! guyz mai apni ek bahot imp thing bhool ayi hu bus nikalne me abi tym h agar mai tab tak na aau to plz don’t wait I’ll catch d next bus.
    vidushi:ab esi kon si imp thing bhool ayi ye jiske liye itni pareshan hoke gai h huh go to hell muje kya
    parth:in mind( I know what’s ur imp thing sanyu) & he smiled soon d bus depart. here sanyu decided to wait for rd at the bus stop. evening pass away & rd came n see sanyu sat on bench he thought gosh dreaming again n sat beside her next bench. before sanyu could say rd started talking himself.
    rd:tum ja k b nai gai sanyukta..why all this happened wid me..pata h sanyu us din jab tumne mujse poocha tha k do I love u i cheat u..yes my fingers were crossed..mai chah k b tumse nafrat nai kar sakta cuz u r my soul my life my first n last love I love u sanyukta I love u…tum chahe mujse kitna b hate kyu na karti ho but i still n always love u he cried by saying all this..there tears appears in sanyus eyes too she say nothing and hug him tightly
    rd: sanyukta tum tum sach me yaha ho ?mai pata nai kab se bakwaas kiye ja ra hu tumne muje roka kyu nai?
    s:rok deti to tumhara dream confession adhoora reh jata..aur mai kabhi nai jaan paati k tum mujse itna pyaar karte ho..yes not only u cheat me rd even I cheat u dat day even my fingers were crossed dat day..i love you too randhir ..
    they both hug each other with tears of happiness in their eyes..rd break d hug n he was about to kiss her wen his phone rang it was a msg from d dean ” vardhan tell me abt ur hard work in village n I decided to re admission of ur restication is cancelled”.
    rd’s happiness at its best sanyu also read the msg n in excitement she put a kiss on his lips and she blushed n hide her face on his arms…they both enjoyed d victory of their love…
    thank you guyz hwz dat??
    I read this on face book then i post that.

  5. It was only a story not the truth.

  6. Cnt my above comment
    Family priority she didn’t think about anything else than Randhir at that time and later she realised that and if she would have ran with Randhir she would have regretted it later
    Both Sandhir were confused soul at that time and still they are only DD & SS can clear that

  7. Ya sc,wht u read was an os,not spoiler

  8. Forgot one thing…..
    Randhir is going to be back in F.I.T.E 😀 😉 🙂

  9. @ saddahaqrox congratulations
    I want to share few FF of Sandhir that I like and those who are interested can read
    1. Your mine for ever( India forums by Vani)
    2.Always together
    3.Always together 2nd season
    5.Dancing with star
    6. Daddy’s hand
    7.Along came she
    8.Right or wrong
    All these are from India forums(above ones)
    9.Me and Mrs. Shekhawat
    10.Always be mine
    9,10 are from FB update almost everyday

    1. 1.You’re mine forever(spelling mstk above)

  10. @anamika,read ur cmmnt just now and i quite disagree with it:
    1)Nope..rd wud not hv accepted. Yes,he wanted sanyu with all his heart,but a runaway bride doesnt sound that gr8,whichever way u put it. He wud hv made her his,but with her parents permissn.
    2)That wasnt sanyu speaking. No,that ws absolutely not her. That was her feelings speaking. And it shows that howevermuch she tries to put up her family façade,the truth is that she luvs rd more than that.
    3)Guts! Like,really! U think sanyu hasnt got guts! It was proven whn she got sameer,but then it also takes guts to run away frm home for fite,to blow up d lab to stay there,to jump frm 2nd srorey trusting only a trampoline and a 3rd yr ME student!
    And didnt she try ti wake rd up? She ws willing to sacrifice her families izzat and all that fr rd…..agar ab randhir hi nahi utha toh usme bhi sanyu ki galati?
    your pov) The ‘basic blunder’ as u say,is of VARDHAN SIR not sanyu or rd. Arrey, sanyu toh ussey sab sach bataane waali thi! Ussey kisne roka? Vardhan sir! Unhone hi mana kiya na. And bechari ne toh kitne baar bola bhi tha ke ye galat hai. Lekin nai. Hamaare bade baabu toh khudko bhagwaan samjhe baithe hain. Aur ye jo har sandhir related site pe ‘ sanyus fault or rdz fault’ ka drama shuru hain,uske bhi. Coz sab log toh bhool hi gaye hain na ki iss poore mahabharath ki jadh ekamev pujya gyaani baba,vardhan sir hain. Anamika,tum bhi. Arrey itni toh akkal ya memory power rakhni chahiye na! Short term memory loss ho gaya kya sab ko? Ya paagal ho gaye ho jo bematlab rd aur sanyu ko blame kiye jaa rahe ho?
    Tumse toh baat karna hi bekaar hai.

    1. that was absolutely my and only my POV – everyone have their own perspective…. i still strongly stand upon my words…

      if any girl, let alone sanyukta, kisses (lip to lip) a guy whom she suddenly, so suddenly fell in ♡ with, minutes b4 her engagement, and gets engaged to the BG her family has selected for her – is a BLUNDER… does it not mean that she is not true to her wld-be better half… in real life, who does that?? like u share intimate moments with your lover (or so-called) in your bedroom, when the other is downstairs all waiting for her… i am not on and not willing to be on sanyus side just bcoz she is the female lead of this show..

      I being a gal, never accept fake love and this kind of double face. u hv to be true to the guy whom u r going to be related to — life long…

      Oh i forgot, Vardhan se ke liye?? ok, in a way, yes.. but then did not PARTH tell her she was wrong concealing her engagement matter???? at some stage, she cld hv told RD…..

      and yes, what is the tag-line of this show – “Haq cheene se milta hai maangne se sirf bheek milti hai ” and sanyu was ACTUALLY, literally crying and BEGGING SAMIR to let her continue her studies.. well??? Sanyu has nothing to be proud of.. she speaks loud in front of RD and preaches him alone.. right from day 1, she has been dependant on RD (especially) i mean creating blast in lab etc etc.. she has not done SO FAR, anything on her own… she is still self centered and manipulative…

      I wl b the 1st one to appreciate and applaud her the day she chooses RD over SAMIR and decides to stand up for herself and RD in front of her family.

      FINALLY, ur – Tumse toh baat karna hi bekaar hai – I am not at all offended. thanks a/ways… and my memory is not all that bad.. it has got nothing to do with my POV.. and s, i am not a lunatic either!!!

  11. Spoilers!! till wednesday

    mon-“sanyukta finds a way to force maya so tht she can get randhir back to college”

    tue-“sanyukta and randhir are forced to pair up with each other for the exams”

    Wed:Sameer forces sanyu to dance with him during his parents 25th anniversary
    source – facebook

  12. os for all sandhirians I m alwys dere fr u

    Snyukta…sameer yelled at her…
    Whole college was srprised….dey were shocked…

    Yoyo paji runs twrds call him
    randhir was wrkng in d lab…

    Tum smjhti kya ho apne ap ko…sameer holds her elbows tightly..
    Snyu was shocked as well…she ws frowning..
    She says: sameer y r u shouting at me lyk chodo mera hath..sab dekh re h…

    Sam: acha badi fikr hori h sab k dekhne ki…
    Jb m tumhe itne tym se cal kr ra hu…to tumhare rplies se mje kitni prblm hoti h…do u hv any idea…

    Meanwhile randhir cms dere..

    Sameer cntinued…yha kuch hi dino me humari shadi hone wali tum is stupid se college me stupid si machines ar wo stupid se projcts me lgi rhti ho..tumhare pas mjse bt krne ka b tym ni h..mjse..apne hone wale pati se…

    Snyu cant handle it she choose to remain silent..

    Rndhir cnt bear ds…he steps twrds he moves back..bcoz now he z not only he z sanyukta’s fiancee…

    Sameer cntinued..: ab q chup ho tum…phon pe to bda attitude dikhati thi tum…ab q bolti bnd ho gai..
    Snyu taking a deep breath: sameer dekho please yha koi scene create mt kro..hum canteen me chal k bt krte h na…
    She holds her wrist…
    But sameer jerk hr hands…

    N gave hr a tight slap…

    Now randhir couldnt cntrol his anger…he cn only c snyukta…who was crying…
    Only his snyukta…to whom sameer slapped.he was fuming…
    He shouted at top of his voice…

    Sameeerrrrrrrrrrr…..teri himmat kese hui…
    Snyu was hell feared…
    Smeer was shocked..: tu…tu aj b yhi h…
    Rndhir shouts: han..m kal b yhi tha ar aj b yhi mera college h…

    He holds his collor..snyu cms near to dem..n tries to calm rndhir n sameer…randhir leaves his collor..

    Snyu: dekho randhir, sameer plz hum bt kr skte h..
    Sam: tum ise janti ho???
    Snyukta jwab do janti ho???
    Snyu: sameer wo randhir drvr ni h isi colleg ka studnt h…
    Sameer was angry..he was shocked…yelling: itna bda sch chupaya tumne mjhse….
    He agn slapped snyukta..snyu got fainted…kaustu takes her immediately to d dr..

    Now rd brsted out wd anger…he punched sameer very hard…now he was out…
    His anger was on 7th sky…he was beating sameer like maniacs…

    Sameer hs bcum unconscious…
    Maya n vrdhan reaches dere..dey try to stop rndhir….bt he was not lstening to any1..
    Hs anger was on d top…bt vrdhan knows only 1 prson cn cntrol randhir dat z sanyu…
    He call snyukta…
    Snyu was shocked by lukng dere cnditions…

    She cried…randhir m tumhare age hath jodti hu..pls chod do use..wo mr jaega..
    Randhir beatng him agn n agn yells: mr jane do dare he…isne tumhe hth b kese lgaya…

    S: please rndhir…please..meri family ko pta chal gya to…
    Den randhir stops…

    He pick sameer up n pinned him to d wal…
    Yells: aj to m ruk gya…agr aj k bad snyukta se unchi awaz me bat b ki na to jinda jala dunga…pyaar h wo mera….

    Evrybdy were hell shocked by his statemnt…
    Sameer was also stunned…

    Ase kya dekh ra h…rd yells agn…
    Sun ra h na pyar h wo mera…agr ise jara si chot b lgi na to tera khandan tujhe dhund ni paega…
    Chal ab nikal yha se…n he kicks sameer..

    Snyu was numbed..she was not in hr senses..

    Rndhir holds her wrist n brings her to d medical rum…

    He makes her sit on d bed…n slowly removes d blood frm d cotton wich was oozng frm hr mouth…
    Snyu cms into hr senses..n lukng rndhir soothng her…she hugged him tightly..
    Rndhir noticing hr sense..hugged hr tightly..caressing hr hairs says:..snyukta shhh…dnt cry…m hu tumhare pas..tumhare sath..jb tk m hu..koi tmhare sath kuch b ni kr skta..I M ALWYS DERE FR U….

    Snyu strted crying: i love u rndhir…i love u so mch…
    Rndhir hvng tears in hr eyes breks d hug..n kisses her…i love u too sanyukta..n leaned into a deep n passionate kiss…
    The whole wrld was stoped for dem…dey only wnt to rest in ech othr’s arms..

  13. oh thats the reason @meera i wish k unki mummy jaldi ,bahot jaldi theek hojaye……..

    1. on her behalf, i thank u soooooo much for ur wishes… i wl def let her know of this… yes, her mom is convalescing…

    2. ok…@meera jiii…

      1. अरे यार, मेरी टांग खींचें बिना तुझे नींद नहीं आएगा !!!

  14. yaar kab sanyu aur rd saath mai hogiii i hope jald hooo . loving last few episodes

  15. sandhir FF
    Chapter 1 :

    “Randhir baba, uthiye,” yelled Ramu kaka trying to shake him.
    “Kaka, bas 10 minute, pakka uth jaaunga,” told Randhir sleepily.

    Kaka gave up. He went to the room adjacent to Randhir’s and picked up Junior Randhir and put him in the washroom asking him to get ready in 10 minutes. Junior Randhir ran back to his bed and dug his little head below the pillow.

    “Baba, utho!” kaka muttered helplessly.
    “Kaka, bas 10 minute, pakka uth jaaunga,” he told just like his dad.
    “Jaisa baap waisa beta,” kaka muttered slapping his forehead and left from there not knowing what to do.
    He again went to Randhir’s room and told, “Baba, chote sahib abhi bhi nahi uth rahe hai, unko toh sirf aap utha sakte ho.” The minute Randhir heard it, he sat up on the bed and wished a quick Goodmorning to his kaka and rushed out of his room to go to his son’s room. There he was sleeping peacefully with his small head peeping out of the quilt.

    “Junior,” told Randhir loudly.
    “Haan senior?” he replied sleepily with his eyes shut.
    “Utho champ, school nahi jaana?” asked Randhir sweetly.
    “Nahi senior, aaj chutti,” he replied meekly.
    “Acha, abb I have only one way to wake you up,” he told softly with a wide smile. Getting no response, he started tickling his son attempting to wake him up from his dreamland. He started giggling and got up after 3 minutes.
    “Senior, sirf aap jaante ho mujhe uthane ka tarika,” he told faking anger.
    “Exactly why you call me senior,” replied Randhir proudly, “abb jaao and get ready I want you down at the breakfast table in 15minutes.”
    “Okay hitler,” he replied grinning and ran into the washroom before his dad could get hold of him.
    “15 minutes,” Randhir yelled and came out of the room and went back to his room to get ready.

    Randhir came out of his room after 25 minutes and saw his son sitting at the dining table smirking at him. He knew he was late. He went and sat beside him silently avoiding eye contact.

    “Senior,” he told silently, “You’re late again.”
    “Hmm,” replied Randhir not knowing what else to say.
    “You know what to do,” he told smiling at his dad.
    “Yeah yeah,” he replied lazily and started feeding his beloved son. They had this rule, whoever came after the first one, had to feed the other. Randhir had to feed his son almost everyday as he was always late. He was happy that his son was more punctual compared to him.

    Randhir Singh Shekhawat, aged 25, was the owner of “Scube Automobiles,” the biggest automobile empire in the world. He created history by bringing up a small company to the standard of one of the top leading companies in the world in a span of just 2 years. At a young age, he created sensation and was known as the Automobile-King. He had the features any girl could die for. He was present in the Top 5 hottest business people below 30. He could simply be described as, “The Greek-God with the Einstein Mind.” He had moved recently to Delhi, 2-3 months ago, reluctantly. He previously lived in London. He had money, fame, success but one thing he lacked, from childhood, a woman’s love. He now, lives only for his champ, Ranveer, his only beloved. When Randhir told him that they were moving to Delhi and that he has to leave his school and has to adjust to a new school and a whole new environment, he expected him to cry and crib. But to his utter astonishment he nodded his head happily and was extremely excited to go to India. “Motherland,” Randhir thought and was proud of his son.

    Ranveer Singh Shekhawat, a mere kid who had turned 6 a month ago, never behaved like one. He was way too mature than the kids of his age. He understood and loved his dad more than he loved himself. He was crazy about cars and machines and swore to himself that he would become the best engineer of his times, just like his dad. He was a cute little sweet kid, who could get aggressive at sometimes like his dad. Apart from that, he cared for people and would never hurt anyone unnecessarily or intentionally. He had inherited his charm, intelligence, pride and also a few MCP qualities from his dad. He was first in almost everything. An excellent student he is and an awesome dancer for his age. He had inherited his mother’s sweetness, patience and helping nature also. In short, he was near to perfect.

    Ranveer is everything and everyone Randhir has and vice-versa. Randhir was not only a father to him, he was his everything. His dad, his mom, his companion, his guide, his mentor and his only loved. Randhir bought up his child with utmost care. He fulfilled all his wishes, the reasonable ones of course. He was a mature, responsible father. Though Ranveer missed his mom badly, he never asked his dad about it because he knew it was a touchy topic for him and he always used to get upset over that matter. He never wanted to see his dad like that, he loved him.

    “Champ, chalo main tumhe school chod deta hoon,” told Randhir.
    “Haan senior jaldi chalo,” Ranveer replied enthusiastically.
    “Abb kya hua? Abb bohot mann kar raha hai school jaane ka?” asked Randhir eyeing him.
    “Arey senior, aaj hamare class mein ek test hai. Aaj mein uss Divya ko dikha dunga ki mai kaun hoon,” Ranveer replied proudly.
    “What? Please elaborate,” Randhir asked getting into the driver’s seat and keeping his laptop behind.
    “Senior, mere class mein ek ladki hai, Divya Khanna, kehti hai mujhse acchi hai. Usne mujhe challenge kiya hai ki who aaj ke test mein mujhse acche marks laakar dikhayegi,” he replied, “Rank no. 39 hai aur mujhe,” pointing towards himself, “Rank no. 1 ko challenge kar rahi hai. How dare she? Isiliye aaj main use dikha dunga ki main THE BEST hoon.”
    Randhir’s jaw dropped but he composed himself and asked him, “Prepared then?”
    “Main Rank no. 1 hoon senior, mujhe preparation ki zaroorat nahi,” he replied smirking.
    Randhir was surprised by his answer. He didn’t reply anything. He started the car and proceeded towards Ranveer’s school.

    After bidding goodbye to Ranveer; he sighed. “Genes,” he thought and started the engine.

    He drove to his office then.
    Standing in front of an enormous building, looking at his hardwork, he was happy and proud. He entered into his cabin and immersed himself in work.
    He wanted to abandon his past and start afresh. But fate had other plans kept in store for him.

    Somewhere far away from them, in a college, in Roorkee, in FITE,

    There stood a man in his late thirties wearing big black specs and looking out of the window lost in his thoughts. His thoughts drifted off to *The first time they ever fought over a project.*


    All the dream team members were working on a project given by Vardhan Sir. They had to assemble parts of a robot and get it to work. They were free to add any extra features to the robot. They had to complete the task in teams. Vardhan Sir had already decided the teams. They were Kaustuki-Vidushi, Jiggy-Sahil, Randhir-Sanyukta. They had one hour to complete the project. Randhir was not even allowing Sanyukta to touch the parts let alone work together. She was irked. She pushed him away with full force.

    “What the hell do you think of yourself haan?” roared Sanyukta.
    “Umm.. Let me think! Rank no. 1, awesome, out of the world, best and definitely not a farzi engineer like you,” he replied calmly and got back to work.
    “Farzi engineer? Really? You arrogant jerk, this is a team task not YOUR task,” she replied stressing the word your.’
    “What will you take to shut up your mouth?” he asked while working.
    “Work,” she replied coolly.
    He was tired of her constant blabbering. “Fine,” he muttered, “Let’s divide. You do the below part and I do the above one. Are we cool now?”
    “Okay, but no taunting,” she told.
    “I can’t promise that now,” he replied smirking.
    She let out a deep sigh and starting fixing the limbs of the robot. They fought for don’t know how many times but finally completed the task and 15 minutes were still left. Randhir wanted to improvise it further so he added few extra features. The robot could understand human language and could speak it just by a mere command from Randhir’s mobile.

    Vardhan Sir, being himself, came in exactly after 1 hour. Everyone had completed the task. It wasn’t that difficult. He admired Randhir-Sanyukta’s work the most as they have added many extra features. The mysterious thing was eventhough they fight so much, hate each other so much, how they always managed to work together when they are paired up. He took their project, appreciated them and left to his cabin. He placed the robot on his shelf as a remembrance of his two best students and thought, “I was right, they work their best with each other.”

    “Main haar gaya Niharika,” he muttered slowly removing his specs and wiping away the tear that made its way down from his left eye.
    “Tum aise kaise haar maan sakte ho?” asked a voice inside him.
    “Par maine usse vaada kiya tha, ki main kuch nahi karunga,” he fought with the voice inside.
    “Vaada hi hai, tod sakte ho,” the voice replied.
    “Par…” his trailed of not knowing what to tell.
    “Tum kabhi nahi haarte ho,” his voice told, “aur kiss vaade ki baat kar rahe ho? Abb agar tum woh promise tod bhi doge toh kuch galat nahi hai. You’re breaking the promise for good. Kissi ka bhala chahke kuch bhi karna galat nahi hota.”
    He surrendered to his inner self and decided to do something.

    He composed himself and went out of his cabin. He reached his destination and went inside without even bothering to knock. He went and sat down on a chair facing an elderly man in his mid-fifties.

    “Kya chahiye Vardhan tumhe?” he asked looking at his laptop screen.

  16. @ saddahaqrox pls clam down dear u cannot speak to anyone like this it was little rough

    @ Meera D. I pray to god DS di mom jaldi teek ho jaye

    1. thank u, i wl def pass on your wishes to DS

  17. Just now read on FB that there is an special epi of sadda haq on 5 October 8pm
    Will Sanyu choose family or her dreams

  18. @meera ji neend di gal to tussi chhad do ji….wo to mainu aaj kal ainvy nahi aati hai…. haha…gn sd

    1. ok, i give up!! no more hindi comments.. ab bol, kyaa keh rahi thi?

      1. ye hui na baat @ meera ji…….mai keh rahi thi k neend ki baat to aap rehne hi do..wo to mujhe aajkal aise hi nahi aati….. gn sd

  19. kisi ne ff nahi dekha?

  20. Ok guyzzz,i hv sumthing to say.
    I m really very sorry fr wht i said. Its just dat i m very much like u -even i stick to and favour my pov fiercly….and upar se i ws in a bad mood whn i read ur cmmnt toh saara gussa aap pe utar gaya……if i hurt or angered u in any way then i m really very sorry
    2)Meera di, do convey my get well soon to DS’s mom as well! Hehe
    R u a fanfic fan as well? Coz i am and even i hv this habit of troubling ppl by posting os’s and ffs here! Btw,do check out my ff- crazy stupid ishq on
    U can search it on that site, posted by username saddahaqrox.
    Nila di,thnx fr d info. Eagerly waiting fr d epi!

    1. thank u, i wl def pass on your wishes to DS..

  21. haan aur main jab ffs post karti thi tab bhi koi nahi dekhta tha so don’t worry

  22. Aaaheli I read them already in India forums and this one is the most favorite story after CHETAN BHAGAT’s novel
    Tnx fr postng it

  23. gud morn’ Randhirians!!!

    @ GC, nila and shrox – passed ur wishes… she says : thanks a ton!!! it means a lot..

    to shrox in her words – it was she who gave me spoiler queen title, hardly 2 months hv elapsed, she has already forgotten me… upar se pooch rahi hai mi he or she hoon??? wonderful!! thankx a/ways…

    1. Can u post the all spoilers for this week

  24. spoiler for wed– ignore if u already know… Sameer forces sanyu to perform a dance with him on his parent’s 25th aniverary. Wil she able to do this???

  25. jo naam dil pr ho likha iqrar unse hota hai
    kaise kahu mai o yara ye pyar kaise hota hai
    tu ru ru ru ru ru tu ru ru ru…….
    GooD MorninG Sandhirians 🙂

  26. thank u @meera….

    1. gud Morning …….Sandhirians….

  27. Hi to all sandhirians @meera ds aapki cousin h,interesting very interesting.
    I wish ds ki mom jldi theek ho jaye 🙂 missing hr so mch,uske cmnts bhut interesting hote the,jise padhne me muje bhut accha lgta tha,n muje aapke cmnts bhi bhut acche lgte h.

    1. thank u sooooo much on her behalf… i wl def pass on ur wishes to her. she remembers everyone of u, although she was here for a short time.

      1. short time nahi @DS ne yaha pr bahot din tak comnts post kiye…just like u she also used to share all the sh reltd links here……..

  28. hi @nid kaha thi ab tk……….aur pata nahi yar @AN kaha hai…miss ya dear…

    1. Yea miss u all,actually i ws lil busy,its navaratri time na,festive season chal rhe h to time nhi milta
      and AN ne bhi bhut dino se cmnt nhi kiya pta nhi kha h

  29. hi guys what happened today only 98 comments

  30. Shagun ka comment 101

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