Sadda Haq 26th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 26th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
They all make the washroom. Yoyo says even some money is left. Vidushi says what will we do with it? SANyu says we will return it. Vardhan comes there, yoyo says won’t you congratulate us? We solved another problem. Vardhan says congratulate for what? That you learned nothing? Who will empty the tank? yoyo says the villagers will. vardhan says I expected more than your capabilities. You all know just to waste time. Jiggy says we never get any appreciation. Sayu says this wastage can me used for bio gas. This will be connected to generator. energy will be produced. Parth says we have money too. Lets do it guys. They start working on it.

They all are drinking tea. Yoyo says we need wine. sanyu says first get done with the work. After that you can do anything you want. Jiggy says sahil is not well. He has left for the college. sanyu says how? He says villagers are helping him. The hear some noise. the villagers say to vardhan your panel is not working, we told you that you can’t do what government couldn’t. vardhan says I really apologize. Another man says we gave you our time after so much difficulty and you broke our trust. vardhan says I am really sorry. I will leave the village by tomorrow. rAndhir says now we have to do this for vardhan. Jiggy says this is a shocking situation how can the solar panels made by vardhan fail. Randhir says we have to break in the mill to see what they have done. Vidushi says they will kill us if they see us. Randhir says I am talking about break in you know that very well. They all find a backdoor and enter the mill. They start investigating the panels. sanyu say everything is okay but maybe the place is wrong. Why did sir make this? Sanyu says he did this to test us. He knew these solar panels can’t work. Randhir says he wants us to make energy. SAnyu says we have to do this by tomorrow. we have to find the clue he has left for us. They all are rummaging through the mill. Jiggy says is he giving us some hint? Randir says there are barely 100 people in this town. jiggy says can we work on motors? Randhir says how many will you make? Yoyo is enjoying sugar cane. Randhir says what are you eating. He says we used to make energy from this in our village. Sanyu says oh that’s the clue. Vardhan wants us to convert energy from these sugarcanes. Lets start working. They are easily available.

Scene 2
A kid says to other lets go to school. They all gather at the school place. No one s there to teach. they say lets go and find them? One says have some theifs takes them? One says I saw him in factory. The kids come to factory. Vidushi says what are you people doing here? sanyu says you stay here and learn how we are producing energy. The kids settle there and sanyu and ranhdir start telling them how they are working. The kids are learning with enthusiasm. SAnyu says lets start the generator. Jiggy says I am really scared. What if there is some fault. Randhir asks the kid to start the generator. Its not working. randhir says why is it not working? sanyu says lets check all the fittings once again. Parth says we don’t have time. Vidushi says why do they wake up so early. All the villagers are looking for their kids. They ask vardhan. Vardhnan says lets go to mill and look there. Vidushi says everything Is fine. Randhir says let me try again. Its still not working. Randhir along with the villagers come there. The villagers says what were yopu doing to our kids? What answer do you have vardhan? Suddenly the lights turn on. There is a smile on everyone’s face. Yoyo comes out of the generator says there was an eaten cane in the generator. The kids brief their parents about the machine. Randhir says the dream our sir has seen for you people will be fulfilled. We apologize for all the inconvenience. They says every educating student should help others like you all.

Precap- randhir says truth is we have always disappointed our sir. Parth says please ask her to come with us. The villagers say please go with them they all need you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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