Bandhan 26th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 26th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
daroan asks ganesh whom are you hiding from? He points at lala. Mahesh asks what are you doing here? Lala comes there and says they are hiding they are thief. this elephant came to my place and stole my balloons. If you really want to keep animals in your house bind them. darpan says he is my brother. He laughs and says tell her that calling him brother won’t make him one. send him back to jungle. prabha says darpan he is elder. Mahesh says I apologize on behalf of them. He says I didn’t come here to tell you all this. I have managed some food at the temple on my son’s birthday. Please come there and darpan you too. but don’t bring this wild animal.

Dapran says o ganesh lala is so bad he called you animal. you are not wild he is. You didn’t steal the balloons. Why should we go to his son’r birthday. Dapran says we have to do something that will break laala’s proud. Ganesh takes darpan with. she says where are you taking me? he takes her to temple. she says I don’t wanna go is papo’s birthday. lala says oh darpan you are here. sit here., Ganesh is hidden behind a truck.

An officer comes to Mahesh and says you did what others could never do. Mahesh says there is still some work left. he tells him about vishwas. he says there is one way to reach him. its his brother.

Scene 2
Lala says eat everyone. I will pluck my eyebrows if the food gets over.
Lala says oh bring some sweet and bread. Darpan says so I don’t want more. Lala says no please eat after that your brain will be sharp you will stop calling elephant your brother.Ganesh puts in his trunk from the back. Darpan passes him some food. Darpan is smiling. lala looks at her plate its empty. darpan says isn’t there more food? Lala asks servants to serve her more. She says give me more and more. Everyone leaves. darpan is still there. she is serving ganesh.

Precap-prabha says to darpan why you went to birthday when he insulted ganesh so much.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. total madness

  2. its a wonderful teaches us how to behave as human and humanity. my whole family loves this drama

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